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A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 039, Invitation. Dreaming of FTL motors and the enhancement of vibrational intrumentality.

The following is a rough transcription of this episode, (at least the scripted portion) for linking. This episode also contains about 20 minutes of free style rambling which has not been transcribed

People mentioned on this podcast without their permission, Bennie, Ndong, Joe Cissell, Emily.

Are you Dan Kelly? I might be, alias Shri Fugi Spilt, an emerging voice in Chinese and Russian podcasting, and even India too in my turbo charged imagination. Taoist, Hindu, Gnostic, Pagan poser, angel in a brown paper wrapper, pretending not to be what I most certainly am. As we all are, playfully, heroically, sweating and grunting, compromising our dignity and status, but that's the prerogative of divinity, to appear utterly ridiculous and still rock. This is the Daughter of Godcast.

Episode 039 invitation

let's imagine that 12 years ago I fell asleep and dreamed a dream of flying a starship through the cosmos, with the best crew ever, maybe we all take turns being captain, depending on what the situation is or we just rotate through shifts... and when I woke up from that dream, I had the precise plans for how to build the motor, the FTL drive. You know, it's not that big a deal turns out, FTL drives are fairly straight forward, there's a few rare earth magnets involved and the whole thing is about the size of a large mailbox. As a matter of fact, I used a mailbox to build the first one. So I built this motor, actually I built three, one to drive the ship and two more for back up.

A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, Episode 039, Invitation. Dreaming of FTL motors and the enhancement of vibrational intrumentality. Dan staring at the moon close up on the deck of the FTL tramp freighter Joe Fernwright

One of the cool side effects of my FTL drive is the containment bubble that forms, a sort of invisible football shaped boundary surrounds the motor for hundreds of meters once it's powered up. When you launch from Earth, you can trap atmosphere inside and once in space hold back hard vacuum outside. Also asteriods bounce off, or rather the field bounces off them without pesky inertia coming into play. Plus if you tune the field, you can select what sorts of elementary particles get through, like for instance allowing visible and infrared light in but not gamma radiation. So the hull or walls of the ship don't have to be 30 cm thick titanium, because you're surrounded by air, your ship could be totally leaky, made out of plastic or wood. Technically you don't even need a hull, but it's a lot easier to manage the motor if it's bolted down to something.

On the Great Lakes Craigslist I found a 150 tramp freighter, which I picked up for the cost of scrap. I was thinking I could reinforce bulkheads and create pressure pods just in case we had to swap out motors and lost our  bubble of external air. I also beefed up the cargo crane to handle a counterweight that could be reeled out on cable far from the deck, then the whole thing could be set to spinning once in space and we'd have some simulated gravity. Gravity is helpful for walking, taking baths and sex.

Figuring out a compact ecosystem that could support 50 or so crew was a little trickier, but that's pretty much worked out now. We'll be bringing along supplies - food, medicinal herbs and sacred plants. I've taken her up and off planet a couple of times with just a few helpers and she flies true, the moon is amazing up close. Ok, so now we've got this ship, I'm still working out a few details but I'm thinking about a jaunt out deeper into our local solar system for a few weeks or so, around the end of 2017? So here's my question, who do I invite? I mean, who would want to go? And how do I find them?

Now at first you might be like, omg! I want to go. Well of course you do, that's why you're listening to this podcast. So you're invited.

Actually I lied. There's room for a lot more than 50. We've got about 200+ listeners a week and we can easily take everyone, no problem. Tramp freighters are pretty cheap these days, and with the FTL motor we can move them really easily anywhere on the planet. I had three motors to start off with and well I just kept finding lonely little tramp freighters destined for the scrap yards. Cute as heck.

I don't have to pay to have them towed to a port and dry docked, I just buy them, then get on board in the dead of night, install the motor, check the local air traffic control and loft those suckers out of the water, straight up! Then zip over to an undisclosed location and plop them down. The motor stays on idle so they remain upright, sitting prettily on their keels, that way we don't need props or cradles. A weekend of cleaning and viola, another homebrew starship.

To make a long story short, for 12 years I kept building motors and finding freighters and... I went a little over board, no pun intended. I have upwards of 500 FTL ships now, and they are easy to fly, if you can drive a car and text at the same time then you can fly a starship. There's got to more than 500 captains too, because folks need to sleep, look out the windows, etc.

500 ships might seem like a lot, but space is really really big. Our entire fleet will be no more significant cloud of gnats on the beach at dusk once we're off planet. A good idea to have company, mutual assistance and just plain comradery. So the upshot is this. We've can bring about 50k peeps. You could invite 5 or 20 friends and we'd still have plenty of room.

This is gonna be potluck style btw, I've got buckets and buckets of sproutable grains, but I can't afford to feed everyone, I mean, not after buying all those freighters and rare earth magnets and cases of porter. and sacred plants. I'll provide breakfasts - wheat free vegan pancakes, you're responsible for your own lunches and dinners.

