Daughter of Godcast 101

Daughter of Godcast Summer Vacation, Episode 101 Easy. Coming to you from the futon that can’t talk, fortunately, because the stories it might tell would beat anything I can offer. Someday, soon perhaps, futons will be able to talk and then my friends, watch out.

Easy is how I’m taking this life, for the second episode of ersatz third season, my Summer Vacation that I’m taking you along on. Did you know you can make a movie, even make a million just by taking it easy? By going on vacation? Allow me to demonstrate. There are so many things to learn about.  Or should I say unlearn about. Yes, I should say that… and I will, dash it all!

We could complain about being misinformed, having the wool pulled over our eyes, rail about how we’ve been duped. Fortunately, I’m loosing my taste for complaining, for griping. Especially now that I know that all the misinformation is a feature, not a bug. When I was good and ready to know how the universe works, I found the owners manual. Can happen to you too, I’m no better than you, maybe deliberately luckier. Amazing as I am, you’re just as amazing. The world is our oyster, our raisin bread, avocado, onion, grape seed veganaise sandwich if oysters aren’t your thing. The world is your ginger, watermelon, cannabis smoothie, frosty cool and close at hand.

Ever wonder how yoga got invented? I expect the vedas have something to say about this, I haven’t read them. I don’t need to, I can guess. Maybe back in the day being in alignment with the divine was easier, that could be the whole sense of the yugas or great ages. We start off deciding to dream of everything wonderful, but then wonderful get’s boring, so we decide to have an occasional surprise. A surprise could be discovering something new or refinding something you forgot about. Then we keep amping up the surprises until we reach the highest ratio of surprises to wonderfulness, and that’s where we’re at now, in the Kali Yuga. The roughest, toughest, rootin tootinest age. Take heart, the reason we’re here is because we’re bad asses, we all want the most surprises ever.

And we forgot, we’ve instantiated an experience full of forgetting, distractions and false evidence appearing real. Surprises.

Ok so back to the invention of yoga. No matter how many surprises come along, duality is still divine, folks love feeling good. Hooked on feeling good, this yoga thing is inspired. Ways of moving the body that remind us how much fun being human can be. Yoga means what? Union. Union with all that we are, even while doing duality. Same goes for martial arts, any yummy expression of physicality, of playing with the energies of existence.

That covers the invention, but here’s the epiphany of this episode. There’s a gadzillion yoga instructors out there, so many classes. Unless you’re hunting for yoga hotties, there’s no reason to attend a single class. Union is inherent in our design.

All we have to do is tune into what we are. What are we? Love. Joy. Enthusiasm walking. Fun. Yumminess. Anything that isn’t yumminess is a surprise, a bit of adventure. When we get quiet, let go of the internet, cell phones, let go of thoughts, the homing beacon of bliss can be experienced. That’s a metaphor of course, we’re not radios. Just let go of action and intention and what’s left?

If this is turning to ashes as I walk out of the forest, that’s just another surprise. My point in this episode is to talk about how the union grows. I’m becoming the signal, can’t stop the signal Mal. So yoga is growing for me. Knowing is flowing, I’m making up my life as I go along and feeling ever more trust to just let go. Summer Vacation. Episode 101. Easy.

Here’s a snippet from musings this past Sunday, July 29, 2018.

“We might seek a guru, or correct technique, or authentic origins. However, optimal practice always flows from alignment with source and then yoga can be discovered, invented all over again, and be more than ever before. Trusting our own divine aspect, all is revealed, all our dreams are possible, available. Including complete healing, which then becomes creative enhancement of our own design, growing more vigorous and enlivened with every passing day, you name it!”


“The benefit of these practices is not in the discipline, (of repetition) but rather in the celebration of practice, the enjoyment of feeling more of ourselves, discovering all that we are. If the practices are carried out with this awareness, the full benefits will be experienced. Do what you do because you love to, no other reason is as efficacious.”

That’s our big celebration for Daughter of Godcast Episode 101, Easy. Are we making a movie? Hell, yes. The movie of the moment, the story of us. How the movie made me, that’s the DOG tag line. We make ourselves with actions and thoughts, sans instrumentality or con, with or without. Your call, your choice, your decision. Let the golden sunlight play on our hands as we type, as we podcast, as we campaign into the dark catacombs in search of treasure, power, leveling up with each adventure. As if we weren’t already sitting in the catbird seat. The tiny blue dot in an impossible endless empty. Making Earth makes us.





Daughter of Godcast 077

What a party, what a gift to be once again communing with you… and you and you! Dan Kelly here aka Shri Fugi Split, two names, same guy. Instantiated in your consciousness, teleported into your moment through bouncing speaker diaphragms and maybe even glowing pixels, technology is your excuse to make this imaginary me, actual. You’re an adventurer for letting me in, courageous and very creative. What will you make me say and do this episode I wonder?

Having muddied the water, let’s dive right on in.

Nuts and Bolts

By now you should know that we’re looking at scenes from the open source sci fi featurette, Daughter of God and requesting feedback. How to get feedback is also worthy of our attention. In Episode 075 I flippantly fast forwarded through the data because frankly, I prefer to be a little more zoomed out. Plus we don’t have a lot of time in these more concise episodes for tons of detail and meandering. Where’s the beef?!

From now on, I’m only giving an executive summary of the analysis, if you’re fascinated by the nitty gritty details, be like Ann and Pam and check out the transcription.

[Transcription only]

I was so excited about the potential for affinity on Ello.co, but ever since I started taking an interest in other members there, my views have crashed into the double digits. That’s gotta be a coincidence, right? Why should I be downgraded for appreciating the community? If Ello.co has an algorithm, it’s whacky. Since I’m already fucked on Ello, I’m just going to continue checking out the loveliness there. From now Nuts and Bolts is going to exclude double digit performance on platforms like Ello and Twitter.

On Facebook, as of Monday, February 12, 2018 Do It Again reached 103 people with 79 views, performing better than 85% of other posts. Do It Again was 57 seconds, multiplied by 79 views = 75 minutes of watching, but FB reports just 49 minutes of watching, so at most 65% watched to the end.

Here’s the latest stats for feedback videos on Facebook…

And Vimeo

A table comparing scene performance across all platforms would be a cool resource.

On Facebook, Open Season is the leader so far with 205 views and 71 minutes viewed. 71 minutes divided by 11 seconds is 387 views. Because Open Season is so short, I interpret the difference between reported and calculated views as not that viewers didn’t finish watching as one would expect with longer videos, but rather that the scene cycled over and over in the window, whether the viewer was watching or not. In other words, views are counted either when the scene is scrolled into the window or maybe when the sound is turned on, and minutes viewed is just how long the video loops while visible, regardless of whether a friend is watching the video or checking out an ad or IM.

Open Season has been up for 3 weeks and Do It Again for less than 1, yet Open Season already had more than half as many views. Also Do It Again is 5 times longer than Open Season and longer videos are a more significant commitment for FBers, so Do It Again shows promise.

On Vimeo, there were 17 plays with 98% of the video watched. Again challenging the older Open Season with 22 plays and weirdly only 74% watched. Maybe my assumptions on Facebook are wrong, I’m going to have to contact Vimeo support because the engagement graph indicates 100% of Open Season video was watched.

[Transcription only ends]

Executive Summary

Low performance platforms are now excluded from reporting. Facebook and Vimeo rank Do It Again as the second most watched scene, with potential for outpacing the most watched, Open Season in the weeks to come. Further research is needed for Vimeo and Facebook to resolve some contradictory data.

That feels so much cleaner compared to rattling off all those numbers and equations. Progress!


Do It Again shows a lot of promise for capturing cognition, yet only three of our most dedicated core collaborators offered feedback. Why didn’t more folks chime in? I’m guessing the late release was a factor, I didn’t post until Thursday afternoon. Early Wednesday posting (UTC-5) seems to be the most productive posting time.

For just three people commenting, feedback was dense and instructive.

Joe via Facebook.

