Daughter of Godcast, Season 5 Climax and this has been Episode 175 Wordess. I'm Dan Kelly Shri Fugi Spilt. Standby for a ramble about words and converting them into what usually comes before, a backwardsing today, maybe. Do words have an origin? Do they pop up into our kiva from the sipapu? Or are they a fundamental, an origin unto themselves? There's a goddess or two in this movie and at least one makes words and pictures with her body.

I never run out of things to say. That's maybe because I'm not a bag, I'm a pipe. A bag holds only so much, while a pipe doesn't hold at all, a pipe passes. I can never be empty because I am a flowing - from dead people, trees, mushrooms, rusty wrecks of ancient autos, careworn paperbacks, overcast skies, heaven, hash pipes. All the cosmos sends me words and I quick type them into my laptop and then say them on this podcast. While writing, I lie snakelike on a Pendleton wool blanket, perfectly still except for my darting eyes and fingers dancing on the keyboard. Well, I am breathing of course and I'm guessing my guts must also be in motion too, an invisible mysterious churning.

This is a kriya, a practice. I invite all of creation to show up, to say something. A forest leans away from a deep stony shaft, in some shadowed forgotten place. We are there now, with coils of rope and climbing harnesses, packs full of supplies. We set an anchor and rappel in, drop down below sunlight. A mist catches the rays of bright day above, sparking drops of water flash past, down into darkness. These words are the way to a treasure, terror first perhaps, then treasure. The ruins of a lost civilization are at the bottom of this abyss, there's secrets down there - power, wealth, innocence. Words are ropes by which we safely descend, or free fall. There's so many stories waiting, lurking perhaps at the end of our rope.

Words are the stuff of podcasts, that's what we've got to work with. Worlds have been built with words, which is weird because words are less than nothing, passing vibrations in the air or transient states of digital memory, splishes of ink on paper. They are less substantial than the pencil that writes them or the fingers that type them, yet they can reach around the world, motivate or discourage.

So I flow these words from any when and every who and with luck they might parse into a conceptual key, a breakthrough. Our words are potent to the degree we are potency, inspiring to the degree we invite inspiration. Open up, be the ball, Danny. I feel this when I write, that there's an almost, an about to be. Writing is tinkering with nothing, and 99.9% of our shared everything is nothing, matter is a slight perturbation of emptiness, so some people say. It follows that we can hack the empty with less than nothing, words.

The She Box visual language development starts with dialog, words spoken by the characters, She Box and Buffalo Joe, previously Uncle Joe. The She Box is embodied as billions of hempboard boxes coated with a fusion of computational paint and mycelia, the combined surface area of all those boxes being equivalent to a computer chip as big as the great state of Texas in the USA. So her thoughts happen on her skin. Her mind is on the outside, she displays her processes, her jokes and musings. She hides nothing, but there are levels of intentionality, of deliberateness.

Perhaps we might explore the premise that she is a naked goddess, so sublime and striking in her vulnerability as to be evidence that she is mighty. Displaying her thoughts and emotions is neither subterfuge nor persuasion, it is play. Also her breath and heartbeat. She is inside out, a vessel containing the needs and even dreams of her people, wrapped in an ethereal gauze of cognition.

I started off talking about words, and how something comes from nothing. The mandate of the She Box  Artists is to translate or reverse engineer words into imagery, to expand or nuance her thoughts with pictures. The human analog to her surface imagery is facial expressions and body language. Whereas a cuttle fish has color, She Box has symbols, geometry, photorealism, movement, editorial...

With luck, the She Box Artists will have imagery for all of the Act 1 dialog pairs by 01/13. Then we'll chose the most juicy ideas and connect them to each other. The plan is to begin roughing in the AE proof of concept in the next few days and get some feedback soon after.

Another Relief Box idea and a RL project worth exploring - Edible Spoon 1000 ct. A really tasty spoon of sprouted grains, either baked or dehydrated. Maybe individually wrapped in a biodegradable sleeve.

What can you expect coming up? I'll go out on a limb and make a prediction for the next couple of weeks. In episode 177, we'll bounce a pragmatic perspective on wilderness and how a movie studio lands gently there. Episode 178 will likely be a request for feedback on She Box language visualization. That's as far ahead as I can see today. Trust you've had as much fun watching and listening as I've had being me, here where ever I am, dark shaft or forest defile. Make yourself with gusto today and every day. Daughter of Godcast, Season 5 Climax and this has been Episode 175 Wordess. I'm Dan Kelly Shri Fugi Spilt. Muwah!




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