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Season Four • Choice

Daughter of God is coming! Allowing all miracles to manifest in this the (theoretically) final season of the Daughter of Godcast. Chinese DOG year ends on February 4, 2019. Please fasten your seat belts.

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Episode 116

(11-14-18) 11:03 minutes, audio+video
An abrupt end to summer with an introduction to Season Four, Choice, and Episode 116, Telling. Are we going to get dramatic? Is there always a happy ending? After this episode, there's no knowing or telling what might happen.

Episode 117

(11-20-18) 38:34 minutes, audio+video
Summer toys are taken off the lake to the soundtrack of a cell conversation with pig whisperer Jil Johnson, in which she drops some crucial insider dope about fame.

Episode 118

(11-29-18) 18:01 minutes, audio+video
Season 4 surges forward with an update on neuronal performance enhancement using Earth's most ubiquitous molecule and other weird science.

Episode 119
Red Carpet

(12-04-18) 09:40 minutes, audio+video
Dan Kelly reiterates the omniscience access protocols for the umpteenth time and implies that everyone is about to level up. Season 4, Choice, is trending exponential.

Episode 120

(12-11-18) 12:48 minutes, audio+video
Why movie yet again, and esoterica about the behind-the-scenes flurry of activity by contractors, accountants, tech support, and your host, Shri Fugi Spilt.

Episode 121

(12-19-18) 10:32 minutes, audio+video
An emotionally prolific dead dad helps with energetic logistics while we ascend gradual learning curves to a wonderful web.

Episode 122
Have Yourself

(12-26-18) 11:30 minutes, audio+video
The day after Christmas here in America. Was it all about the baby Jesus, presents, or the shortest day of the year? Delving deeply into the season's feelings.

Episode 123

(01-02-19) 14:03 minutes, audio+video
Hardly any project news, but that doesn't keep our host from carrying on about not much for 14+ minutes. The Big BE, impersonating how an enlightened person might complain, and a cat cameo.

Episode 124

(01-08-19) 09:22 minutes, audio+video
Miniatures, magic jackets, and web repairs. Feels not like a flurry but a slurry of progress — spectacular! Meanwhile Emily implements standard vernacular.

Episode 125

(01-17-19) 26:19 minutes, audio+video
Gaming analogy, mediatronics on miniatures, a wise cat, and a long stretch of speech-free aquatic ambience during the cold exposure. Something for everyone.

Episode 126

(01-22-19) 09:50 minutes, audio+video
Almost no whimsy, woolly-headedness, or wandering, just the latest DOG news in less than 10 minutes. Hard-nosed and implacable cinema story.

Episode 127
Wide Open

(01-30-19) 37:18 minutes, audio+video
Improvising on an outline about all things Dan and DOG. Live podcast, growing cast of characters behind the scenes, and proof that there's no plan like no plan.

Episode 128
Hello Pig!

(02-06-19) 21:48 minutes, audio+video
Chinese Pig Year! Year of the Dog is finished, now DOG or Daughter of God begins with ~20 days to get a screener ready, powered in part by the Deep Archive.

Episode 129

(02-13-19) 49:59 minutes, audio+video
After the laptop is killed by coffee, a rambling episode hastily produced sans outline. Progress reports and emotional introspection peppered with ums and ahs.

Episode 130
Vive la Fille de Dieu

(02-20-19) 22:06 minutes, audio+video
The cosmos is juggling beaucoup balls for Daughter of God, way more sweetness to share than there is time. Skimming the cream and throwing a podcast party!

Episode 131

(02-27-19) 14:40 minutes, audio+video
Nine as in 9 days until the DOG festival screener. Multi-tasking like any other competent mother, bathing while podcasting on the eve of allowing 999 other outcomes.

Episode 132

(03-06-19) 55:32 minutes, audio+video
Almost Iteration One of the festival screener. Feels fantastic mostly but bellowing at the cat shows there's other emotions active. What the path looks like.

Episode 133
More Movie

(03-13-19) 41:24 minutes, audio+video
The latest arrival in the quest for a DOG screener is both a boon and a crisis. There's more story to tell, yet I don't know exactly what that more is, yet.

Episode 134

(03-21-19) 15:29 minutes, audio+video
The disaster that was the Cannes screener and the boosted flow after deciding to send it anyway. Overwhelming the so called elite with weaponized transparency.

Episode 135

(03-31-19) 31:11 minutes, audio+video
A post-party dish-doing while recounting highlights from the recent live-action production plus a few pithy anecdotes.

Episode 136

(04-04-19) 14:03 minutes, audio+video
Excerpts of feedback by the cast and crew about the People's Poetry Slam production. Then we request your feedback on an excerpt of the actual scene.

Episode 137
Oregano Oil

(04-11-19) 07:53 minutes, audio+video
A short episode just to prove our host is still breathing after being brought low by influenza.

Episode 138

(04-17-19) 19:49 minutes, audio+video
Another tale told in the bathtub, faux fur summons the sacred, and we ask for your feedback on some new footage. How do you feel about the travels of Buffalo Joe?

Episode 139

(04-24-19) 17:05 minutes, audio+video
We switch back to scripted, still sporting the beard and mustache for future shots requiring this instantiation of Uncle Joe. Alone together.

Episode 140
Best Friends

(05-01-19) 20:47 minutes, audio+video
Another scripted episode delivered with panache and aplomb including these familiar themes - utopia starts at home, too cool to even talk about and the podcast toolbox.

Episode 141

(05-09-19) 27:52 minutes, audio+video
Learning 'Me and My Arrow' by Harry Nilsson on your time. Hardly any movie news, mostly musings on how to game ourselves into a benevolent culture.