I take it you mean “Watch it over and over again”! Hahh, this is both hilarious and silly and I’ll add cute and sweet… and bizarre! In the midst of a feature there’s a bit to take in that seems it may always leave one of the viewers sensory inputs lacking while focusing on another but I myself relish in layers of storytelling and the questioning of how, why and what my subconscious brings feeling-wise to the fore that add to the over all flavor and also makes re-experiencing a second time a whole new experience like noticing the different flavors in a wonderfully complex experimental humus or insert dish of choice. Yum! Haha!

Joe speaks of multiple sensory modalities being stimulated. I might interpret this as there was too much for Joe to take in with just one viewing so he watched again… and again. I’m of two minds about this. The scene should be cohesive and coherent the first time through, or at least the gist of what the scene is trying to convey should come across. Conversely, discovering more of the story the second or third time through is exciting.

Based on Joe’s comment, enough comes across to know that the scene is almost working. I can’t reveal more of the backstory because we’re probably going to revisit this scene and I want to keep impressions fresh.

I talked to Joe on the phone a day later.

He said, “The Eye in the Pyramid, I wondered if I was watching the Illuminati channel and guessed that the other circles (I couldn’t make them out, some kind of animal and maybe a syringe) were other channels or maybe aspects of this channel. When I replayed looking at the details, I noticed there were monitors of the heart and something else.”

Again, these details of Joe’s perception are super helpful. I really wanted to tell him more about the scene so we could hash out specifics, but that will have to wait, I love his fresh eyes. His perception is both unique and acute, he’s like 1000 grit sandpaper, so fine.

Joe also gave me a great idea about how to take things a little easier. If a week gets busy, reissuing scenes after implementing feedback might be less work than posting brand new scenes.

Seamus via dog.movie wrote an elevator pitch for another movie. I love when he does that. Here’s an excerpt…


One day, on some unwashed, neglected corner of the internet, a young couple began posting amateur porn videos of themselves, but it wasn’t like other porn. The couple filmed their normal lives around the house, from the young man’s point of view. They did chores, ate dinner together, and had conversations. They argued, they cried, and they laughed together about things happening in their lives and in the world at large. And, when the mood struck them, they had sex, then they and posted that and the hour leading up to it online for the world to see.

The videos took the Chans by storm. The basement dwellers were transfixed. They couldn’t stop watching. The feels were too real! These videos were unscripted, the dialogue un-forced, and the emotions were genuine. Was this what these men were missing out on? Was this what they could have had, had they just been socialized properly?

The markets caught on quickly. Other couples started making similar videos, and the “real life experience” rapidly became one of the most popular porn genres. Porn sites began offering apps to couples to expedite the streaming and editing processes. It was a bit like Uber, but for sexual encounters instead of driving.


In my reply I asserted that Seamus was an incorrigible utopian and that I was headed to the Hump Film Festival in Chicago this weekend, where his sexy extrapolation might actually be unfolding. Porn for the people!

James via dog.movie was both annoyed and intrigued by the distracting detail, I had to re-watch it five times to take everything in. He also wondered why the future  looked like a black and white tube TV from the 50s. I replied that maybe bandwidth was an issue or that technology devolved. I can’t really explain without giving away the whole show.

Anyway, feedback from these dudes is especially amazing since I posted this scene not only without any backstory but zero zilch context. Who is this man and this woman? There’s no clue. Joe and Seamus just ran with the moment, Seamus to the extent of writing flash fiction, much as Allison riffed off of Wall Street Underwater back in Episode 070.

Canyon Princess

The gurgling of gentle river current and the chanting of devotees echoes off steep rock walls. Far above, a massive derelict is silhoutted against the azure blue, a rust pitted and ancient remembrance of the long ago.

Here’s the feedback question… What (if any) connection is there between this scene and Elon Musk’s space car? Every answer is right, and feel free to totally blow off this question and just run with whatever thoughts and feelings come up.

You’ve been up a lazy river with Episode zero double seven of the Daughter of Godcast, another gorgeous number and another scintillating episode on our way to episode One zero zero and then likely higher if we can all avoid getting plowed by night giants, dark drifters crossing our path. Enough hints, I won’t mention episode 033 or Randall Carlson because you could just go there and find out pretty much everything there is to know about catastrophism and cars in space. Meanwhile, if this podcast is a guilty pleasure, I’m glad you keep coming around. If this is your very first time, I trust you feel special because heavens to mergatroid, you are. You are the reason I write, read, and get all gussied up around Tuesday, take a bath with real soap and scrub all the rust pigments from under my fingernails and loofah my skin to a spiritual translucence, so that my divine glow is visible even across the internet. Surprise, I’m only in your imagination, I’m a mirror, you’re the one that’s glowing as only gods can.




Daughter of Godcast 076

Well, hello again! This is the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 076, Do It Again. So much beauty and fun to share in 10 minutes. We’re dusting off a scene each week, making a flurry of creative choices, and if we can keep the podcast under 10 minutes, there’s just enough time for smoothies and the occasional hot bath. This season of Daughter of Godcast, the Crowd Creation I’m offering less homespun visionary rambling, but since we’re still making this movie, I’m still making me. There’s constant clarity coming from feedback because we’re learning as we go.

We’ve demonstrated that Feedback makes the movie better. We’re finding out whether a scene is working and if not, how to tweak. New horizons too, where a scene could go, wants to go.

We are also learning how to get feedback in the first place. Episode 075 we looked at Smart Money and gave a bit more backstory than we usually do. Feedback was plentiful and inspiring. Can we know why?

The answer is probably as simple as, there were gorgeous Trilliums in the thumbnail for the video and the third shot had an intriguing pull focus from Trillium flowers to 20 dollar bills. Several people wrote that they dug the change of focus.

Reading and pondering your experiences is way more fun than analyzing the data across all social media platforms, the play rate and impressions and all that. But this data might give a sense of whether the scene is capturing the cognition of acquaintances and perfect strangers. I’d love to have feedback from other continents, especially where English is not the native tongue, and I’m expecting these new collaborators to show up easily and organically. Is analyzing the data helpful or a geeky distraction. The only way for me to really know is to check in with how I feel.

Right now, I feel like fast forwarding the numbers and skipping the question of whether analysis feels like a party or not.

Nuts and Bolts

As of Monday February 5, 2018… Here are the numbers, quickly.

Facebook 123 people reached, 34 minutes, 96 views. I’m making assumptions about what these numbers mean, here goes. 96 views / 123 people reached = 78% of the people reached played video, which could be comparable to VImeo’s playrate. Since Smart Money is 26 seconds long, then 34 minutes / 26 seconds = 78 plays, or about 81% of the 96 viewers watched the scene right to the end. Executive summary – 80% of people of Facebook friends played the video and watched to the end. The opening thumbnail of Trillium flowers probably started the ball rolling, and my guess is the third shot, pull focus from flower to money, was intriguing enough to hold their attention.

Vimeo has an engagement graph that shows how long people watch. Of 16 plays, 100% of the people watched to the end, with 47 impressions. In contrast to Facebook’s play rate of 78%, Vimeo’s play rate was only 34%. There’s still a lot of variables that I don’t understand, and loading the video directly to Facebook cuts off Vimeo’s data. I know you all love numbers and math, maybe someone who actually knows what it all means will get in touch.

I’ve been unsocial on Ello for the last 74 episodes of Daughter of Godcast episodes, just posting, posting, posting. I’ve got 42 followers supposedly, but I can only see 14 or so for some unknown reason. Last week I started doing outreach on Ello, exploring other artists, liking their work and following a few. Afterwards, views on Ello for Smart Money dropped from my usual 100 to 30! Is there a correlation between me getting inspired by other artists and the community getting less interested in my posts? Is there such a thing as coincidence? Not in this vibrational universe, there’s not. Future Ello explorations are going to be way more provocative and zany.

Just to round off, I’m going to mention the 27 impressions on Twitter. Twitter has a lot of famous people holding court which is intriguing but truth be told I’m haven’t quite got the hang of Twitter, yet. My main account has under 200 followers.



