Episode 127
Wide Open


Here we are in the same studio, but we are doing a different thing. 128 Wide Open.

Outline and Improvisation

Today's premise: Work from an outline, with no or minimal editing.


  • Don't care about gaffes and pauses
  • My improv ramble style virtuosifies over the next few episodes
  • All of the above

Why am I trying this new, different approach?

  • Time saving — a balance between writing time vs. editorial time
  • But if I commit to not editing... a little scary
  • Then I just get up here
  • With some idea of what I want to say
  • And enjoy myself
  • A worthy aspiration
  • AND maybe I'm ready because...

in the kitchen

  • Making fresh juice after the 7 day water fast
  • Having so much fun
  • Wished I was recording
  • Then I realized this was my live podcast
  • To all the cosmos, to dead people
  • My live podcast is getting ever more popular with the dead

Dream — me and Chris Walken in a high-rise swimming pool

  • Some other famous woman was there, we were working together in some show
  • Then just Chris and I in this fancy pool
  • He might have jumped in with his suit on, just to push the conversation we were having
  • Having fun, talking
  • I asked Chris what he would do if he couldn't fail
  • He said I'm already doing it
  • About dance, was that still important to him
  • There's that video of him dancing
  • This was a really fun dream, being peers with Chris Walken
    • Expansive
    • Encouraging
    • Easy
  • Two of my favorite Chris Walken movies
    • The scary brother in Annie Hall
    • Dead Zone, plays Johnny
  • I just rewatched Dead Zone, which is probably the best superhero movie ever made. You got your...
    • Superpowers
    • A tragic love story
    • The broken hero
    • An epic quest to save the world
  • I've never read Dead Zone the book, which in hindsight is remarkable

Drawing DOG World

Another meeting with Melonie.

  • Sketch of the mechanics on the wall
  • I revised later
  • World building
    • Movie is so fascinatingly backwards, doing the foundation at the end
    • Could feel freaked by this
    • But I'm trusting the cosmos, as my process is incrementally unveiled
    • Fascinated by the unfolding too
    • Having fun! So that's clear
    • All this was implied by my tiny 10-page script in 2005? What?
  • If u could see the mechanics, would it even make sense?
    • The point of this was to illustrate how the Clique fit in
    • Who are the Clique? whoo ooo ooo ooo
    • Borrows from Abraham–Hicks
      • Recent video, that when Jerry and Esther first started
      • Jerry was concerned that the Abraham experience would end up badly for Esther, like it had for others of that ilk, like MLK, Gandhi, Jesus
      • Reply — others who went down the same path were more into the drama
    • Another piece for the movie
      • The Daughter of God doesn't seek drama
      • She can be modeled after Esther
      • That's why the Clique can't touch her
      • This is way inside track reveal
      • Talking about events after this movie
      • But definitely informing this movie
      • Because there's not only backstory
      • But a front story
      • Lots of movies have front stories
        • 'Cause some characters can see the future
        • Or are really good at orchestrating it

M feels uneasy hearing her name mentioned on this podcast.

  • Which I love
  • And I'm blown away by how productive her involvement is to my process
  • She doesn't even realize, which is perfect
  • Not more shy and reticent than Greg, who let me record him but not post the recordings

Speaking of Greg…

  • He's completed the Stryker, miniature number 4!
  • Another step towards the most complicated miniature scene I've ever shot
  • Excited!
  • Our conversations are also growing the story
    • Mostly driven by the military errata
    • What is he gonna build next?
    • A380, containers

The rest of the roster:

  • Copyediting
    • Web presence is going deeper
    • Emily has started on the episode transcripts
  • Emily turned me on to Montreal translator Carine
    • Close to completing French versions of the primary pages.
    • Implementing other languages
      • Might mean going WP multisite
      • With Jordan's help
      • Jordan was knocked down with the flu,
      • The comprehensive archive is on hold. OK, there's enough other stuff going on.
french translation
  • Visual effects
    • My Indian roto artists Richa and Eshan reactivated
    • Hit a roadblock
      • But auspicious, made me look more closely at codecs
      • Which turn out to be pretty important
      • The trick is to learn just enough to move forward
      • Without getting hooked by geek bait
      • Knowing more than I need to
      • So glad I've got the cosmos
      • Lighting up the path of least resistance

My Experience

What is my experience in all this? I am definitely now having, doing, and being more than I ever have before. We are documenting, sharing what having a mad breakthrough feels like. Adventure wouldn't be adventure without an edge nearby. This edge is easy to describe. What was and what now is. The present and the future.

I feel the future flooding into my experience, me and Chris Walken in a high-rise swimming pool, that's a a hint. Not about being in the Hollywood scene, but about being peers with other artists who are allowing their lives to flow. Maybe Chris is one of those. I'm sure David Cronenberg had a lot to do with Chris's performance in Dead Zone, plus the editorial is key.

The past is me now, this me talking which might be for some of you the distant past. We are so conditioned by circumstances that present moments seem like concrete, hard and implacable. The now is really the future, where everything is possible, right now. The movie has more elements and people in play, I am definitely stronger after my fast, my body feels enhanced. There's a building momentum and excitement, what used to feel like intensity bordering on panic, but now, in THE now, I got this.

Episode 128, Wide Open, Daughter of Godcast, Season 4, Choice. Best name for a podcast season ever, I can see that now.

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