Episode 137 - Oregano Oil

We've started this episode several times, but here we go once and for all. I won't be broadcasting for very long this week as I'm processing yet another variant of weaponized influenza, after my immune system has fully CRISPRed the sequence of this virus, I'll upload a sample to the open source immunity resource archive. Where would we be without Oregano Oil? The efficacy of this natural helper cannot be exaggerated.

I'm not dead, so I must be stronger, paraphrasing Neiztche. Besides this virus, what else has made me more? News from Cannes a few days ago, we did not get in. That was to be expected, we got so much yumminess from just sending them a Bluray that getting in might have sent me into anti-climatic shock.

And really, what we sent was only a brilliant peek, which required a huge leap of faith by the Cannes jury. No one knows who Dan Kelly is yet, he's not totally famous among cool people. That DOG Bluray that went to Cannes was nothing but a slight flicker of lightning on the far horizon. Easily overlooked.

Seeing hearing me lying in bed, you might wonder why there's no one here serving me Chicken Soup? I don't eat chicken, that's one reason and the other is all my future girlfriends are still in Poland, Ethiopia and so forth. They're not here quite yet. Taking care of someone while they're sick is so intimate, and I am def open to an avalanche of intimacy, always ready for a few more girlfriends and groupies who jive with a delicious mystique. Being ill all alone works for me right now tho, I'm riding this out, being present. Another adventure in physicality, in silence, in sensation.

Jil gave us feedback for the People's Poetry Slam excerpt posted late last week. "I LOVED Seamus." Seamus was happy to hear the nameless cat purring in Episode 136 but I think that was before the excerpt was posted so we can't count that as feedback.

We just started asking for feedback again, so maybe it's gonna take a little while for the momentum to build. Since there's nothing to give feedback on this week, I'm just going to wrap this episode and take a nap. LOVE!



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