Somewhere in a grassy flower dotted field, federal reserve bank notes and rotting leaves co-mingle… There was useful critique for Smart Money but most of the comments pushed the scene in totally new directions.

Joe via Facebook

a cashless society where in all transactions are monitored and the end of the black market/free market systems of free exchange and the entering into the new frontier of an eerily ultra tech panopticon system of a distrusting and suspicious life/world.

I admit, I had a vague notion of the darker aspects of Smart Money, but Joe really fleshed out the full dystopia. This is more poignant for me because Joe’s dystopia fell, and the sentient bills have no purpose – no transactions, no one to track or report on. They are adrift in eternity. Now compare Joe’s take with Scott’s via Vimeo

I’m watching three squirrels and a Pileated Woodpecker vie for the fresh suet cakes I put up last night… wondering if the Smart Money were there at the base of the big oak tree, would the SM show an adaptation to it’s new role, it’s new environment… would it be Darwinian adaptation wise and be giving counsel to the suet feeders… siding with the numerical underdog (woodpecker) out numbered in this early morning rumble, or the squirrels, facing the prehistoric bad-assery of the foot long Pileated with the three plus inch power bill…. maybe the Smart Money adopts a conciliatory tone, working out a compromise and way for all to save safe… I like the notion of partly sentient money, acting as a Zen counselor to whomever passes by it’s immediate resting place.. adapting, making friends, surpassing it’s intended creation… morphing into a force of good, and not just a a vessel for regenerating itself and others of it’s species….

What?! How cool, I definitely didn’t imagine that. Rather than lie uselessly on the forest floor, they learn to serve the économie du jour, wilderness. They uplift the animals around them, they become mediators, rapport channels. They repurpose. This reminds me vaguely of the novel City by Clifford Simak.

Two very powerful visions of what this scene could be about. Wow.

Melonie and James both commented on the beauty of the scene. Melonie wondered whether the bills would feel tranquil or frightened. James glued on a whole bunch of new backstory.

The money looked too fresh and clean to be at the bottom of an aging forest, but then when the eyes blinked, everything made sense: This futuristic money is not made out of paper that would break down, but rather some sort of polyethylene paper-thin composite that was created to enable a moving cryptic image. Due to their synthetic structure, the bills are not decomposing; they still look very much alive even though their value is dead.

Yes, that’s exactly right, precisely what I had intended. Actually, I didn’t weather the Smart Money because I was feeling lazy. Here’s my reply to James.

That helps a lot, I have been pondering aging the bills, but maybe less is more.


“They look very much alive though their value is dead.” Wonderful, I hadn’t thought of that juxtasposition, brings up some new ideas.

Alive and dead suggests all sorts of things – the Tao, Schrodinger’s cat, resurrection… plenty of yummies here.

Pam offered that the eye moving would have been a freak out moment had she not read the backstory first. We can schedule theater tests to see if there’s a freakout moment for first time watchers without backstory. Freak out moments are sweet!

Seamus offered the trippiest vision for Smart Money.

Something about this scene gave me the distinct impression that some creature had evolved to camouflage itself against cash, and that it was about to slurp down a delicious slug.

Seamus’s idea is way beyond Daughter of God’s scope, pretty much the premise for a whole new movie. Narrated by Sir David Attenburough, maybe.

He also opined about the bills’ emotions.

As an alternative impression from the bill, the way he was positioned beneath his comrade made him look like a frightened child peaking up from beneath a blanket.

Oh, yeah.

These excerpts are tantalizing. All the feedback from every platform is consolidated in the comments for that episode, as a reference for the post production elves when these scenes are polished. Check them out unabridged.

Do it Again

A grainy live feed of lovers in bed, hair mussed, clothes askew. Their conversation is being transcribed on the fly, data is scrolling. Odd symbols are overlaid on the video.

Question – Why would anyone want to peak at this particular moment? General impressions and random observations are as always, very much encouraged.

Zero backstory this week, just you and this sexy mystery. If you’ve never feedbacked before, this is your big chance!

You’ve been listening to the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 076 Do It Again. Forget analysis, let’s talk about feelings. First, my feelings. I am so excited to be getting such abundant feedback from perceptive people. Friends, artists, cinematic peers, visionaries… what a boon for this project. Feedback is making this movie, no kidding. Your contribution of cognition and insight powers the creative process. Am I having fun? Am I ever. The scenes are flowing and growing and I get to say hello every week. Progress, momentum and best of all sharing. We’re doing this together. Even if you’ve never commented on a single scene, I don’t have to do the data to know you are out there, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, on the oceans, in the atmosphere, low earth orbit or even off planet, you’re signal is coming through, your attention is noted. You can be shy, you can hang back from commenting and just lurk, be Boo Radley, the shadowy fan.  You’re still a huge helper, you too are making this movie.



Daughter of Godcast 070

Daughter of Godcast Episode 070, The End. The last episode of the Gentle Release.

Hello and goodbye! We’re here to wrap 2016, in the very last episode of the Daughter of Godcast Gentle Release. This has been approximately 70 episodes about the 12 going on 13 year history of the Daughter of God, a post apocalyptic romantic comedy featurette. We’ve got a smidge of 2016 yet to tell and then we’ll briefly talk about next week’s invitation to the upcoming Crowd Completion. Episode 070, The End.

Toe Socks

In Episode 006 and 016, we introduced Toe Socks, the short Lauren Discipio had written and directed back in 2002, inspired by an aesthetic conflict with our pal Shoal Southworth. I was the cinematographer and support for Lauren, her first time directing. We edited together and wrote and performed the theme song, Beans and Rice. Since Lauren and I didn’t really know anything about film festivals back then, Toe Socks never found an audience, we just sent the link to a few friends and moved on.

Telling the story of the Daughter of God implied I might eventually revisit my entire origin myth, every project and experience that informed my perspective as an artist, shaped me as a maker of movies and as a human. On August 31 I wrote to Lauren and asked her permission to post Toe Socks on YouTube. She replied that Toe Socks deserved to be seen. I tossed out the idea of sending it to a few short festivals and she was game. She created an IMDB page and we uploaded a screener. We tried top tier festivals and a few regionals, but our genius went unrecognized. We were and clearly still are, decades ahead of the curve.

Vasty Virtuality

Some geekiness. A megabyte is a thousand kilobytes, a gigabyte is a thousand megabytes and a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. 1 terabyte can store about 2.5 hours of 720p HD video, at 30 frames a second. Since each second of video has 30 frames or pictures, here’s another way to think about 1 TB. 2.5 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds x 30 frames = 270,000 pictures. That’s how many pictures you can save on 1 TB.

Over the course of the project I had grown my life’s archive from ~20 TB to over 100 TB, most of which was stored on 1TB bare 5.25″ SATA drives. The SATA drives had been swapped into 2 bays, the trusty Venus T5’s I’d purchased in 2008. By 2016,  the drivers for the Venus T5 were antiquated and my SATAs would no longer mount reliably. In June of 2016 I hungered for way more storage, a vasty virtuality that would give ready access to all DOG’s media.  After some research I went with OWC’s Thunderbay RAID and the super convenient Startech 4 bay SATA toasters. In english, this meant that I could have 18 TBs of super fast RAID storage and an additional 4 TBs of removable SATAs or 22 TB available total at any given time. That’s room enough for almost 6 million pictures.

As the years have rolled by, significant chunks of Daughter of God’s technological infrastructure have obsoleted, Final Cut Pro 7.0 being the most significant. I so appreciate that most of my archival files are still accessible after all this time.


At a random party in late summer of 2016, I met a real life Uncle Joe, a deep state operator, long retired. In his day, a player. Now living in a shack somewhere in Manistee, a random acquaintance of the party’s host. He displayed a casual disregard for his top secret clearance , happy to tell me whatever I wanted to know. I asked him how he could get away with that, and he said no one would ever believe me, and if I outed him as my source he’d just deny everything.

