Before I wear my latest story out with sharings, while the story is still fresh, I want to tell you, tell myself, document the details. This is yet another mind bending Daughter of God making of me story.

Please buckle your seat belt. A disclaimer for entertainment sake. I doubt any Daughter of God listener is entangled in a narrow perspective, like evangelical Christianity or hard science. Folks who are on those rides will find my new story scary or offensive, they would utterly fail to resonate. But you! "You've been around the block..."

Because of the mind bending nature of what I am about to relate, let's pretend everything I'm about to say is made up, a fairy tale. I'll speak as if the the events happened, as if this were a true story, but we all know deep down that this is just a bunch of malarky, a tall tale. That way, I can feel easier sharing and you'll be more likely to go along for the ride. Because almost everyone knows that magic isn't real, right?

In episode 151 In the Lush, I was returning from Philly a little dejected but resigned, gently reactiving my enthusiasm. I had gone to see my friend and Tai Chi teacher, Master Ru to help me fix my bones.

He's reknowned for his energetic healing, bringing people through all sorts of challenges - joint issues, depression and even cancer. Not only does Master Ru give hands on treatments, but he can help people who are far away. Tho he mostly practices in NYC and Philly, he's got stacks of glowing testimonials from all over the world.

As you may remember, after my crash the first surgeon I consulted opined that I did not need surgery, that I had an 80% chance of healing up on my own, tho it might take a little more time. This guy's manner felt a little cavalier and his office was not user friendly. Plus they wanted to charge me $800 - for one visit. Although he gave me good news, I didn't feel all that great about him or his staff. I wanted a doctor who was both virtuosic and present.

I found Dr Hollander. He was concerned about my clavicle and ordered new x-rays. The pix revealed that after three weeks, the two chunks of my clavicle were still neither lined up nor touching. He didn't think they were going to come together anytime soon or even ever and advised connecting them with a plate, which would require me to be be knocked out, cut open, muscles moved and hardware screwed into my bones. Holy fuck, invasive to the max. Surgery!

I was understandably reluctant to expose my gorgeous and excellent body to the vagaries of anesthesia, scalpels and the western medical machine. The mammoth regional chain hospital, Munson wanted $15k for the clavical procedure, and that was after the direct pay discount. This was 10 times Hollander's fee of $1500. Years ago, I had opted out of scammy Obamacare, so this would end up costing around $18k, out of pocket. So not wanting the surgery option. Then I remembered Master Ru. Doh!

After the crash, I had texted Ru and two others from my Tai Chi family, Tommy and Anastasia, specifically using the words "broken" and "bones". After telling Hollander I would think about the surgery, I phoned Ru and asked if he could help and did be want me to text the the x-rays. He said replied "Yes, I will check your bones!" and "No, my hands can tell." The next week I packed up the van and hit the highway.

Master Ru's english has improved since I met him back in 2002, but a lot still gets lost in translation. When I hit his crib on Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia PA he seemed surprised that my clavicle was actually broken. I show him the x-rays.

Master Ru "Oh! You not tell me broken. Too long. Come right after break, I can fix. 4 weeks not easy. Too much time pass. Why you not send x-ray?"

While he's shouting this at me, he's lifting and turning my arm, almost hurting me, but not quite. Like he said on the phone, he can see inside with his hands. Meanwhile his wife is shouting at him in Chinese, which I can't understand, but I'm pretty sure the gist is,

Sun Wha (Chinese) "What are you thinking my husband, just leave him be, you can't help him now, stop playing around." etc.

After about 10 minutes of this, the verdict is final. Nothing can be done.

Master Ru "You have to get surgery."

They feed me sweet potatoes, we take a few pictures together and Master Ru reluctantly accepts the avocado plants I brought him.

"So many plants already."

I jump in the Odyssey for the long haul back.

As soon as I was out of the city I started researching the procedure in earnest. Wendy from Dr Hollander's office gave me some encouraging intelligence about Dr Hollander. Dr Hollander's preferred surgical venue, Copper Ridge priced the clavicle procedure at less than half what Munson Hospital originally quoted. I even priced out the anesthesia. Assembling my surgical adventure from scratch, comparison shopping to be a cyborg.

After an hour of driving, I had cut the costs from $18k down to $8k, my pre-op was scheduled for 7/23, followed by a consultation with Dr Hollander and the procedure itself was scheduled for 7/29, 10 days away.

I still had plenty of questions about the procedure, the anesthesia, after care, on and on, and I emailed Wendy the day after I got back. Dr Hollander would address my questions on 7/23. I assured myself that if I wasn't satisfied with his answers, I could bail.

7/23 was yesterday. That only one day has passed feels slightly baffling, as if the viscosity of time is now both thick and thin simultaneously. Magic is real. I have the x-rays.

"My remaining options are... miracle from the cosmos," Dan Kelly, direct quote from episode 151."

I was up early on Tuesday morning, the 23rd but I still ended up late for my pre-op. Lots of redundant medical history gathered, blood pressure taken, eavesdropping on the murmur of the heart and whisper of the lungs. The doctor running the pre-op had more encouraging things to say about Dr Hollander.

