Daughter of Godcast, Season 4 Choice Episode 164, Exposition. A work in progress today, doesn't get more raw and real than this, we're deep into process today.

In Episode 162 Scriptease, I rattled off the Extended Elevator pitch, pretty much the ENTIRE story arc for the Daughter of God. Today we have a rough performance of the scene Buffalo Joe and the Box, performed by myself as Buffalo Joe and Nicola Seaton-Clark as the Box.

This is the scene I am preparing to shoot within the next week, before the trees loose their leaves here in Northern Michigan. This is the second to last scene needed to complete the live action production, not including a few pickup shots.

Nicola and I recorded our parts separately and I then assembled this rough composite, to get a sense of how well the scene flowed and what adjustments might be needed. There's a lot of exposition here, as two major characters meet for the first time and explain stuff to each other. We the audience already know plenty and now all the pieces fall into place. Not unlike the mystery novel trope, where the detective explains how the murderer dispatched her victim. Or in science fiction, where the scientist explains that the atomo ray grants immortality.

I like subtle exposition, especially in expository heavy genres like science fiction and mystery. I like to think this scene is a flip of exposition. When we first meet the boxes, (before they become the Box) they let us know they can see us. They break the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly. In this scene, the Box doesn't make a point of reiterating her awareness, but we can assume she still feels us voyeurs peering in. Some of her dialogue is a subtle aside to us, for whom she has the highest regard and trust. She watches the world benevolently, wanting only to meet the needs of the people with fresh supplies from her autofacs. So she too expects that we are benevolent watchers, wanting to meet her needs.  She has an ulterior motive in rambling on, her agenda goes beyond mere summarizing and filling in details for us and Buffalo Joe. She is working up her courage to reveal she has fallen in love with him. She is telling us of her desire for Joe, so that we can give him to her. Wow, that's brand new to me.

Here's the scene. As always, your comments at dog.movie are most welcome and encouraged.

Buffalo Joe and the Box Version 4

Daughter of Godcast, Season 4 Choice Episode 164, Exposition. Wow, the intro to this episode, i just figured out more for myself, right there. Everything is coming together, keeps coming and coming and coming together. I feel like a mad genius making this movie. What better reason to make anything, I ask you? Feeling excellent. AND a little scared too. Now I've got to go through the scene again and tease out what I just talked about, her asides to the audience. Then after I finish writing the scene, I gotta learn Buffalo Joe lines. I gotta get out into the forest and shoot this. In the next few days. When it's not raining. Process my people, process. We love feedback, all of us - me, myself and I. The Royal We.

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