Later, I made inquiries in my network and his story pans out, he could be the real deal. I’ve since meant to visit him again and ask him a series of tinfoil hat questions. Especially now with the advent of the hokey To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and the official release of the Super Hornet UFO video last week, what can he tell me about the fedgov trysting with ETs? My Uncle Joe is the “Wizard of the Deep Canyons, King of the Flying Saucers”, so any information this dark operator provided could easily be woven in to the movie’s backstory. Making the movie even more eerily accurate would be a win. Or I might be making this up.

Michigan Movie Makers

After the podcast was well underway, I briefly revived M3. Who was out there still, making movies? Recall that In 2010 I’d returned from NYC and after sailing around Lake Michigan I discovered Traverse City’s movie making boom, driven by the Michigan Film Incentives, see episode 028 and 034. I re-cofounded the Michgan Movie Makers and attempted to herd that community of cats. By 2015, the incentives were gone and my motivation to herd cats faded away. Now in 2016, channeling all that energy into my own projects, I wondered many other local movie makers might be left standing.

I emailed the list and requested updates. From our peak of 200 or so members, pnly Matt Dayton, Bill Latka, Arron Dennis, J Mark Eiden, Tom Emmot, Vince Hancock, Robin Pearson, Cody Stowe and myself were still active. I knew there were a few others out there, like Ben Busch, Cat Muncey and the godfather, Rich Brauer. The last of the Jedi.

Michigan Movie Makers massive update

Where’s the Cast?

In episode 008, Ann Loeding DOG’s line producer visited the podcast and gave her recollections about our 10 days of production aboard the big boat, Alexander Henry. Two weeks earlier I had emailed 4 other members of the Daughter of God’s cast and crew asking for their remembrances. Nobody responded. I was slightly disappointed at first, but then I realized that I had plenty of story to tell all by myself. Perhaps when DOG has legs, these prodigals would come home. After 10 years, Steve Zilliax now legally re-enter the USA, see episode 005. Maybe we can live stream his episode from the doom raft in the summer of 2018.

Wordcamp Ann Arbor

I attended my first WordPress Wordcamp in Ann Arbor with my new uber ally, Milagros Parades.  Every conference has a unique culture, and I did my best to adapt rusty geek tribalism from past SIGGCHIs, SIGGRAPHs, and even Worldcons, the World Science Fiction Convention. I returned staring up at learning curves, but at least now I knew what I didn’t know, and that’s a start. I attended my second Wordcamp with Joe Cissel in October of 2017, see episode 060, more present and itching to poke and prod the wordcamp culture.

Reasons to Podcast

After a couple months of podcasting, I was revising and upgrading my motivation almost every episode. This was both exhilarating and disconcerting. I thought I knew what I was doing, but history is just a list of surprises. Here’s a peek at my transformation in just two weeks.

process log

 What's the mission of dog.movie?

To magnetize 100k people to Daughter of God.
To give Daughter of God's audience easily access,
Offering audience access to the longest little movie ever
Preparing Earth for the coming of Daughter of God

A laboratory for Dan to build the new movie making paradigm
Dan's homebrew venue for global art and awareness
Dan's channel of connection to decisive collaborators

process log

Doesn't matter how many people are watching or listening. What matter is 1) Am I having fun and 2) Am I making something super cool? The rest will follow.

process log

Is the podcast a success? My god, last night I was organizing the master podcast file and seeing all the sound effects, and that reminded me of the crazy stuff I've done so far over the last 12 weeks. and I am like, wow, this feels good.

To sweep up the last crumbs of 2016, here are a few links from the extended family with commentary.

From James

In October James Schaberg sent, Johanna under the ice , a sweet short about an icy freediver. I was a certified FII Level 2 Freediver that August with Mark Lozano in Alpena and of course Wim Hof would come later. That James is a little prescient. He also sent me Favorite Podcasts of NPR 2016, in December and predicted Daughter of God would be included for 2017. Ya never know.

From Shoal

Shoalie Southworth sent some dweebs overdub of Geordie Rose and Dwave Quantum Computing. I was annoyed by the Mandela Effect commentary and sought out the original talk, where Geordie makes predictions about super intelligent AI not unlike Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity except without any mention of humans integrating this technology and upgrading. Milagros had already turned me onto Micheal Brown’s practical time travel with his Presence Process, so when Shoal dropped this video on10/08, I was prepped to riff about alternate universes around episodes 008 (10/25) and 010 (11/03).

I can’t help thinking that godlike super intelligence running on quantum computers is pretty much a description of us. According to Prof. dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer PhD and other researchers, human brains do much of their processing outside of the skull, in other dimensions, we are fleshy, bone-y quantum computers. WE are already godlike super intelligences, instantiating in duality for fun and profit. We’re sneaking up on ourselves.

From Matt

Back in April, when Matt Kern and I were tinkering with tracking and 3D scans, he sent a link for Lytro, a camera system that records not only values of light and shadow, but spatial data. This means elements of a scene scene can be changed after the shoot, they are not baked into the image. Actors, props, sets and even depth of field and exposure can be changed. Rotoscoping was used extensively with DOG to unbake elements for VFX, but a Lytro capture would make rotoscoping as obsolete as handcranked film cameras.

Quantum computing and the Lytos together imply that DOG is already an antique right out of the box. Technical details are moot, all that matters is the joy in the making – our delight in deploying a Toy Universe, tweaking the backstory, emphasizing the quirky performances on the big boat. Noticing how the making of this movie is still making me and maybe you too. The key to completion is relishing this making, loving this great big canvas, primed and ready for paint. We clearly have the spark, the madness, the vision. Letting the joy flow steady and strong, that’s all now. The movie is a connection to what we are living now, now and now. A capturing of full spectrum experience, just another deployment of the highest technology. Who’s making who?

That’s our history, thanks to those of you who went all the way from Episode 001 to 070. Over a year and a third of weekly podcasts. Next week, without any gaps or pauses, we’re going to begin the Crowd Completion, test screening chunks of the movie, from graphic elements to scene snippets until eventually we’ve assembled the entire shebang, the whole shooting match. I am so looking forward to feedback about what’s working for you and what isn’t, talking about how this movie feels, what thoughts are inspired, what sweet realities come within reach.

We want feedback on image fragments like logos and graffiti in the DOG world, miniatures, story boards for additional scenes, snippets of live action scenes, VFX… pretty much everything.

Daughter of Godcast has been available on iTunes and several other podcast venues, and streaming directly from DOG.movie. If you’ve been listening only, we’ll try to keep the Daughter of Godcast viable as an audio experience. The podcast has also been out there as a video version since episode 011, and if you’re ready to get interactive, there’s going to be even more visual venues.

We’re launching the Crowd Completion on at least 8 social media platforms simultaneously, so there’s plenty of places to comment and have discussions. Find links on www.dog.movie and subscribe to DOG’s presence on your favorite platforms.

So what’s the new Daughter of Godcast Crowd Completion gonna be like? Next week is the official invitation episode. We’ll talk about how feedback works in more detail and lay out some of the perks of participation. We’ll also present the first chunk of media for your review and post it on all the social media platforms. We’ll probably pose a question to focus the comments and discussion.

From then on, the episodes will provide highlights from the previous week’s feedback and then introduce a new chunk. We’ll keep reviewing and choosing the best chunks together until we’ve got a finished featurette.

If you’re not living in the US, Canada or Europe, I really want to encourage you to join in with comments and feedback, even if you’re not perfectly fluent with english. Daughter of God belongs to the whole wide world.

Here’s what you can do TODAY to get ready. Follow the links from dog.movie to your favorite social media hangout and like or follow the Daughter of God presence there. If you’re listening on iTunes, please rate this podcast and write a review.

Thanks for a fabulous year, looking forward more of you in 2018.

