She Is Coming!

Divine Feminine Incarnates Cinematically


Le divin féminin incarné au cinéma, (in French).

Awaken your inner goddess with a deep dive into the mysteries of Daughter of God, a feature film conceived and stewarded by a middle-aged white American guy — so that's twice the miracle!

Kids' Corner

If you're younger than 16 then please skedaddle. You probably wouldn't be traumatized for life poking around here, but you're already growing up so fast, why not leave a few surprises for later? For sure don't let your legal guardians catch you here, unless they've read the project advisory.



The credits are an inventory of the eclectic polymaths masquerading as real estate agents, office managers, ship restorers and house cleaners responsible for manifesting DOG. There's still time to lend a hand: Become a Best Beloved and you, too, can get in the credits!

Is there a trailer?

Not quite yet, but lament not! Your spiritual thirst can be quenched with over 17 minutes of rough scenes, works in progress that inspired audience feedback in 2018.


The Frequently Asked Questions you might never have thought to ask…

You Can Help

Daughter of God is coming, and you can help. By sharing your impressions and opinions about this project, you can become a key collaborator in the making of a feature film. Participation also means exclusive access to swag and experiences unprecedented in the indie movie universe. Congee bowls, stickers, pancake breakfasts, even travel — extraordinary objects and experiences to encourage all that you are.

Deep Development

Movie making is mysterious and deliciously complicated... and that's why we're sharing! Visit the deep development archive at for both ancient archives and breaking news on Daughter of God's completion. Learn how to make a film, or maybe how NOT to make a film. Observe the director's process through prolific postings of gaffs, musings and the occasional triumph! Open Source expands into cinema.


Who is Dan Kelly / Shri Fugi Spilt (pronounced "Fuji" like the Japanese mountain and "Split" as in banana)?

He started as a painter and still feels like one, especially with all this moviemaking. Because there's over 86k paintings in a feature film. That's 6,600 paintings a year, or 18 every day for 13 years. You gotta get miraculous to paint that much.


Daughter of God is probably the very first almost finished post apocalyptic romantic comedy that's spun off over 120 episodes of backstory and behind-the-scenes blather. The yet-to-be-award-winning Daughter of Godcast!

Test Screenings
and Festivals

Test screenings will be conducted both online and in brick and mortar theaters beginning in early 2019... and you're invited. Stay in the loop by signing up for email updates. We'll start submitting to film festivals after the Chinese Year of the Dog ends on February 4, 2019.



DOG is almost everywhere and everywhen. Find the signs.