You Can Help!
Bring Her into Our Shared Experience

Daughter of God has flipped the idea of "audience" upside down by inviting you in.

By sharing your feelings about any and all aspects of DOG, whether podcast episodes or scenes from the movie, you are identifying what could be improved, thus making the project more amazing.

Then, if being involved with the making of Daughter of God feels like fun, you can tell resonating friends and family, link to from your own website, comment on and share posts on social media, deploy stickers in auspicious locations, review and rate the podcast on iTunes and elsewhere, etc.

Any or all help gets you blessed!

We don't need instrumentality like magic crystal spheres, reliquaries of medieval saints or arcane occult manuscripts to thrive, heal, and bloom, but instrumentality is fun!

Getting Blessed

Know this: You are already optimal just as you are, without having to say or do a single thing. We are all sustained and supported by the mystery with every breath.

On top of our inherent worthiness just by being human on planet Earth, we can choose to bathe in a steady flow of enlivening energy — blessings. That might mean climbing to a remote peak in the Himalayas for years of meditation, providing selfless service to the lost and forgotten, practicing esoteric martial arts under the guidance of an enlightened master, consistently appreciating the miracle of existence AND/OR... helping Daughter of God manifest into our shared experience.

Sure, blessings tune our alignment, burn karma and cleanse sins, but who'd've thought that Getting Blessed could be such a rip-roaring good time?

Alternative Economy of Fun

Crave a Daughter of God T-shirt or a handcrafted congee bowl?

Instead of paying, we invite you to join our Alternative Economy of Fun.

Help Daughter of God and get blessed. Then redeem blessings for swag and groovy experiences.

Daughter of God's swag is sacred. From the about to be, she offers lenses to focus your best energy. Wherever joy, awakening, and rapport is wanted... DOG swag is there.

Count Your Blessings

Get details about how to help Daughter of God and associated blessing bestowals.

Sweet Redeemers

Redeem blessings for fabulous boons, unprecedented in the history of independent movie swag.

Her Best Beloveds

A roster of (almost) everyone who has helped the coming of Daughter of God.