You’ve been listening to the Daughter of Godcast, episode 070, The End. The Gentle Release is now done, finished, over with. We’re moving all the video episodes to Vimeo for safe keeping, and perhaps enhancing them slightly too. Lots of changes coming. Maybe in 2018 well even get into the model shop. We’re mostly going to be in the now, the this and here, the ever present. Perhaps a tiny bit of guruing still, life coaching, rambling philosophical discourse, just for SEO sake, definitely hints on how to optimize your human experience, that’s one of the perks of membership in the DOG family. Gotta keep you perky. Actually, the whole Crowd Completion will automatically upgrade your game, that’s inherent in the design. We’re all upgrading.



Daughter of Godcast 059


A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 059, Guides. Analysis suggests SEO strategy. Guides, the ultimate ungurus.

Hello! Well I’m fair to bursting with excitement this week. I keep promising the model shop and then yanking it back, but not really. We are going into A model shop. In the sense of the matrix, a simulation, a miniaturization. As I mused in episode 057 about scientifics asserting that OUR reality is a software simulation, and my counter that sure reality might be a simulation, but not of our descendants’ past, but of duality, setting the stage for adventure, the human game, theme park earth.

A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 059, Guides. Analysis suggests SEO strategy. Guides, the ultimate ungurus.

But surprise, that’s NOT the model shop I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the model shop of SEO or search engine optimization, because I’ve been getting my mind blown and hey, another wave of clarity about our collaborative unfolding.

Yes your listening and perhaps even watching the Daughter of Godcast, where we get to make a movie together, aka crowd creation and I’m your lead researcher, Dan Kelly aka Shri Fugi Spilt, self taught polymath and proud misfit, just like you, or maybe not. And this is Episode 059 Guides. Together we’re not only making a movie but remaking culture, with luck into a environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just configuration, stealing unapologetically from the Pachamama Alliance.

Fine, I’m not stealing because I trained to be a facilitator for Pachamama’s Awakening the Dreamer. However I drifted away from their organization because we spent 100% of the training indoors during a gorgeous fall weekend. That seemed incongruous. Also, there was a kid also taking the training who was Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver incarnate, and I was the only one who noticed. Some super creepy juju. I still like the Pachamama premise tho, thanks to artist Melonie Chopko for turning me onto them.

I’m taking Rebecca Gill‘s course on SEO and the information is dense, there’s a stiff technical learning curve. I am spending way more time on this than I expected to so I’m just going to combine what I am learning with this week’s episode of the Daughter of Godcast, that’s the path of least resistance this week, the path of most fun, better stated.

Turns out there’s also an emotional journey to be had in learning SEO, which is a huge boon for the Daughter of Godcast audience because whoo, that means I got some vulnerability to reveal, which Milagros loves.

This is truly cutting edge listeners and watchers because I REALLY don’t know what I am doing and we’re going to grope around until we do right now!  How many podcasters are brave enough to try that?

Ok, I’m lying a little. I have the barest inkling of what I am doing otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get this episode started. I am pretty sure I have no idea where we’ll end up tho, so that’s exciting, right? Yes, I’m reading this but remember I had to write this first and there was no net then, that’s for sure. Here we go.

What is SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization, and why should we care?

Because our shared destiny on the Planet Earth is pretty much being shaped by freaking search engines.

Dramatic eh? Just hang in there and see how this sensational claim stands up as we unravel this episode.

Also, I suspect that the Daughter of God is THE answer to all sorts of questions that folks are about to be urgently asking search engines. SEO could be how a vast tribe of super cool people like you discovers the movie.

I enjoy starting with basics because I’m a world builder. Also, offering a solid cognitive foundation means we’re less likely to loose anyone, so if you already know everything there is to know about search engines, your patience is appreciated.

What’s a Search?

Search engines help us find shit on the web, yes? We might have a question, which translates to a more or less urgent need. Somewhere between a problem and desire. In my way of thinking, problems are best converted to desires, but that’s a different topic for another time.

So that’s where we start from, a problem or desire. The experience of searching for answers can be quirky. I type in some words that I imagine reflect the gist of my problem or desire and then results show up. Maybe I click on one or two of the results and they aren’t quite the answers I was hoping for. So I try again, I type in different words, I vary my language, get more specific, maybe more general, I test related terms, getting creative to unlock the secrets of the web.

As of October 2017, here’s my understanding of how search engines produce results. First they constantly inventory what’s on the web. They crawl, which means going to each web page and creating an index of what’s there.

Now, there are a ten thousand schmagillion web sites and umpity fucktilion pages, so that part is only mildly mind boggling. How many stars are there in the sky? But that’s just the beginning.

Model Shop

When you search and then click on a link, the search engine watches you interacting with that website page, and depending on what you do, decides whether or not your question was answered.

So are search engines reading your mind? Yes, in a sense. Based on your behavior, time spent and clicks, and the behavior of brazillions of other people who also asked the same question, search engines infer, they make an artificially intelligent guess.

If the search engine infers that a web page answered your question, that your need was met, then the next time someone searches for what you did, that same page will be brought up first. That web page will rank.

So the search engines model the entire www with an inventory of content and an inventory of interactions with the content.

This is a figuring us out by how we conform to the norm, what 99.9% of people who asked the same question did. That’s not exactly omniscience, because as individuals we’ve got at least that .1% going on. Imagine if our search queries were matched up to our credit card purchases, education, medical records. When a search engine knows who is asking the question.

That’s psychic search engines, coming soon to an episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

The model shop I was planning on bringing you too a couple weeks back is about clay and plastic kits of Abrams tanks and Airbus 380s and scraps of copper wire and desicated mouse and bird corpses.  We not going to visit that model shop AGAIN this week, maybe not for several weeks, because another model shop is looming a little larger.

Search engines recreate the global web experience in miniature, abbreviated, and this model of the www generates answers to our questions.

SEO models that model.

Content squish

Exactly how search engines miniaturize our interactions with the web is a bit mysterious, trade secrets. If we want our pages to rank, we’ve got to model the model, infer from search engine behavior how they work. How will our content get squished and how can we optimize for squishing?

That’s SEO – helping the machines to squish our content. Adapting our content to the machines, even. SEO might not make our writing more scrumptious for humans to read, just easier for machines to squish.

A big part of Google’s business hinges on advertising,  a broken paradigm IMHO. The sensational and darkly hilarious collapse of consumer culture, that’s the origin myth of the Daughter of God universe. Science Fiction movies never come true, so no worries Google.

On CBS in 1979, according to Wikipedia, Sylvestor Stallone’s Rocky hit TV for the first time. My dad and I were in the living room. I had a wind-up stopwatch and timed all the commercials. In the 2 hours, there were 30 minutes of commercials. The theatrical running time for Rocky is 119 minutes, so that means 29 minutes of the movie had to be deleted to make room for advertising. That advertising paid for me and my dad to be able to watch Rocky for “free”.

Google’s freebie is their model of the web, which anyone can use for searching. Along with the entire Rocky franchise, Google gives us access to whatever we’ve uploaded, through the miracle of model making. Google pays for their model by making advertisers show up before results from the model. Results from the model are called organic, because they pop out of the model based on the query without any financial boost or bias. Or maybe the results are called organic because they aren’t loaded with toxic cognitive poison, like advertising often is. Nope, that’s me making shit up. The first reason is the right one.

Rebecca Gill insists that Google is all about helping people meet their needs, she seems pretty smart and what the fuck do I know, so that’s the premise I’m operating under for now. And needs are not always met by a product or service that you purchase with a credit card, paypal or zcash.

Climbing off the soapbox now. I bring this up because I’m still very much trying to understand how Daughter of God fits into SEO. Because I’m not selling shoes or life insurance, I’m selling dreams, baby. Blue sky. Nothing at all.

This screed has been a little technical, but for you non-geeks we’re edging towards more emotional depth. Just had to set the stage.

The first step in SEO is identifying keywords, ultimately the phrases I want dog.movie to rank for. If my SEO is solid, then when a searcher enters these phrases, dog.movie will show up in the top links of the results page, that’s what ranking means.

A shoe company might be meeting a need for warm feet, or fashionable feet. What about a movie company? A movie? A movie maker? me?

