Episode 161 Remember, Season 4 Choice and Daughter of Godcast.

Fame v1

  • ever since moving to a 2 week (3 week) podcast schedule, listeners dropping
  • Off FB too. Slipping into obscurity? Giving up on fame?

Letting go of prior concepts

  • like earning followers on social media by making witty posts. I enjoy making witty posts! Not sure where to make them now, doesn't feel great to toss my wit into the gaping maw of corporate soclal media and accidentally facilitate the enslavement of my fellow beings.

The shadows

  • James Corbett has an interesting doc about Silicon Valley being another arm of the military industrial complex. Facebook and Google basically are the shadow government.
  • Mostly tho, Facebook is a source of anxiety for me. I am not by nature an anxious person, forgetful of my vast power to be sure but not anxiety. So clearly, there's some cognitive fuckery going on with FB, and I finally am free. Only after I left did I find Corbett's take down of silicon valley. Clarity is beautiful.

So how am I supposed to get famous among cool people and have Daughter of God be a smash hit among the enlightened set?

  • That's not my job to figure out, is it?

Fame v2

Look, if I have something of value to offer and YOU are in tune with the value, then you'll find me or something better. The cosmic search engine is flawless. We always get the results we're ready for.

My wit and insight flow freely right here, at dog.movie and at the sister site why.movie. I am focusing on making sure whatever I do here and there is fun for me, a blast, intriguing, damn sexy.

I don't care about how the movie finds her audience, that's not my job. My job is to let myself go into the pure pleasure of being the movie maker, movie allower, movie flow-er, flower, I'm the flow-er and the movie is the flow-e, or maybe you are the flow-e?

The point is, conditions for how the movie gets out there are only relevant if I have some inspired idea, like asking Ben Woody to turn and fire tea bowls, or giving hot girls stickers to take with them to Europe. Fun stuff.

That's all I want to do from now on - fun stuff. I wasn't clear about this for awhile, that's the short version of Season One of Daughter of Godcast, how I learned that fun is always my outcome. Now I'm into remembering, because clarity can slip my mind, I might forget. AND optimizing this rememory - by outcome I don't mean result, happening afterwards but right now, flowing fun in the moment. Everything I want to be, do and have is about the fun enabled in the being, doing and having which is all that's real really. The past and future are stories, only the unfolding is meaty, alive, sparkling. How to be in the fun unfolding.

Like right now right now. I've paused today's morning kriya (sacred play) to roll this episode, have an outline. Feels satisfying to let this show up, these thoughts and words. I'm getting the episode done, but that's a resulty perspective. More to the point, I'm enjoying the click and clatter of the keys, finding the words that translate what I'm thinking / feeling. I have no idea what I am thinking until I see these words showing up. Because writing is a variation of now, there's imagination in play, the idea of you reading or listening or watching eventually, how the choice and sequencing of words might feel for you. How I get to make this moment for you.

Esoteric stuff, this. I woke up this morning thinking to myself, hey can I remember what I want my life to be about more often? Perhaps getting older could be about remembering more consistently how I love to be in the world, the reason I'm visiting theme park Earth.

And if all the secrets of the cosmos were at hand, if I could live a long life in a healthy body, a disease free body, health and strength, vigor and vitality, peace and prosperity... these are just abstract intellectual concepts unless we remember those words are describing feelings, what we choose to experience. Who wants to be eternal in a sucky universe? Obviously, feeling yummy is the foundation for a long life, a healthy body etc, because yummy is the only reason to hang around. Paradoxically, dualistically, yummy grows when we dip into the darkness. Here on Theme Park Earth, we can pick the mix.

Episode 161 Remember, Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice. You want to live forever? We might not have a choice about that. We might be eternal and if so, that's gotta be yummy, so yummy that we might need to break up the yummy with brief explorations of pain and horror, just to remind us how yummy yummy can be. From a dualistic perspective, where you can't see light without shadow. By analogy, because we are not by nature dualistic, if you believe some people. Most of what we are dwelling deeply beyond space time. We come to duality to play, to dip into the shadows and forget a little. But even with all the built in forgettery, our beauty keeps sneaking, shining through. You can't stop the signal Mal.

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