D of G

Season 4 Choice

Episode 160 Butterfly

  • I'm here with you today in a Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Northern Michigan
  • this field has been allowed to partially rewild and there's Milkweed popping up everywhere
  • so we've been hosting a Monarch party.
  • Just going to hang out and riff on an outline today.
  • and saying goodbye to the butterflies

Still got some sloppy overlap


    • three big Airstreams purchased in 2019
    • two are scheduled to be emptied out and renovated with an open spacious floor plan
    • they're part of an ingenious scheme, perhaps the beginning of the FTL fleet discussed back in 039
    • stay tuned, you'll find out


    • wrapping up, a little more to do
    • thank god for sharp CPAs


    • more healed than broken
    • started body weight workout for arm
    • the weaponized influenza moved into my ear
    • path of least resistance - started a course of anti-biotics
    • week whatever


an Actor prepares - why.movie

    • getting into Uncle / Buffalo Joe mode
    • inviting butterflies to day
    • feeding two butterflies with one flower
    • speaking and thinking as he might
    • who is he


    • finalizing the scene that requires this beard
    • the last two scenes are sort of interlinked, Joe and Box and Joe and Veronique
    • conceptually, they are pretty nearly ready
    • fleshing out the backstory, Joe and Clique

Episode 160 Butterfly, Daughter of Godcast Season 4, Choice. Ever so gently, we resume production. Not making a big deal about this, nothing happening here, move along. Maybe just maybe the podcasts are going to start being kinda more about the movie making from now on. No promises. Only so many summer days remain and for continuity's sake, we gotta get the most out of the green we got left, before it shifts to reds and oranges. The skies have started to get interesting, for sure. Cinematic skies, ah!



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