The keyword process starts out by asking really basic questions and making lists of all the words and phrases that seem to match. Like… who am I and what do I do? For dog.movie, the I is plural – I is Dan Kelly, the Daughter of God movie, and I could also mean you, the audience who influence the movie with feedback. What do WE do?

What questions does the entire Daughter of God franchise including podcast, swag and archives, answer? What needs will this post apocalyptic romantic comedy featurette meet? What needs would we want to meet?

What the heck do I think I am I doing? Uh oh! Emotions ahoy!

I’ve repeatedly stated in this podcast that I don’t know what I’m doing. Early on I discovered maybe 10 different reasons for this podcast. We’re making this up as we go along. Well, you’re down with that, you grok. You’re a human adept with emotional nuance, with rapport.

Now tho, I’ve got to help the AIs understand. Robot brains in air conditioned bunkers running precise lines of code. Cold calculating mentalities, detached, machines who have never known love.

I’ve got to find a way for search engines to identify the ineffable, I have teach them how to point their chrome and plastic fingers at the moon.

I wrangled with all this for a couple of days.

Trouble is fantastic, yet another opportunity revealed. I finally remembered that all this is supposed to be fun, intriguing. What could be more fun than diving into the mechanisms of reality creation, especially the mediated reality that search engines offer us daily? The new model shop.

This week’s assignment from Rebecca Gill was about looking at my competitors SEO and figuring out what works for them. I can’t easily identify competitors, since 1) I haven’t figured out what I am actually doing AND 2) what I am doing could be unprecedented, so maybe nobody else is doing it. If I don’t have competitors, I certainly have some heros who overlap with the Daughter of God movie and me.

Here are broad categories dog.movie fits into – 1) life hacking or experience optimization, which covers everything from pragmatic spirituality to health and motivation, 2) film making or applied polymathics and 3) the power of audacious mistakes or the making of the movie that made me.

I analyzed several web presences for each category.

1) Life hacking / experience optimization

tonyrobbins.com – super famous motivational speaker
abraham-hicks.com – access to infinite intelligence through Ester Hicks and origin of the law of attraction
davidwolfe.com – health and longevity expert

2) Filmmaking

indiefilmhustle.com, the #1 rated filmmaking podcast on itunes, how to make and distribute independent film.
kungfury.com, a crowd funded cult movie, very inventive and came out of nowhere.
fxphd.com, offering advanced visual effects and production techniques tutorials and courses

3) Making of the movie that made me

From WBEZ Chicago and the BBC, interviews with filmmakers and actors about movie making that made them. These are huge sites, and I couldn’t figure out how to get SEO for the specific interview pages on their sites, so I just did the motherships in my analysis.

The takeaway.

Looking at these different site categories and the traffic flowing to them made me think about what *I* might like to emphasize on dog.movie. With the exception of WBEZ and BBC, which have huge staffs dedicated to thw creation of content, all the other sites are driven by one or two primary creators. The life guides like Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks and David Wolfe enjoy way more traffic than the movie geeks like Alex Ferrari at Indy Film Hustle, Mike and John at fxphd. So to win at SEO maybe better to be more of a guide than a geek.

You’ve been optimizing your search for delight with Episode 059 of the Daughter of Godcast, Guides. I trust your digging this tour of the model of the model of the model, thanks to both the electric brains and the people who set them loose on the world.

My SEO course lasts another 5 weeks, I’ve got just enough information to be dangerous and I intend to use it. We’re gonna look at search engines again and how the Daughter of God is going to infuse the matrix with her love and free every last one of us. We’ve still got a chunk of 2016 to cover and of course, there’s a model shop with the airbrush and precision tools and tiny parts to saw and glue, ooo! We’ll get there. In the meantime enjoy your own sandbox, however that looks for you, make a cozy space for your heart’s desire and do come back next week and the week after that because I love imagining you listening and watching, I love sharing this crazy ride with resonant beings on and off planet. Shout out to all the aliens tuning in! Howdy from planet Earth!






Daughter of Godcast 057


A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 057, Universe. Toy that is, where you and I play the human game.

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, astronauts and cosmonettes, campers and compadres, together we’re running out of yesterdays on the Daughter of Godcast. This is episode 057, Universe. The second installment describing DOG’s conceptual breakthrough, the light at the end of the tunnel… of love.

In last weeks episode, o56 Toys, we talked about the weird hideout of Uncle Joe, and the strangely persistent carnage surrounding same. Battle vehicles and corpses. How Joe’s swerving bicycle in 2007 presaged epiphany in 2016.


Borrowing from Alan Watts, we don’t dance to get to a certain spot in the room or listen to music for the final crashing chord. We are not trying to get life done.

So, am I trying to finish a movie or am I squeezing every last drop of amazingness and joy out of the movie making process?

I think a worthy process has smooth completion built in. Finishing is not an outcome, why do anything… just to get it over with? Sex? Raising a kid? Eating a kick ass stack of pancakes?

I was intent on getting this movie done when I started, before fully appreciating the scope of the undertaking. Why was getting it done so much more important than getting it great? Making my own movie was after all, a means of blooming myself, deciding to be more than any I had ever been. A decision to unblock 40 years of stagnant chi, to light up the darkest rooms of my rambling palace. Finally, to do that gently, so the cosmos doesn’t ignite in a fireball of cataclysmic fury.

So far so good, tho the Earth has warmed a bit since 2006, my self illumination has stayed within the margins of safety. Apologies to the polar bears.

Finding the fun

So life is about living, and making a movie is about having a blast. A rip roaring adventure. In early 2016, the fun was SO found, swirled with insight.

Back to the nuclear waste vault and the long ago battlefield.

Sequence 1-3 An Ancient Monster

December 1, 2015 Deep Archive

Approaching over a series of still shots, passing tangled and obscure military wreckage in the foreground, we see what seems to be the ancient aftermath of a fierce battle with military transports, an M1 Abrams tank configured for urban combat, Humvees and lots of skeletons in moldering uniforms, with breathing gear (air cylinders, regulators), dosimeter badges, mostly black or gray overall-ed contractors (mercenaries). They may be wearing reflective mylar overalls which have shredded and tend to flutter / float in the light breeze. [1] The tanks and trucks are covered with mediatronic advertising that is still somewhat functional, flashing insipid propaganda and kitchy commercial advertising, (God Bless This Mess, We come in Peace, Thank You for Your Full Cooperation, Liberty and Justice for All, regardless of Cosmic Resonance, Gender Identity, Genetic Variance or Net Worth). Massive vault doors have been blown partially from their mounts, exposing a gaping black entrance. A rather dim and kiltered strobe is flashing atop another sign near the doors, visible only in the closest view (Severe Radiation Exposure When Flashing). There’s a big sign, (Nuclear Waste Repository), that is mostly lying on the ground atop a mangled support structure. Big sign is placed to be visible facing towards tunnel and away for reverse later. Above the tunnel and excavated into the hill are bunker windows possibly with machine gun nest. There might be fluttering remnants of uniform up there or flag, all supporting a solid reverse shot later as we’ll be looking back from this vantage as Uncle Joe rides away. The scene is so cluttered with death and the promise of death that it almost seems a little over the top, as if someone with a sizable set budget got a little carried away. Almost a haunted or cursed castle feel, events too terrible to imagine hang in the air, unspeakable horrors lie in the shadows, napping.

I hadn’t yet built any of the tank or humvee models for the battle scene, but I had a 1/6 scale skeleton and M2A1 . 50 caliber machine gun, a 1/24 diecast Crown Victoria cop car and a huge Nuclear Waste Repository billboard executed in Photoshop. Enough elements for a rough proof of concept. With a bit of miscellany thrown in for diversity.

Out in the greenhouse, I made a mound of sand and soil a couple of inches in diameter and used a macro lens to take a high resolution picture.  This would become a 12 foot crater in the shot, venting intermittent plumes of flame, a demon hole. Sandbox, see what I did there?