So that's the question, how do we find 50,000 adventurous, open minded people? First of all, not everyone's gonna believe this is even possible. Not the first time around. Second, only the most groovy are gonna trust an FTL motor built by Dan Kelly, who is an absolute unknown in the fields of theoretical physics, rocket science, or any kind of science. Third, this is space. You'd be amazed how few people really want to be in space. Space is scary.

Then there's my movie. I promised myself I'd finish Daughter of God before taking 50k people off planet. AND I'm facing the same quandry with my movie. Where do I find 50k people to watch my movie? The DOG audience has to be almost as adventurous and open minded as space farers, for sure. I can learn how to invite people on a extra terrestrial cruise by practicing with the movie. Maybe that's another why movie.

My job isn't to literally get 50k people to show up, one by one for the star cruise OR the movie. All I have to do is be willing to enjoy myself in a 50k person future, to embody the experience now. To practice feeling really, really fine, most of the time . Building a fleet of 500 homebrew starships is an accomplishment, definitely  I get excited when I remind myself, yo, that was me. I did that. Yet, what's the point of starships if there's nobody to ride them out to Jupiter and beyond the Tannhäuser Gate?  How will having 50k exemplary humans coming along on a wild adventure feel? I get to stretch myself to know that now.

The universe is responsible for the orchestration, handling the logistics, the innumberable details of how those 50k people show up. Allowing exaltation to bloom in the now, that's my bliss. Anything that's fun and feels like that glorious future is worth pouring attention and energy into. Talismanic objects, ecstatic ritual, and rehearsals aren't essential, theoretically we are by nature beyond instrumentality, HOWEVER, instrumentality is cool. That's why we've got these bodies and lips for kissing, motorcycles and paint brushes. The crazy little configurations of matter we so delight in tinkering with, the props for our dramatic conjuring.

Ok, so to summarize and simplify, I've been making art, which is the delightful process of matter manipulation.

When I first figured out the big secret that's hidden in plain sight, that I (and you too) are basically everything, that we are the ultimate creators hiding out from ourselves, when I became self realized, angelic beings showed up, maybe they were arcons, dressed in business suits and they were like, welcome to the elite club of the enlightened. Your super powers and expanded consciousnesses come with certain responsibilities, like not spoiling the show for the other folks by shouting out the lines before the actors on the screen say them. By not spilling the beans that existence is a glorious game. They were waving these contracts around, golden glowing script on tawny translucent parchment that might have been cured from the hides of Venice beach body builders. Sign here they said. I refused of course.

After a bit of flaming sword play and lightning streaked grappling, I sent them packing. Just another gateway to pass through I guess. Or maybe they'll be back with reinforcements.

For those with eyes to see, the cat's out of the bag. Human history is being rediscovered, likewise human physiology. Stories about limitation and subjugation are falling apart, dragging behind western culture in shreds. Pinatas leaking some serious candy. Let's give them another whack.

What is art? Let's sweep aside all the nonsense and chaff and just be perfectly clear. When we create for no other reason but fun or passion, we are resonating with our fundamental nature. A fortunate work of art, one made with no other motivation but to revel in the making, is an energetic instrumentality. Art churns and potentiates emotion, the basis of reality. Yes, that's the big reveal today, emotions drive experience, not the other way around.

Knowing this, I can whip up talismans. Or enhance existing ones. Like the Daughter of God website.

Right now the movie release is this podcast. So far, we've mostly been talking about the past but we're gonna switch gears for an episode or two and get into the nuts and bolts of the release and what's for dinner today, in the next few weeks. We'll certainly finish the history, but the adventure is always right now, wherever we are standing. I love remediating the past with compassionate time travel, but how cool would getting the past right the first time be?

So I'm gonna take you on a guided tour of how 50k people show up by thinking out loud, like I did on that crazy 16 foot catamaran, Hello World. This will be just like that, except without the wetsuit.

You've been listening to the Daughter of Godcast episode 039, Invitations. Next week we continue to revamp the talismans, tweaking the vibrational instrumentality aka art. Thanks so much for your attention, your imagination. If you've got a genius invitational stratagem, by all means do share. I have hardly any idea what I'm doing and we are in this together. The movie of our lives. Action!

Greetings this here is the Daughter of Godcast episode 040, Talismans  more thinking out loud about the magnetic fields of the gentle release, the Daughter of God web presence, social media and so forth. My name is Dan Kelly, and without further eloquence, poetics or balderdash, let's jump right in.

That was episode 040, Talismans, the Daughter of Godcast, and who am I? Just a bunch of strusts and cables wound up with a key and set in motion, a bit of wind rustling the boughs on which your cradle is balanced. We're all high up, in constant peril of waking up in free fall and remembering everything. In a week or three we'll implement all the upgrades we've been enthusing about. Full stop. Goodnight and good luck.

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