Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice, Episode 138 Buffalo. Much better but just ain't recovered full spunkadelica, quite yet. Tried running today and puttered out. This might be a two week influenza.

  • promised myself no more spoilers here
    • on dog.movie or the Daughter of Godcast
    • spoilers galore at why.movie

  • latest news in the glorious quest
    • eg been doing production for Joe's travels
      • by myself
      • wif Melonie
    • explain? requires a bit of backstory
    • episode 135, Sparks, Joe is at the PPS and watches a box burn
    • no ordinary box, mediatronic and leaking divinity
    • w/ message for Joe, comes later with VFX
    • sends him searching, travelling
    • on foot, eventually via rowboat and maybe more
    • later we'll peak at the footage and request feedback
  • buffalo robe
    • after ACT III of DOG, Uncle Joe becomes Buffalo Joe. He throws away his magic rock and becomes a wandering bard.
    • He's in that incarnation at the PPS
    • that's why this beard, still
    • Melonie made Joe's awesome buffalo cloak out of synthetic tibetan sheep fur
    • I originally bought the fur to transform the Honda XR-650 enduro motorbike into a steam punk buffalo, copying the Guy on a Buffalo video
    • we didn't have enough wool blankets to cover everyone, so I had to sacrifice the sheep
    • turns out they don't make that awesome stuff anymore
    • out in the forest today wearing my faux fur, I felt sort of transformed
      • part of that's just spring in northern Michigan
      • and Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore
  • plus MAGIC
    • it's not a real buffalo robe, it's not a real sheep even. it's nasty petroleum synthetic fur
    • and yet, and yet...
    • being in character, in costume, walking in the world of Daughter of God - something changed
    • even after I got home, walking around the house in the cloak I could still feel magic, a sparkling cloud of magic around me
    • a shaman thing happened
    • Melonie and I talked on the phone about it after
    • nature - plants and animals are sacred
    • but so is everything else.
    • the sacred is ubiquitous
    • opening up to enlivenment, everything becomes alive
    • anyway, let's watch some video and get your feedback. How do Buffalo Joe's travels feel?

That's the Daughter of Godcast, episode 038, Buffalo. Another short episode because I'm running at low power, still neutralizing the latest variant of weaponized flu from the military pharmaceutical entertainment complex. The Facebook flu, I'm calling this one because I feel oddly compelled to look at FB, which is usually not my favorite thing to do. Influenza changes cognition, only a matter of time before viruses are engineered to change behavior. You know if top marketers could, they would. Not to worry, I'm gonna reverse engineer and recompile this bad boy and then we can infect the whole world with irrational joy just to be alive or create a yearning for the thunder of migrating buffalo herd 10k strong.


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  1. Seamus Callaghan on April 20, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    The journey feels exhausting. Rowing hard, trekking through the night, covered in hot furs. Very tiring.

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