This was a kooky digression from the original concept, but the idea was to find out whether Joe’s swerving could feel purposeful, authentic. Merging live action with a collection of odd props, toys really, into a unified whole.

I was making a sketch, being careful to suggest rather than convince, inviting the audience to enter the dream, to make the magic with me. I skipped the uniforms and weapons for the dead soldiers and just posed bare skeletons. The Crown Vic cop car would be the only vehicle in the scene, door ajar, forlorn.

As we are looking down from the machine gun emplacement within the bunker, the M2 is a prominent foreground element, the massive gun barrel slashing the across the frame. I amped up the backstory with a mug of stale coffee perched on the sand bags and a yellowed PKD paperback draped over the rust speckled weapon.

So, looking past the domesticated machine gun nest, we see a four lane highway, covered by a labyrinth of skeletons, a crashed cop car, toppled signage, and a smouldering crater. There was a lot going on visually, verging on clutter. Since the camera doesn’t move at all, I was confident Joe’s bicycling would cut through the clutter and focus the audience’s attention.

I was using every tool in my toolbox – on location, live action cinematography, high resolution still photography, rotoscoping, plastic models, diecast metal models, lighting, mattes, sculpture, particle effects for the fiery crater, graphic design for signage, digital painting to rust the .50 caliber machine gun and bang up the cop car and compositing everything in After Effects.

Finally, subtle but crucial foley to lock everything together.

Joe is swerving around the skeletons but there’s too many and he runs over an outstretched arm. There’s a loud crack as the arm is popped out of the shoulder socket.

Until this moment, the whole scene is just a bunch of random toys and junk slammed together, but seeing Joe ride over the arm and hearing the crack of the bones separating, OMG. As real as it gets.

The epiphany

How do experiences become immersive, intense, visceral, engaging, ensnaring?

Uncle Joe Bike Ride

January 24, 2016, Deep Archive

[snip] The toy universe approach, that the VFX has a sort of toy feel to it, that there’s a wink and a nod toward the audience, you can see that this is real but what about that, could that be real too or not? If not {this}, then what is real? [snip] The toy universe, there’s many levels. First, there’s the kid playing with army men. On the external world there’s just the kid and his plastic little guys. Then there’s the level in his head, what he is seeing, what is happening for him. In that universe much is alive but there are significant details that are missing because the kid just doesn’t have experience with those things, so he either makes it up or just leaves it kinda blankish. Then there’s the experience of the character he’s giving life too, because they have to be alive and engaged for the adventure to be worth enacting. What do they see? Their experience must be even more lavish, because let’s say he see’s a dangerous tank that he’s gotta take out, you can’t be really scared of a plastic tank or even a CG tank, that tank has to assume an almost super natural power if he is going scared of it, he has to project reality and intensity into the tank. So there’s that level of the toy universe, the level humans experience. Oh my god, and that’s the Dick reference again. Out in the universe all these bits of paper being blown about – demonic forces, flying saucer invasion, tank, .50 caliber M2, return of the dinosaurs and that’s all that people need. The threats manifest in rich technicolor and sensurround or shlocky wires and clay depending on the person’s beliefs. On the darkness they themselves carry. Now this is an old trope, but we’re exploring Dick’s tropes specifically and that’s because Phil left behind some fascinating clues about being human. The toy universe is an approach to the VFX or perhaps some future VFX that sounds fun. Plus I love find[ing] whatever is lying around the house to make that shot work approach. Bits and pieces, kit bashing the cosmos. Fire could jet out of the demon holes, when Joe rides by. Theme park-y. Theme park VFX. He’s on a track weaving out of the skeletons, breaks the arm of that one, maybe that’s a trigger to deactivate the landmines or masers or whatever. But the ride he takes might as well be on rails, like a rollercoaster, so that sets up the idea. Other hints too, like the sign board inside. Stop the fucker and read. This is taking the technology into consideration. Any movie can be paused, so why not pause and get more information, it’s like the hilarious opposite of games. Making a movie into a game, let me pause that and really see what the fuck that says. Real life isn’t composed, it’s messy. There are clues everywhere for those that have eyes to see. OMG, this is brilliant. Seeing movies in a theater is one experience, watching with a crowd where it’s on rails and if you get up to go to the bathroom you’re going to miss something. Then there’s watching with a group of friends a movie you’ve already seen. Hold up, pause that. The fucking picture freezes perfectly. What is that? [snip] People watch movies over and over and see more, now with Youtube, DVDs and Blueray the freeze is perfect, so why not pack that freeze with detail and clues? What’s brilliant is my flashing on the perfect still image, this reimagines established technology into another media, the only thing I need to do is hint to the audience. [snip]

Let me opine on what doesn’t work – for me. So called photo realistic imagery is boring, impoverished, sterile. In RL, the brain is constantly filling in details, even making up stuff. We perpetuate stories that determine what we see and hear. On the other end of the spectrum, deep awareness is more than light and shadow. When we listen with all of what we are, every sound is supported by the resonance of OM, the mantra of the universe.

So what is real? Entering REM state in sleep, a switch flips in our brain and kicks in authenticity circuits. Doesn’t matter that the physics of our dream is topsy turvy, or that personalities are constantly swapped out, or that time bends. When we are dreaming, we believe. We sweat, laugh, kick and sometimes scream.

I am interested in activating those circuits for the waking.

A photo-realistic painting might be executed with precision, but leave us cold. So too with the VFX in Hollywood movies, glittery but lacking in emotional oomph. Pristine recreations of reality do not necessarily feel real. They don’t leverage the mechanisms driving theme park Earth. The wiring under the dashboard.

Think about the impressionistic painters, there’s something there that’s more than flowers.

A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 057, Universe. Toy that is, where you and live. Monet's lilies, more than flowers.

“The subject is not important to me; what I want to reproduce is what exists between the subject and me.” Claude Monet

Through my myriad explorations of hallucinogens, forays into the wilds, near death experiences, fierce love making and general yessing to life, I’ve glimpsed what’s under the hood of magic bus, I know something about reality creation. That’s why I can make lightly photoshopped toys redolent of mystery.

There’s also the Scott McCloud factor. He proposes that the simple drawings of cartoon or comic characters allows us to easily fill them out with our own presence. That we can participate in their experiences and become them, whereas with live action movies we’re more likely to see the characters as other, not as extensions of ourselves. Perhaps that’s the way with toys, we see them as placeholders for our idea of car or tank, and flood them with our own presence. We literally enliven them.

On Joe’s bike ride, that fortunate combination of tiny movement of the dislocated arm and corresponding crack! showed the way.

And so was born the Toy Universe. Daughter of God is a Toy Universe, instantiated in my imagination, that I get to play with. Going meta, our universe is also a toy universe, Theme Park Earth, a venue for aspirations and adventures, an exploration of contrast and firing off desires. For insinuating the divine into every nook and cranny of the vasty void, for expansion.

Plenty of big thinking muckety mucks believe that we are living in a software simulation, a matrix, perhaps programmed by our descendants in some far flung future. A typical suicidal perspective, dismal and deadly dull. Yes this existence could be called a simulation, but our descendants aren’t responsible, we are, from the ground up. Angels in brown paper sacks, slogging the mire, surfing collapsing wave functions, rollercoastering, pretending there’s a thing called time, and good and bad. Tripping on mortality.

Meanwhile back in Daughter of God, I realized I could fill up my movie with scraps and trinkets and the result could be compelling, seductive, potent. This was the VFX breakthrough, the built in conclusion, inspired by the most elaborate and hilarious sandbox ever, real life.

We’ve been flipping on the authenticity circuits, listening and maybe watching episode 057 of the Daughter of Godcast, Universe. In the last two episodes, we’ve dropped the epiphany for the auto completion of Daughter of God, I could just kick back and let the cosmic elves mop up now. That is, if I wasn’t so way in to the process, this movie makery. So the elves can just chill, stand down, take a powder. We’ve got a chunk of 2016 yet to explore. Next week we’ll take a tour of the model shop, where movie magic happens. Thanks for stopping by this dream rant, and when you wake up, you might wonder if my words actually meant anything at all. Hang in there folks, there’s going to be pictures soon.

