Episode 101

Daughter of Godcast Summer Vacation, Episode 101 Easy. Coming to you from the futon that can't talk, fortunately, because the stories it might tell would beat anything I can offer. Someday — soon, perhaps — futons will be able to talk, and then, my friends, watch out.

Easy is how I'm taking this life, for the second episode of ersatz third season, my Summer Vacation that I'm taking you along on. Did you know you can make a movie, even make a million, just by taking it easy? By going on vacation? Allow me to demonstrate. There are so many things to learn about. Or should I say unlearn about. Yes, I should say that... and I will, dash it all!

We could complain about being misinformed, having the wool pulled over our eyes, rail about how we've been duped. Fortunately, I'm losing my taste for complaining, for griping. Especially now that I know that all the misinformation is a feature, not a bug. When I was good-and-ready to know how the universe works, I found the owners' manual. It can happen to you, too; I'm no better than you, maybe deliberately luckier. Amazing as I am, you're just as amazing. The world is our oyster — our raisin bread, avocado, onion, grape-seed veganaise sandwich, if oysters aren't your thing. The world is your ginger watermelon cannabis smoothie, frosty cool and close at hand.

Ever wonder how yoga got invented? I expect the Vedas have something to say about this; I haven't read them. I don't need to; I can guess. Maybe, back in the day, being in alignment with the divine was easier; that could be the whole sense of the yugas or great ages. We start off deciding to dream of everything wonderful, but then wonderful gets boring, so we decide to have an occasional surprise. A surprise could be discovering something new or refinding something you forgot about. Then we keep amping up the surprises until we reach the highest ratio of surprises to wonderfulness, and that's where we're at now, in the Kali Yuga. The roughest, toughest, rootin'-tootinest age. Take heart! The reason we're here is because we're badasses. We all want the most surprises ever.

And we forgot. We've instantiated an experience full of forgetting, distractions, and false evidence appearing real. Surprises.

OK, so back to the invention of yoga. No matter how many surprises come along, duality is still divine, folks love feeling good. Hooked on feeling good, this yoga thing is inspired. Ways of moving the body that remind us how much fun being human can be. Yoga means what? Union. Union with all that we are, even while doing duality. Same goes for martial arts; any yummy expression of physicality, of playing with the energies of existence.

That covers the invention, but here's the epiphany of this episode: There's a gadzillion yoga instructors out there, so many classes. Unless you're hunting for yoga hotties, there's no reason to attend a single class. Union is inherent in our design.

All we have to do is tune in to what we are. What are we? Love. Joy. Enthusiasm walking. Fun. Yumminess. Anything that isn't yumminess is a surprise, a bit of adventure. When we get quiet, let go of the internet, cell phones, let go of thoughts, the homing beacon of bliss can be experienced. That's a metaphor, of course; we're not radios. Just let go of action and intention and what's left?

If this is turning to ashes as I walk out of the forest, that's just another surprise. My point in this episode is to talk about how the union grows. I'm becoming the signal, can't stop the signal Mal. So yoga is growing for me. Knowing is flowing. I'm making up my life as I go along and feeling ever more trust to just let go. Summer Vacation. Episode 101. Easy.

Here's a snippet from musings this past Sunday, July 29, 2018.

"We might seek a guru, or correct technique, or authentic origins. However, optimal practice always flows from alignment with source, and then yoga can be discovered, invented all over again, and be more than ever before. Trusting our own divine aspect, all is revealed; all our dreams are possible, available. Including complete healing, which then becomes creative enhancement of our own design, growing more vigorous and enlivened with every passing day, you name it!"


"The benefit of these practices is not in the discipline [of repetition], but rather in the celebration of practice, the enjoyment of feeling more of ourselves, discovering all that we are. If the practices are carried out with this awareness, the full benefits will be experienced. Do what you do because you love to. No other reason is as efficacious."

That's our big celebration for Daughter of Godcast Episode 101, Easy. Are we making a movie? Hell, yes. The movie of the moment, the story of us. How the movie made me, that's the DOG tag line. We make ourselves with actions and thoughts, sans instrumentality or con, with or without. Your call, your choice, your decision. Let the golden sunlight play on our hands as we type, as we podcast, as we campaign into the dark catacombs in search of treasure, power, leveling up with each adventure. As if we weren't already sitting in the catbird seat. The tiny blue dot in an impossible endless empty. Making Earth makes us.

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