"Daughter of God is made possible by a generous grant from the cosmos with additional support from the space-time continuum."

Many entities have supported the realization of Daughter of God, either by hauling a coil of extension cord on location or just by living with gusto on the fringe of their own unique reality. This is most definitely an incomplete acknowledgment; to list all the contributors would require a comprehensive inventory of our entire life experience, from a maternity ward in Mineola, New York, to this very moment...

Rather than just a listing of who did what, think of these credits as an ongoing adventure, a jumping-off place. Robust appreciation for sure! AND an archive of resources, a reference library for building worlds we can live in.


in order of appearance


Steve Zilliax

Uncle Joe

Shri Fugi Spilt


Carmen Althaus / König

Cousin Eiji

Eiji Sumi

Uncle Phil

Philip Silverstein

Young Christina

Ada Bee Loeding Matthews

Shortwave Broadcast

Claire Hallereaux

Arabelle Clitandre

Shri Fugi Spilt

Line Producer

Ann Loeding

1st AD

Melonie Steffes

Camera Assistants

Patrick Kelly

Ndong Essinga


Layna Roberts

Louise Somerville

Stylist to Ms Althaus / König

Alice Schwarz

Stylist to Eijisan

Virginia Webster

Stylist to Ms Matthews

Louise Somerville

Martial Arts consultant

Master Ru


John Galt

J Mark Eiden


Laurence Schroeder


Gary Matthews

Maho Sone

Murray Schrotenboer

Robert Stevenson

Cynthia Palmer

Project Attorney

Innes Smolansky


Best Beloveds

Project Plumber

Lance Smith

Copyediting for

Emily Votruba


Greg Wood


Jil Johnson


Richa Jain

Eshan Verma

Ben Woody

Cody Stone Stowe

VFX Consultants

Matt Kern

Josh Piersma

3D Models

Jonathan Kelly

Editorial Alternatives

Faisal Azam


Fabrice Covelli


Charley Hanson
Philippa Kaye (Empire State Building)
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Jim Kelly, The Story Doctor
Stephen and Allison Kelly (blue toilet, foley house, child labor)
Mike and Sarah Kelly (San Juan river trip)
Meg and George Zilliax (ADR support)
Carly Zilliax (making Steve glad that he got deported)
Ada Bee Loeding (loan of mom)
Seamus Callaghan (loan of mom)
Michael Vitti RIP
NYC Final Cut Pro Users Group and Motion Picture Collective
After Effects New York (AENY) Aaron Rabinowitz
Pete O’Connell (roto tutorials)
Caral Lopez, NY Suites
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston in Kingston Ontario
Michell Yhan (Nuke contractor who educated me about bidding for roto)
Sonya Di Mambro, Foriegn Worker Program Officer
Southern Alleghenies Conservancy
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Lakehead Transportation Museum Society 
Michael Donaldson, author of clearance and copyright

Catering in Canada

The Sleepless Goat Cafe and Workers’ Co-op

Lodging in Canada

Casablanca B&B: Nick and Kellie Loshak

"Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise"
Composed and Performed by

Dan Kelly
Cat Ndong


Cat Ndong

Lighting Rental

Martijn Hart

Project Interns

Cody Stowe

Ben Woody

Cameron Diaz

Micah Oelze

Louise Somerville

Web Support

Jordan Bates





Film Emporium

World Building

Philip K. Dick
Joseph Campbell
Alan Watts
Ester (Abraham) Hicks
Randall Carlson
Graham Hancock
Wim Hof
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Cory Doctorow and
Chris Hedges
Jon Rohnson
Neal Stephenson
Russell Targ
Andy Thomas

Postproduction Soundtrack / Support

Written and Directed by

Dan Kelly (aka Shri Fugi Spilt)