Episiode 148 Crispy Cuspy

late again

  • I am pretty sure Monday is not the new release day
  • going with the flow as revealed by one arm

what I can share

  • driven by day dreams, the cosmos is unfolding
  • we are living a bloom
  • the process is alive, autonomous

Heather reminded me

  • breaking my arm is a signal to slow down mothafucka!
  • that makes sense, but wait, there's more!
    • being one armed gets me out of the way, takes my action out of the mix
    • demonstrate how obsessive doing can get in the way of being, of human being

all at once

  • what appears to be sloppy overlap - like several audio books running simultaneously
    • almost titles chapters languishing
    • as brand new stories crash into consciousness

what might have felt like chaos and panic in another incarnation of Dan Kelly, is now the proof of concept, creating beyond instrumentality

  • like the Krell in Forbidden Planet, sans ID, the monster within.
  • bliss thwarted is the only way to make monsters... and we're all about being a human blissing

Maybe this is segment two of a three part episode, I feel like in the next few days the reportage will be way more ripe, ready to be told.

Dan Kelly Shri Fugi Spilt, white male, earther, gray beard, gorgeous. The fun of this podcast might be learning how to convey excellence rather than relate history, not trying to jam in every sweet and revelatory detail but instead make some art. Crispy Cuspy, I don't know what this podcast is becoming, we'll find out. For now... me being bliss, deep in delicious chaos of non-instrumentality, being fully alive. Episode 148 Crispy Cuspy Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice. With you in every nook and cranny of the multiverse. Be ye of Earth or elsewhere / elsewhen / elsewhy. Hello aliens!

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