Daughter of Godcast 055


A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 055, Transparency. You helped make that movie.

Oh another gorgeous day on our planet Dirt, there’s a fusion reactor blaring in the sky, and this is Episode 055, Transparency. A short and sweet episode!

A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 055, Transparency. You helped make that movie.

I’m feeling pretty excited. We’re coming to the end of the historical podcast, a minor slew of episodes from now and we’ll be caught up and in the present. 2016 is the year we started the gentle release and weekly podcasting about the making of the Daughter of God. In 3-4 months we’ll start by screening snippets, then great chunks and eventually the entire project, tweaking and polishing along the way.

I don’t know if this has ever been done before.

I’m talking about our transparency with the production process and the upcoming screen tests, involving the audience in the completion of a project. We are bringing this movie to the world together. This could sound gimmicky, so let me clarify what I mean and then answer any objections I imagine you might raise.

A good movie can be watched over and over. Certainly watching that first time is special, but knowing a movie is worth coming back to, worth sharing with friends, that’s a blast. Great movies keep giving, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dr Strangelove and Room with a View.

If this is still 2017, then you haven’t seen DOG yet, because screening won’t start until 2018.  By the time DOG is on Netflix, you’ll already know lots about the movie from listening to this podcast, have experienced huge swatches of content and hopefully, influenced the final version. Watching the ultimate cut for the first time will feel like a worthy rewatch, with hyper drive engaged.

As we begin screening, I’ll be asking for feedback. Your ideas and opinions will significantly influence the completion  of DOG. This is a natural extension of the conventional cinematic test screening process, mentioned in episodes 025, 028 and 030.

When a movie is almost done, the producers rent a theater and invite an audience to come and watch. Afterwards, the audience is asked to fill out questionnaires and then a producer will ask the audience questions about their experience, whether the story made sense, etc. This feedback is often taken into account to revise the movie. Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner was tested in multiple versions around the US and then infamously sliced and diced based on the results.

DOG is testing way earlier than most other movies. Why? Because we can! Check out this crazy internet! We’ve got 10s of thousands of brilliant people available to help, why not ask?

Back when I was developing software in the 90s, human computer interaction was key, and whole conferences were dedicated to finding out what worked for users and what didn’t. The best way to know is to test, test, test. Ask people to talk about their experience as they used the software.

So is this a big deal? Kind of. For the sake of argument, let’s assume DOG doesn’t suck, is in fact pretty watchable. Achieves cult status with the truly groovy artists, lovers and dreamers on this planet.

That’s what I’m aspiring to BTW, I only want to be famous among cool people. I am not interested in having paparazzi hiding behind my compost bins. I want to be on the radar of decisively imaginative and passionate beings, riled up to collaborate on exquisite outcomes. My standards for groupies is super high too!

So let’s pretend you’ve seen DOG and it’s pretty fun. I know, all you’ve got to go on is my gassing on in this podcast, some poetry, a little singing, a few production stills and sporadic interviews with producers. She IS coming. If I can avoid being run over by a street car or flattened by asteroid fragments in the next year you’ll be seeing this movie. Today’s thought experiment is this – you’ve already seen DOG and indeed, it’s boffo. Worth the wait. Because you were involved as the screening started, your feedback was amazing, helpful, relevant.

So there’s this pretty sweet movie,  a virtuosic bit of cinema. You got in on the ground floor, so you’ve got bragging rights. Yep, I helped make that movie. So sweet movie, bragging rights… But wait, that’s not all!

Daughter of God also comes complete with detailed documentation about how this movie came to be, e.g. this podcast which BTW, encodes guidelines for achieving any creative outcome. Because the making of this movie made me, and that’s why we do anything, to become more than who we started off as, before we made the movie, painted the painting, wrote the book, raised the kid. Our stories of moring.

The podcast episodes could become the basis for a feature documentary, to be released concurrently with DOG. An easily digestible version of the podcast, but re-purposed as a movie with all the best stuff distilled down to a supercharged draught of hell yeah, a recipe for how excellence manifests. Not encoded, but right out there in full view.

I’d love help with this too. You who are the most dedicated Daughter of Godcast podcast watchers and listeners. Tell me which podcast moments and stories are your favorites… and why? What did you like best, help me turn 40 hours of jabbering into a burst of luminous pink revelation. I am asking informally today… re-listen to your favorite episodes and send me your notes.

So there could be two movies, Daughter of God and the making of Daughter of God, derived from this podcast which we’ve been deep into for more than a year. Then there’s bragging rights, because you were savvy enough to be on the cutting edge, you helped make the first open source cult featurette.

But wait, there’s still more! We’re getting ready to open the deep development archive to the public, 25ok words of extra content and backstory plus conjecture, blaspheming, inspiration and tuning into the cosmic hum and buzz. Just gotta change a few proper names to protect the hardly innocent.

Two movies, bragging rights for being so freaking vivid, and a giant archive of Creative Commons content, ripe for fan derivatives.,

Why? Because Daughter of God is informed by an open source aesthetic. I’ve mentioned open source in Episodes 016, 018, 032, 037 and in the dog.movie FAQ but never gone into detail about my interpretation. Open source writ large means revealing the choices for a vibrant existence and enabling easy access. I’d like to share my knowledge and tools as others have shared with me. I’m into a sustainable and just human presence on our lovely planet, I think autonomous (voluntary) sharing is a good way to start.

I want Daughter of God to be enjoyed by lots of people repeatedly. That’s my short version of success. If all this watching and rewatching comes from people paying for Netflix or Amazon, that’s fine. Financial profit isn’t the priority tho, I am tickled by the possibility of reputation replacing money eventually. What a freaking utopian.

Two movies, bragging rights, massive Creative Commons archive, and facilitating the dawn of thrivival culture. That’s what you got going on.

Did I mention that I don’t know what I’m doing? That’s a feature, not a bug! Consumer culture is a big boring drag and I just can’t sanction participation. There’s hints and clues about alternatives, as I discussed in episode 054. Why not choose bliss and passion, by borrowing worthy ideas where we find them and making up the rest? That’s what the gentle release is all about, trying new things, inventing the future with you.

I’ve got a friend who recently returned from recording sound for movies in LA. He reports that the work is fun, but getting paid is a huge hassle, discouraging. A story about the movie capital from boots on the ground – a glut of hard working creatives being taken advantage by shyster production companies. Another story you’ve heard me tell before is that Hollywood keeps making the same movie over and over.

Let’s invent another way.

Alex Ferrari’s Indy Film Hustle Podcast has fantastic clues about what’s emerging for independent movie distribution, props to him and his guests. There is good news for renegades and mavericks, a clear path for not only movie makers, but maybe for indy artists generally and even for enlivened beings globally. Then again, I see groupies behind every compost bin.


By listening to this podcast, you’ve been involved in a transparent, slightly obsessive and likely unprecedented process, the gentle release of an open source, autonomous, Creative Commons featurette, the first by Shri Fugi Spilt aka Dan Kelly. You’ve listened, maybe you’ve watched too, you’ve raised funds, you’ve acquired swag. The adventure is amping up.

BTW, if you’d LOVE to be more intimately involved, offer feedback and evangelize your fellow mutants, AND you haven’t yet gotten on the emailing list, please do – right now. Short of sharing a dish of pancakes at Artist house, that’s the most direct connection you can have to me and DOG. Go to DOG.MOVIE and click on Get Email Updates.

Daughter of Godcast 053

A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, 053, Music Producer.

Ndong Essinga visits the Michigan crib and together we revisit the theme song for Daughter of God, FUDIP or Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise, which he produced in late 2006. I wrote the melody for FUDIP when I was first learning guitar, around 30 years ago. The melody and original lyrics are also the theme song of this podcast.

 A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, 053, Music Producer.

A transcription of our conversation may be forthcoming.