Dan Kelly here, Shri Fugi Spilt, This is the Daughter of Godcast, Season 4 Choice and Episode 134, Roll. As in we're on a. Kaiser roll, rock and roll, roll pitch and yaw. rolling, rolling, rolling, raw hide! [sound effect - whip crack].

Iteration One or I1 is done, and here's our man on the scene with the latest news.

[Video before Fedex]

What's that mean for you the audience? Let me just read you the letter I sent to Bruno at Cannes as a follow-up.

Hi Bruno,

If you don’t mind I’ll write in English as this is rather complicated.

The Daughter of God Blu-Ray should arrive on March 18 via Fedex. Unfortunately, our entry is officially a disaster! My apologies in advance for sending such a rough version, half of the film is missing! The Festival de Cannes is an exceptional venue and no disrespect is intended.

After careful consideration, we decided against withdrawing our entry and sending what was available, as the philosophy of our project is open source, especially with regard to the challenges and mistakes that are inevitably part of the creative process. I fully realize that with so many other films to consider, DOG might be immediately eliminated for the short screener.

However, if the jurors are intrigued with this work in progress, if moments of cinematic magic are visible through the mess, perhaps the following is relevant.

DOG’s ongoing production is accessible via two websites, https://dog.movie (outreach), https://why.movie (deep development), and weekly podcast episodes. The process of completion can be observed and monitored. Perhaps this is unprecedented in cinema? We're revamping our work flow this week, and then audaciously continuing to realize the project’s full potential by the end of April.

As an independent and unknown director, I’ve got to pour all my imagination into this project, striving for a stellar first feature and bringing Daughter of God to the world in the most audacious way possible. Leveraging the mystique of Cannes, the legendary and epic festival has been amazing. Just knowing that the staff was aware of Daughter of God and maybe even a little curious... quelle énergie! Entering felt like an act of supreme hutzpah. So thank you, however this plays out. With a little luck, our entry to Locarno will rock!

Your friend in film,

Dan Kelly

The idea is that if Cannes is the least bit interested in DOG, but are (understandably) skeptical that the trainwreck of I1 could be ready by May, they can teleport across the Atlantic and peer into the heart of the blazing star that is my, OUR creative process. We have already established unprecedented access, a robust offering of transparency, with this kooky podcast, the revised dog.movie but WAIT! that's not all. The deep development archive and breaking news for a post apocalyptic romantic comedy aka why.movie is blooming big time. The updates are daily, hourly often if you're a reader.

Who dares to be creatively transparent, even slightly translucent? In this age of iPhones, NSA and desperate technocracy, everything about us is either known or about to be known. Join me in throwing off surveillance lethargy, friends and let's weaponize our own transparency. Let's give them more data than they know what to do with, than they can possibly assimilate. Presenting... why.movie! The puny little electro funnels of the so called elite are split wide by the onrush of our ecstatic life. They are already tossed and rolled by the tsunami of raw and wild genesis. They are freaked friends, scared shitless. The Daughter of God is coming, no matter what.

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