Episode 141, Leaves. Another palidrome episode number for Season 4 Choice, Daughter of Godcast. There's a kind of magic mushroom called philosopher's stone. I never tried, but I've been told you can stare at a leaf for 3 hours and be totally captivated.


  • that's this week
  • there aren't any leaves unfolding here, quite yet
  • so i've been staring at accounts and balances
  • tripping out on numbers


  • Distraction, Bruce Sterling
  • bricks of the movie
  • plumbing before bricks - financials
  • dead people are helping

short and sweet

  • want more?
  • check out why.movie/progress for daily recaps
  • meanwhile

culture 1.0

  • if you have to advertise, your product sucks
  • Graham Hancock - alert state of consciousness
    • attention = spotlight
    • whipping the spotlight about
      • money
      • health
      • work
      • kids, relatives, relationships
      • problem solving
      • evaluating
        • not enough or too much
        • am I winning
  • SO... typical waking experience for Americans
    • redirecting our spotlight hither and yon
  • what other modes of consciousness might there be besides spotlight?
  • those philosophers stones invite captivation, another flavor of perception
    • If I'm captivated I feel energized, opened up, delighted, enhanced
    • other flavors might be
      • exercise
      • creating
      • freewheeling conversation
      • intimacy...
  • spotlight - the problem with problem solving
    • problem solvers seek problems
    • let's arbitrarily choose a word to contrast with captivate
    • fixate, my definition
      • a nefarious arresting of the flickering spotlight by "other" that's not in our best interest
        • advertising
        • Facebook
        • chronic and habitual dependence
        • corporate news
        • police state pronouncements
  • captivation is more like candlelight
    • soft
    • alluring
    • easy
    • mysterious
    • spooky
    • sublime

culture 2.0

  • leaves and captivation
    • a leaf is waving always
      • bugs
      • dirt
      • stars
      • pancakes
      • the eyes of our lover
    • invitation
      • the waving is delicious
      • reflection of who we are under the hood
      • nothing to fix, solve, change

Discovering a candlelight culture?

  • game design in a group
  • starting with - what would we want for each other and ourselves?
  • a game that can be played indefinitely
    • Catan
      • popular
      • about winning
      • spotlight culture
      • leading player gets ganged up on - to keep the game from ending
  • how would we "play" a worthy future
    • there wouldn't be a winner
    • the play would be the thing, no end
    • participation would be a blast
    • what would be the categories for bettering the game play for all players?

That's all for now. Throwing this out there. What we've got going in the prominent cultural options doesn't work. There's got to be a different game we can start playing, even if just between 5 or 6 friends at first, then if the game is fun enough, a couple of towns and so on. We are everyone of us, creators. We can gently, cleverly shift. That's my invitation to y'all.

That's the Daughter of Godcast Episode 141, Leaves. I was going to sit broadcast next to the banana and avocado trees in the greenhouse tonight but there's a cool rain falling just outside and I'm feeling a bit chilled, so we're up against this old futon and the antique rug, looking forward to a steamy bath. Got lucky with Iteration Two, the next festival has a late entry, so a little extra time. Thanks for being in my life, drop your spotlight for an hour or two and get some inspiration about how we can start playing a more fun game together, where (cliche warning), everybody wins.


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