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Daughter of Godcast

Almost no whimsy, woolly-headedness or wandering, just the latest news of DOG in less than 10 minutes. Hardly any singing. A hard nosed and implacable cinema story.

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Season Four – Choice

Daughter of Godcast Podcast Season Four • Choice Daughter of God is coming! Allowing all miracles to manifest in this the (theoretically) final season of the Daughter of Godcast. Chinese DOG year ends on February 4, 2019. Please fasten your seat belts. Video via Vimeo Transcripts, Links, and Comments Episode 116 Telling (11-14-18) 11:03 minutes,…

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Test Screening Scenes 2018   Descriptions de scènes, (in French) These scenes were posted for Season Two, Crowd Creation. We STILL appreciate your feedback in 2019; do watch the scenes and add your feedback to the episode comments or on Vimeo. Go ahead and get blessed! ••• Through 2018, we’re posting working versions of scenes…

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