Doctor "Dr Hollander is your surgeon?"

Me "You know him?"

Doctor "Oh yeah, he's a great guy... he's also a great surgeon! and a great guy."

I like that she started off with - he's a great guy! More encouragement, confirmation. I am definitely feeling easy about the prospect of surgery, not just resignation now, confident and ready to take the plunge.

I almost made the consultation on time, but in my rush and bustle across town, I got lost. A brief layover in the waiting room with other patients in various states of brokenness, then Hollander and I were together.

He had a funny expression, like he was keeping a humorous secret.

Me "So you got my questions?"

Hollander "Yep they were pretty extensive, but we might not need them now."

(What an odd thing to say)

Me "Ok."

Hollander "You look different, better."

That triggered a sort of excited fugue between us. A back and forth, like we were making some kind of crazy discovery together.

Me "Check this out."

I removed my sling and t-shirt, stood up tall and straight and brushed hair off my bare shoulders to give a clear view of left and right collarbones.

Hollander "Raise your arms."

I did, they both came up together, level with my shoulders and then slightly above my head.

Me "I think we should take another picture."

Hollander "Yes, let's get another x-ray right now."

Off to the x-ray room, and a bit of happy flirting with the x-ray tech. She escorts me back and we're almost to the consulting room when Hollander calls to me from down the hall, gesturing at his laptop.

Hollander "C'mere, look."

In the x-ray, the bones of my clavicle were close now, almost touching and roughly in alignment.
Hollander "This is amazing, I've never seen this before."

Me "You want to know what I've been doing? Swimming with my sling on."

Hollander "Huh, well you're definitely look way better. Based on this I'm going to recommend we cancel your surgery for now."

Me "Wow, ok. Cool!"

Hollander "Check back in 2 weeks and we'll be sure everything is still looking good."

Me "Then I can start working out again?"

Hollander "Yep, you should be good."

I snapped a picture of the new x-rays, shook Hollander's hand a few more times, paid my bill, ordered digital copies of the x-rays and rolled out of the parking lot. How far did I get before I realized, a mile? Less than 2, surely. Holy fuck, Master Ru!

I set myself up for a miracle. After 4 weeks and the prospect of surgery looming, I made the 14 hour pilgrimage to Ru's house, from idyllic Northern Michigan to sweltering Philadelphia. His wife brought me upstairs and Ru's happy welcome turned to frustration when he realized I was messed up far more than he expected, beyond what he thought was fixable. I had come too late. The ensuing comedy of Master Ru shifting my aching arm up, down, left and right while chiding me for not sending the x-rays (after he told me he didn't need them), his wife berating him in Chinese to cease and desist, my reassuring him that everything is ok, I was glad to come see him and his wife, we haven't seen each other in a long time. I was comforting him, trying to calm him down. Hilarious! I told them I was going to head back right away so I could schedule surgery as soon as possible. We chatted for a bit, took some selfies, their son in law and grandkids came home, more pictures and then poof I was gone.

In hindsight I had inadvertently toggled Master Ru's on switch.  Master Ru is a very persistent man, stubborn in the best sense. He must have been not a little miffed that I had so dramatically appeared and taken off, maybe he eventually decided, why not? Perhaps he mulled things over for a day or two, or maybe tried his remote magic right away. I may never know exactly when.

Also yesterday after coming home from the consultation and the miracle x-rays.

Master Ru "Hello?"

Me "Master Ru, Dan Kelly."

Master Ru "Oh, Dan."

Me "Master Ru, what did you do?"

Master Ru "I can't hear you."

Me "I just got back from the surgeon, he took new x-rays. My shoulder is much better."

Master Ru "Oh, that's good."

Me "Master Ru, you did that?"

Master Ru "You took so long to come, I couldn't help. But then I decided I just try to help. I just try."

Me "The doctor has canceled my surgery Master Ru."

Master Ru "Oh, that's good!"

Me "Yes, thank you Master Ru! I know you helped and I appreciate."

Master Ru "You're welcome."

Me "I will text you x-rays so you can see."

Master Ru "Ok, you send."

And there's the gold. Remote Chinese bone setting. Master Ru surprised himself, he didn't think he could help in person, but he decided to try the impossible. He just try.

"My remaining options are... miracle from the cosmos..."

Dan Kelly, Daughter of Godcast, story. What was I saying in episode 151 about upgrading my point of attraction? I feel like I am paying attention, leaning in the direction of joy or at least appreciation often. Maybe that's enough, maybe the cosmos responds to feeling just a little bit better. Maybe immediate ecstasy isn't required, obviously we love ecstatic life, but even a small consistent deliberate uplift is all we really need, enough to manifest a miracle. Remember I also said that trying to figure out the cosmos's grand scheme is a contraindicated? Was breaking my arm a setback or a boon? Yes, whatever story I want to tell, whatever slant I want to give this sequence of events, stretching back and back even before my birth. What got us here, brought us to this unique incomprehensible and impossible moment where everything makes perfect sense. Our Golden Ticket to Theme Park Earth.

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