Daughter of Godcast Season 5 Climax. What?! A new season out of the crystalline blue? And a sexy title to boot. This is Episode 174 Freazy, which is a word I invented to both describe the experience of Northern Michigan right now and the practice of transcending conditions as best we can, a natural fusion of the words free and easy. Climax is defined as "the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex," the completion of Daughter of God. Every movie making ends eventually and I think it's about time for a thrilling end to this one, an orgasm that builds over the next 6 months. So, welcome to Daughter of Godcast, Season 5 Climax and this is once again Episode 174, Freazy.

Right, here we go. Only three episodes behind this week, actually only two because we DID record an episode while in NYC, except we're only just now getting around to posting. So just two episodes to get current.

Today, I'm talking about intuition and the signal of us. I've based Daughter of God's cosmology on Abraham Hicks, or infinite intelligence as channeled by Ester Hicks. I freely, freezily admit I find this perspective intriguing and quite useful in my own life, and for sure it's an awesome armature to wrap a story around. I've also swirling in James Corbett's astute insights about the powers that shouldn't be. These two perspectives were latent in the original script, Ester and James just put the point on my pencil, so to speak.

Both of these key influences have only been with me for the last 3-5 years, yet as all veteran Daughter of Godcast collabs know, the movie's been in progress for over 14 years. I guess this is just how research goes, the further we explore the more we find. Or maybe the more we look the more shows up, which is creation more than discovery, as I proposed in Episode 170 She Box.


The whole wild ride was inspired by desire, a leap out of the Cessna 172 at 10k feet without a parachute. Following intuition and THEN learning how to glide, to become a wind creature, a feather, pollen cloud, dandelion tuft. Where I am ending up was presaged by where I started except way more so. That seems to me evidence of the efficacy of intuition. Trusting myself.

Here's a kriya insight from Sunday January 5

Learn to identify, recognize intuition. learn to trust what at first might be hints or fleeting inspirations. The premise... that underlying cultural conditioning and habitual patterns associated to past trauma and even success, that buried beneath the tumult of options and possibilities, there’s a strong, steady signal of us. This signal basically feels like joy, or whatever word best describes pleasure for us. If this premise can be explored and experimentally verified, by whatever method we each choose to employ, then our horizons open wide. This is not about adopting a belief, at most it might be trying out a new story, and seeing if our lives become more of what we wish they could be. The only criterion is usefulness. Does allowing our delightful fullness make our reality more exquisite? Do we even want to taste and even revel in what we could be, beyond limits?

Indeed, do we? We each have this choice. What could be called the unlimited option. The gist of the sitch according to infinite intelligence and Daughter of God's backstory. Well, clarification, mostly unlimited as we have decided to deploy some fraction of our us-ness to theme park earth, a very convincing simulation of limitation. Easy to suspend disbelief and tell the story of me, here. It's no accident that artists thrive on limitation.

I wonder how much I've got to write about these things before I begin to rival PDK's Exegesis, which I own but still haven't read. 900 or so pages. I feel like it's exuding a helpful influence just sitting on the shelf.

Seems to me intuition is a subtle form of desire, not a whispered promise of delight, but delight in the flesh. The tip tail end of an impossible beast that is poised to bound off, take to the sky. We grab that tail and are pulled along, the beast is our imagination, our heart's yearning. A good feeling that we can amplify, just by latching on to that twitchy, tempting tail.

We might be trained to distrust good feelings because good feelings can be treacherous. We've been encouraged to blame good feelings for heart break, maiming, death. Good feelings can lead us into sin. Safer to depend on external authority for guidance, seek wisdom outside of ourselves. A book, a teacher, tea leaves.

What if there was infallible innate guidance available 24/7? What if our brain wasn't a bio calculator isolated in a skull box, but something more like a radio receiver? What if our consciousness was elsewhere and we were gorgeous fleshy remotes? Would that be so bad? Would finding that out feel scarier than knowing a faction of the US government blew up the world trade center? There's scary and then there's scary.

It's just a movie, folks. It's only talk. I can be a receiver of myself, of my signal. That's an interesting story worthy of retelling. So there you go. The End. Begins.

That was Episode 174 Freazy and this still is the Daughter of Godcast Season 5 Climax, an epic easy landing on water in our advanced wingsuit that can flair, just like birds do. Hard water is pattering down from on high, the wind roars a bit, I can hear the ice heavy waves swishing against the rocky beach. 33 degrees F outside and what a phenomenal excellent life.  The first episode of our 5th season, no rhyme or reason to DOG's seasons, they are whimsical and waggish, capricious. Keeping on and catching up, the delightful entwining of signals, energy sexy. Follow your bliss, said Joe Campbell, but what is bliss? There is such a thing, I promise.





  1. Pam kelly on January 14, 2020 at 11:33 am

    PDK’s Exegesis? I fear I have not been paying sufficient attention to know or remember what that is. Enlighten me? Thanks!

    • Dan from dog.movie on January 14, 2020 at 12:49 pm

      In an alternate universe the global spiritual movement founded by Philip K Dick eclipsed L Ron Hubbard’s and inspired an age of compassionate enlightenment. Pamela Jackson and Jim’s buddy Jonathan Lethem (maybe Pam is too, Jim knows everybody) edited the Exegesis of Philip K Dick, a compendium of Dick’s musings. I have been remiss in reading, but that might have to change as DOG comes to a close.


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