Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice and this is Workshop 159, Episodes. Wait, Episode 159 Workshops. Another closet to come out of, seems like there's infinitely many closets to come out of or go into, like those kids in the Chronicles of Narnia, didn't they climb into a closet and there in the back was the bent gas light? Hmm. Did they climb into a chifferobe? Nope, that's To Kill a Mockingbird. A wardrobe, which I guess is a chifferobe without the drawers. A wardrobe made out of a magic apple tree. Coming out of the wardrobe then, am I. Hello! Maybe, probably, definitely these podcasts are workshops, disguised as movie musings and personal ramblings. Maybe I'm offering a subtle strengthening, preparing you for a world saving mission or imparting encoded clues about how to be an actual person, not some ersatz robot controlled remotely via smartphone. Any hoo, this is our 159 week episode workshop whatever.

In previous episodes I considered whether or not I wanted to be a teacher. As I move forward on other projects, I find myself smiling at the idea of offering this or that opportunity, workshop, adventure to others.

This might be TMI, but hey - coffee enemas. I've discovered some excellent protocols for coffee enemas and I find myself day dreaming, "gee, how would I do a hands (ass on) workshop on coffee enemas?" That's nutty right, I mean who would be the target market for coffee enema workshops? I can think of MAYBE 1-2 folks in my friend group, in my whacky friend group who might be interested. AND yet, the daydream feels lovely and intriguing.

Then there's the LOCATION, where one might offer a coffee enema workshop? That would be a pretty unusual venue. I might have to create a coffee enema workshop venue from scratch.

So I guess I do want to teach, I like the idea of teaching or maybe I could rebrand teaching as experience sharing. Because lots of us blast forward on specific areas of expertise, so why not teach each other?

Musing a bit more, what would a credible experience sharer look like? They would demonstrate competency in overall life, I'd like to see that they have their shit together (yikes, puns) - financially, relationships, self love, physicality. Because then I know that the experience they are sharing integrates into the bigger picture, supports enlivenment. If there's a glaring personal issue, a major blind spot that could be cause for concern.

For instance, I'm not a stranger to yoga and so I'm pretty allergic to faux yoga, like what might be offered at a vineyard followed by wine tasting. Why don't wine and yoga mix you might ask? Well, if you gotta ask... So a yoga teacher who offered classes at a vineyard, I'd be pretty skeptical about other experience he or she was offering.

Then there's folks whose lives are trainwrecks but are supremely adept at one esoteric thing, I'm not beyond sitting at THEIR feet.

I'd be most excited to offer workshops having my shit together, I guess is what I am saying. Which I feel manifesting more and more. I am def aware of myriad clickings into place, the components of self confidence and presence and general suavity, flying in from the far reaches of the cosmos, click, click, click.

Aside from general shit togetherness, I'd want my experience sharer to demonstrate competence in the category that their workshop is a subset of. Coffee enemas are a subset of health and vigor.

Speaking of heath and vigor, I've been sick for a month now, the crud started creeping up in Episode 154 and you could really hear the rasp in 155. Can an ill person offer a workshop about health and vigor? Can a director that hasn't finished a feature open a movie studio? Can our deep friendships survive corporate mediation? Should humans who have never died imagine an afterlife? Are these episodes in a improvisational evolving narrative or workshops on how to be fully alive? You and only you know ALL the questions.

Episode 159, Workshops Daughter of Godcast, Season 4 Choice. What I am about to make is not a prediction, perhaps a warning, a heads up? There have been catastrophes and setbacks to be sure, otherwise what's the point of coming to Theme Park Earth? Ok, maybe this is a call to prayer. There's a little bit of summer remaining, I am more healed than broken, I have sufficient energy to move about and even act. Let us together turn our attention to the making of movies, on getting our hands back in the clay. "Oh Daughter of God, we gather here in your name, excited, receptive. Flow your sacred fluids and manifest cinematically, let us feel fully your godessness in the weeks ahead. You are so wanted and we are so ready.

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