Daughter of Godcast Podcast
Season Five • Climax

A season that means business! Climax, the glorious finish. Launched in January of 2020, a wrap the likes of which our blue marble has yet to see. Grab your front row seat!

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Episode 179

(04-26-20) 10:41 minutes, audio+video

From movies to maybes, swerving into the documentary zone. How everything human might rock. A DIY life cycle fix by replatforming our own prolific production.

Episode 178

(04-26-20) 21:54 minutes, audio+video

Where you have been prodigal Daughter of Godcast? Undisclosed past prediction comes true. North Manitou Scaffold yields a high score of 18 out of a possible 20.

Episode 177

(01-27-20) 15:08 minutes, audio+video

An improvised update on the She Box Artists language development with three story epochs invented for this episode, never before seen or heard on any previous episode.

Episode 176
Wild Sings

(01-27-20) 11:57 minutes, audio+video

Marvelous unimaginables are unraveling rose-like, spreading petals to the idea of radiance, nodding in the gentle breeze of steady desire. The nature of nature.

Episode 175

(01-14-20) 13:20 minutes, audio+video

What comes before words and the naked goddess inside out. She Box Artists image the dialog pairs of Buffalo Joe and the Box Act 1.

Episode 174

(01-14-20) 10:03 minutes, audio+video

The point on the pencil to the premise(s) of DOG's story. Pencils are like a grabbed stick, the lesson of the pencil is that both ends are useful.

Episode 173

(01-13-20) 14:23 minutes, audio+video

On the steps of NYC's 8th Avenue post office with way too much street noise and a smeary iPhone lens. Ambiance aplenty. Look ma, no beard!