Trying to suss out what the cosmos is up to by treating circumstance / conditions as clues?

I was attempting to explain the futility of this to my new best friend Crystal.

As I deepen my practice of autonomy, taking responsibility for thoughts and feelings, cool shit transpires. I've indulged in playing the game of why something happened, looking back at the path of least resistance. X event occurred so I could meet you, so I could learn, etc. These retrospectives can be delightful and inspiring, but for me looking at the past implies looking into the future. Based on current conditions, I was trying to extrapolate what's gonna happen next. Which isn't all that effective or even fun, turns out.

Trying to see the optimal route through the canyons, over the mountains, across the seas by looking at one step on the trail, analyzing the thrust of a craggy overhang, or watching the ripples the hulls make behind the sailboat. What can the past say about the future? What can a specific curve in the road reveal about the entire journey?

With science we've created a predictive system of fantastic efficacy, we have changed the world through our ability to predict. There are repeating patterns, by seeing the first ripple in the water we can guess where and how fast that ripple will spread.

We recognize patterns, repetition. We remember the repetition and look into the future. Is there a meta pattern, an oscillation of the entire universe? Sure, why not? When we grok the ultimate oscillation, we are omniscient.

There are patterns within patterns, even chaos and patterns layered, duality cheek by jowl. Is the universe holographic, does every fragment we chip off contain the whole? Does the curve of my fingernail reveal mysteries hiding in the ort cloud? What about temporality, can we know anything about the hour by analyzing the second?

This ramble feels both nonsensical and shimmering with insight.

My question today is, should I indulge my curiosity about comings into beings? Do I need to know which turning the path of least resistance will take next, or should I just take that turning when I get there?

When the universe delivers unto us a significant gift, be it boon or disaster, how much information does this gift offer about what's going to show up next?

Only as much information as we choose to find. Conditions definitely reveals what we've been consistently feeling and thinking, THAT is what conditions are good for. I got muddled with the idea that there's some knowing beyond my own that I could suss out. What's next is us. Rather than predict what we (as an incarnation of the entire cosmos) are about to choose, why not focus on a fabulous choosing? Our making of choices which is to say our creating of choices.

Patterns are fun to observe, but I want to remember that the patterns are mine, I make them and I change them.

So I am done divining the future, educated guessing based on observable unfoldings. I'm remembering that there is no future without my consent, explicit or implied. What has manifested is only a clue in the sense of being a clear indicator of what I've already chosen and may now rechoose, or dechoose.

Alrighty, with all that out of the way...

What do recent events reveal about what I've been consistently thinking and feeling? What is my point of attraction?

am I aligned with my desires

not so much

failure of electric contraption + crash

broken bones

brother shows, bulls through to get an immediate appointment - with the wrong doctor

chemical burn

clavicle misaligned not coming together

mom acting nutty

Master Ru not understanding

28 hours in the car to Philly

very much

deep friendship returns

James and Maia showing up

house getting beautiful

amazing wet summer - lush growth healthy flora

butterflies in abundance

help and connection with Mel and Kari



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