Episode 142
Ride in a Car

(05-14-19) 29:16 minutes, audio+video
Doing dishes while redoing the podcast before a long ride in the car down to the big city on the big lake, Chicago.

Episode 143
100s and 1000s

(05-25-19) 34:11 minutes, audio+video
100s and 1000s of transactions checked and corrected to resolve cinematic financials before the completion of I2 or Iteration Two of the Festival Screener for Daughter of God.

Episode 144

(05-31-19) 33:41 minutes, audio+video
An impromptu iPhone episode deep in the green and growing, ageless and endless, hiding in plain sight. Energetically riding the transmission of sound and picture.

Episode 145
Fly, Float, Gloat

(06-07-19) 16:40 minutes, audio+video
A slightly risky multi-tasking episode, skirting the edge of personal safety on a sunny spring day. The title was flying, floating and gliding... but gloating is more rhyme-y.

Episode 146

(06-13-19) 16:40 minutes, audio+video
Connecting the dots between us and our desires to reveal an emotional, energetic terrain we've forgotten and more often than not deny.

Episode 147
Apparently Insurmountable

(06-25-19) 38:10 minutes, audio+video
Character(s) often face an apparently insurmountable obstacle near the end of a story. Life imitates art in the true story of the completion of Daughter of God.

Episode 148
Crispy Cuspy

(07-01-19) 16:40 minutes, audio+video
Flower philic by the whispering waters, we get out the way and let the universe roll.

Episode 149

(07-12-19) 16:40 minutes, audio+video

Since words can't bridge happy imaginings and auspicious comings about, the zone of inaction where most everything excellent coalesces, there's nothing much to tell, say or report. Yet here there be words even so.

Episode 150

(07-14-19) 29:56 minutes, audio+video

A riff on putting carts way before horses and starting a movie studio way before finishing the first feature.

Episode 151
In the Lush

(07-22-19) 32:49 minutes, audio+video

Road tripping from paradise to an urban oven and back again, a 28 hour mediation on how to prevent broken bones and such like unwanteds.

Episode 152

(07-25-19) 18:28 minutes, audio+video

One of those Daughter of God making of me stories, easier to swallow as a fairy tale even if you're not peering at the cosmos through a narrow slit.

Episode 153

(08-07-19) 08:21 minutes, audio+video

Why we can't both exist at the same time, and how imagination is crucial to the maintenance of shared reality. We are so story!

Episode 154

(8-07-19) 09:25 minutes, audio+video

Breaking bones installs knowing and yet another latent circuit reactivated for the gradual rediscovery of who we were before comet collision 11k years ago.

Episode 155
Hoarse Horse

(8-20-19) 37:19 minutes, audio+video

An early evening road trip for coffee beans and a sandwich disguised as the art of choosing. Gently croaking about the blessings of being thoughtless.


Episode 156
Waiting on Rain

(8-29-19) 11:10 minutes, audio+video

Why artists ought to take a vacation, how to forget to be god amidst a drift of puffy clouds and trying not to make too much beauty.


Episode 157
More Than Ever

(8-29-19) 13:12 minutes, audio+video

Three things I felt were worth mentioning - gals, gurus and what's down deep. Taken together, do they reveal an esoteric armature?


Episode 158

(09-19-19) 13:52 minutes, audio+video

Farewell to Facebook and simulated friendships, fond recollections on the golden age of VHS and the art of enveloping.



Episode 159

(09-19-19) 08:58 minutes, audio+video

Out of the closet yet again and into the wardrobe. Questions about podcasting and coffee you might not want to know the answers to.



Episode 160

(09-19-19) 18:41 minutes, audio+video

In the Buffalo Joe robe, calling the last of the Monarch butterflies under a tree of tiny apples. The latest sloppy overlap that is not at all obstructing production.

Episode 161

(10-04-19) 14:09 minutes, audio+video

For fame to be fleeting you gotta get some first. The cosmic search engine always delivers the results we are ready for.

Episode 162

(10-04-19) 35:02 minutes, audio+video

Watch out! This episode lays bare the VERY LATEST Daughter of God story arc, spoilers to the max. This is the episode rabid fans have been yearning for. Get the skinny while supplies last.

Episode 163

(10-11-19) 58:53 minutes, audio+video

An hour with artist and script witch Melonie Steffes discussing whether DOG's story is coherent and flowy. Her verdict - You're loosing it, but the movie's not.

Episode 164

(10-18-19) 26:58 minutes, audio+video

Draft audio only version of the scene Buffalo Joe and the Box featuring Nicola Seaton-Clark as the Box. Testing the dialogue flow and yet another epiphany.



LATEST Episode!

Episode 167

(11-11-19) 13:31 minutes, audio+video

Catching a mild melancholy after stepping away from the movie and nearly breaking the podcast. By embracing a mighty flowing the cosmic balance is restored.

Episode 168
Now This

(11-11-19) 12:47 minutes, audio+video

Dan, Joe and Melonie prepare to Go Beyond God by becoming a hive mind. Questions to optimize collaboration are asked but not yet answered.

Episode 169
Goosh the Clay

(11-11-19) 19:37 minutes, audio+video

Inviting an exquisite balance between embodiment and geekery. The anatomy of a fortunate collaboration. What's wanted in context.

Episode 170
She Box

(11-12-19) 29:09 minutes, audio+video

Exposition - orgy or high art? A theory of frames and getting to god with an auspicious leveraging of limitation.

Episode 171
Art School

(11-12-19) 21:39 minutes, audio+video

A self educator's art school disguised as a movie studio via not one but two levels of compensated exploration.

Episode 172
Eleven Eleven

(12-17-19) 02:39:50 minutes, audio+video

2.5 hours of audio from the first meeting of the She Box Artists, book-ended by your man behind the screens. Developing a visual language for the Box.

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