Daughter of Godcast, Dan Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt, Episode 166, Between. You know, I know, I think I know that maybe some people tune into this podcast just to get a taste of me. Doesn't matter what I am saying because maybe what I am saying doesn't make any sense. Meaning isn't my prime directive, anymore. What is, you might well ask? Go ahead... ask.

I could certainly do a little better with the production of these podcasts. The last episode, 165 Fall, (recorded just hours ago) could have been better from a technical perspective. My framing chopped off the beard and I kept getting excited, yelling into the microphone, blowing out the levels. I'll try and do better this episode, I need to make lists of all the details of effective production. Eventually.

I'm ok with a bit of half assery, have been for years now. Even more ok of late, because I don't think I've ever created as much as I am creating lately. There's so much to do on all fronts and I am mostly doing all of it. Yep, so things slip here and there, you can occasionally see my bra strap. I'm not going to hesitate to show my bra strap if energy is flowing. Feeling free to let things happen, this is me. Feeling ok with whatever, leaving behind hesitation. Flying the freak flag regardless of what others might think, regardless of what I might think about what others might think. That's the essence. Learning to be ok with being me, whatever that looks like. Especially if I am exceptionally gifted and beautiful, not to try fit in, not try to be acceptable, humble, mundane, safe. Boring.

Pretty wonderful being creative with supposed setbacks and failures. Being an artist in all circumstances. The cognitive hack that prat falls make me more. My old approach - I can't believe I fucked that up, I knew better. New approach - what did fucking that up reveal? What vistas have opened up for me, or what vistas have I seen before I am now willing to really attend to? The bottom line is to be a friend to myself, in all situations. Not the castigator, not the inquisitor. Learning to incarnate friendship, unifying the me and me duality, being blissy.

I'm guessing this ramble is probably kindergarten for you, you're already friends with yourself, never beating yourself up, ever. I sure would love to think that what I am saying here is already a given for you. Because being my own best friend is how I've gotten access to so much more of my potential, and I want that for all y'all too. Did my world explode when I implemented this paradigm, is this a freeze frame of my life flying apart all around me? Hell, yes. In the last episode, I rattled off a bunch of supposed shit that's been going down, showing up and now I just don't care. How creating has become bigger and brighter than everything else, how flowing is all that matters.

There's the plateau I want to stand with you on. Perusing the cosmic forums, I've come across threads about making the shift from being conditional to decisive, and how this transition can feel like the s hitting the f, way more chaotic and harsher than just living life by default. I feel like I can be happy whatever is showing up, I feel pretty good, consistently. Practice, practice, practice. Carnegie Hall, here we come.

That was Episode 166, Between, Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice, I am Dan Kelly Shri Fugi Spilt. A nice compact fit in your pocket episode, because being sweet to ourselves isn't complicated. We can achieve anything, even self love. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this, about my awakening lest I diminish the power. I think talking too much can be a problem if we give a fuck about what others might think about us. If what we think about what others think. I don't really care what anyone thinks of me anymore, mostly. This feels like a fresh flavor of freedom. I really like the feeling. Also, I know that these little pearls I offer can only be seen and heard by pearl lovers, the audience for this podcast is uniquely ready for pearls. That's what I've decided to imagine, to experience. I am teaching myself how to be easy, how to relax into brilliance, genius, delight, insight. In front of a camera and microphone, documenting the progression, to show that yes, we can be free and fully alive. I'm learning, we all can!




  1. Pam Kelly on November 5, 2019 at 7:52 am

    Yes! Mistakes are fertile ground for learning, not openings for regret. Since I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself (not being perfect and all) I have had occasion in my life to review those mistakes. I realize that I did what I needed to do at the time, and that because of that there is no room for regrets. Never have them. However, reviewing mistakes is a good exercise for figuring out what the lessons were for me, what’s to learn from them, what changes might result. All good.

    • Dan from dog.movie on November 5, 2019 at 8:45 am

      Hi Pam! Excited to have you back. I can’t even define what mistakes are anymore. Actions leading to unintended outcomes? Or only outcomes that result in pain? Painful outcomes can make us more alive than ever. S’all podcast fuel, thank the heavens otherwise there’d be nothing to say.

      • Dan from dog.movie on November 5, 2019 at 9:01 am

        Why not feast your eyes on the proof of concept scene in Episode 165? With production ramping up again, there’s gonna be more opportunities for feedback. Always love your perspective!

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