Daughter of Godcast, Season 4 Choice and this is Episode 130 Vive la Fille de Dieu.

I’m juggling three balls

  • not enough time to talk about all the balls the cosmos is juggling for Daughter of God
  • just a party anyway, here to share the crazy fun

Day 3 of my monthly water fast

  • all about the ketone boost
    • cognitive turbo charge
    • flesh optimization
  • Do I look and sound a bit haggard?
    • I feel mostly fantastic
    • who knew that not eating could be miraculous
    • most everything I was taught is wrong

You can see me again, with sync sound.

  • thanks to the new laptop
  • death of the old laptop was auspicious.
  • been running super slow for months.
  • When Zeb the City Mac tech opened up the case, there was all sorts of corrosion and gunk on the mother board, probably from repeated condensation over the years.
  • coffee incident was just the coup de grâce, or blow of mercy
  • fingerprints of the invisible helping hands

Last week the French site was deployed.

  • thanks to
    • fabulous translation by Carine
    • Jordan web troubleshooting
    • Bluehost techs
  • a quick response from Cannes.
  • Daughter of God is eligible for entry
  • About 18 days to prepare a screener, Whoo doggies!
  • bonus, increase in web hits since Cannes responded

Getting into full allowance mode

  • all about letting a fabulous screener manifest
    • cultivating extreme joy
    • art director / prop stylist Melonie
      • three weird science props for Gerry’s cabin, so far
      • she fell down the Hugo Gernsback rabbit hole
      • getting more involved in solving the story
    • miniatures Greg and Albert
      • picking up a tactical bulldozer
      • another variant of the Abrams M1A2 tank, the TUSK version supposedly for urban warfare
        • definitely some urban warfare in the DOG universe
        • USA military deployed in the homeland to fight beasties and quell insurrection
      • giving Albert one more M1A2 kit, a giant, 1/16 scale – this big.
        • Great for close-ups and detail
    • drone pilot Elijah Browning
      • Elberta beach footage
      • backplate for autonomous Canadian Reaper drones trying to locate and assist American refugees
      • bookend for US Reaper drones patrolling the Mexican border seeking illegals
    • roto Eshan and Richa
      • we resolved the confusion
      • boot toss shot – progress
      • episode 098, King of the Earth
      • https://vimeo.com/279288606
    • did I mention joy?
    • Steve Zilliax is back!
      • He got deported for playing Gerry
      • We caught up finally, after 4-5 years?
      • talked about
        • DOG
        • ice boating

That’s Daughter of Godcast Season Four, Choice. Episode 130, Vive la Fille de Dieu, which roughly translates to Hurray for Daughter of God. Hurray! How do I sound/look? Water fasting is a lot like voluntarily catching the flu, I mean there’s discomfort and intensity for sure. There’s also euphoria and incredible enhancement which is not like having the flu at all. Greg caught the flu and still managed to build the Abrams Tusk tank. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now running on magic ketones, running on empty. Zero point energy maybe. Everything I’ve been taught is wrong maybe because I’m revising the laws of physics, hacking existence. So what once was can no longer be. Whatever the reason – joy, water fasting, amazing collaborators – the best shit ever is going down! See ya next week!

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