Dramatic unfoldings since last we met! Such a momentus shift, we almost started a new season. I am Danny Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt and this is Daughter of Godcast still Season 4 Choice, Episode 147 Apparently Insurmountable. Why is this episode so late, is this the latest yet? What happened? This might be the first of an epic two part episode.

Toy Story 4 released on 6/21 Solstice

HS, belated

beard, old guy reminiscing schtick

  • Starting in the mid 80s, I attended a bunch of Siggraphs (ACM Special...)
  • Pixar's shorts were often my favs at the Film and Video show
  • 1993 TS1 was the first computer animated feature

if i were a parent

  • not sure I would let my young kids see TS3
  • super nightmarish climactic sequence of toys on the conveyor belt headed towards the shredding machine
  • very effective cinema, I felt not a little terror
  • escape shredding machine only to get thrown into the fiery volcanic pit - like freaking mount doom with lava and shit - to do them in, they're sliding down to their demise to be melted down and
  • it’s pretty freaking over-the-top
  • don't kids get nightmares anymore?

the formulaic cinematic finish

  • typical
  • the big climactic scary inevitable catastrophe that is somehow avoided just in the nick of time.
  • always got to be some kind of obstacle formidable if not insurmountable obstacle the characters face towards the end of a movie.
  • that’s how you know it’s the end

the end is near

  • my first feature film my first podcast must be almost done...
  • the cosmos has dropped an apparently insurmountable obstacle in the path of progress
  • tada - I broke my arm!


  • last week wrapping up the big financial project
  • appointment with my CPA in the afternoon
  • car battery was dead
  • borrowed my mom's car, jump started and left my car running in the driveway for a couple of hours to charge up
  • 15 minutes before my appointment, my car's battery was dead again
  • ride the mystery dohickey from Episode 145 Fly Float Gloat, only 5 miles
  • more practice for the scene i am planning
  • had a great meeting, started home
  • less than 100 yards from my house, glitch.
  • catastrophic dohickey failure at 17 mph
  • I hit the pavement
    • gory details...
      • why go into the gory details?
      • what else is there to do on a podcast but details?
      • celebrate the gift of drama
  • some neighbors helped
    • put me in an ambulance
    • spent $5k and 5 hours in the ER in Traverse City, mostly waiting.

finish a movie one handed - impossible!

  • idk...
  • barring mishap, 6 - 8 weeks of sling
    • camera work
    • acting
    • writing - word processor
    • back to hunt and peck on the laptop
    • and forget about keyboard shortcuts, modifier keys
  • innovation
    • dishes
    • secret kriyas
    • hygiene
  • never imagined the possibility that X could be done with one hand, found a way
  • the way finds us

might seem finishing a feature film single handed is an impossible dream, but we humans are dreamers, the more impossible the better. The dohickey affair has moved this podcast beyond theory to the starkly pragmatic. All the spiritual shit we've been shoveling - imagination, presence, choosing joy - is either going start to really stink or be transformed into rich compost, packed with everything plants need. Breaking one's arm in two places as a means for triumphantly finishing a feature film.

Let's begin by listing positive aspects


Kari pick up and great talk ride home

Steve became the path of least resistance

enjoyed time with my mom

Chuck enjoyed me and my mom walking down the street together.


I get to take responsibility for my emotional experience

Now that I know what I know, I realize that implementing happiness consistently is not a luxury, rather essential. If I realize I am running shit thoughts and let them run, I just open myself up to additional shit manifestations.

Boisterious and invincible presence in this time is maybe even easier.

Asking friends for help, warmth and support

getting more efficient about everything

compassion for tougher situations

more makery


RSO topically great for pain

no surgery


I still get to swim

Episode 147, Apparently Insurmountable where life imitates art. My broken arm is by analogy the seemingly insurmountable obstacle facing the cinema hero. All we've learned about her - her striving, her failures, her blooming has suddenly become hyper relevant. She has been forged by the hammer of experience just for this moment. She is about to accomplish the impossible, beat the odds, save the universe. Me finishing a movie? Boring. Me finishing a movie with a broken arm? INTERESTING. I could finish this post apocalyptic romantic comedy with one arm tied behind my back! Maybe I broke my arm on purpose.

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