A voice from the bathtub, no script, no outline even. Just a raw update in the quest for a DOG screener. There's more story to tell, yet I don't know exactly what that more is, yet. Both a boon and a crisis. Recorded with the deadline 48 hours away.

Transcription by James Schaberg


Okay, good evening, good evening, it’s Dan Kelly, hang on, I need to block the cat from coming in there. Okay, there we go. Torturing the cat.

Well, ah, this might be a podcast but I am not sure. Feels like it should be a podcast because we’re on the brink, on the very edge of a, what would we call this, a challenge, a wonderful, wait, hang out, let’s see if this water is going to burn my legs, burn, burn, it is pretty fucking hot, but maybe it is doable, ah, yeah, oh my goodness gracious, oh, wa, ah, ah, ah. It’s super hot, it’s not so hot that I, I can’t, ah hello, hello, hello, it’s levels here, hello, hello, there we go. It’s not so hot that I will have to go the hospital, or anything, but it is definitely hot, hot. She’s so hot. He’s such a hot babe.

Okay, I am putting in the coco butter, into the bathtub, seems to be a thing I am doing these days. Ah man, let me just tell you, put some coco, coco butter, not coconut butter, cacao butter, cacao butter in your bathtub, in your hot bath, and the butter melts, and it’s, water’s so hot, it’s kind of right on the edge of, ah, so, but it feels so good. Yes.

Oh wow. I wonder, I ‘m lowering myself very slowly, slowly, very slowly, into the bath. Haven’t quite touched the buttocks to the porcelain of the bathtubs yet. Ahh, no I am just landing, (sound effect) the eagle has landed. Okay, hang on, I gonna now put my, ha, hey, ah, my drain dedraining, such for this right here, oh, now sweet silence, sweet silence of the bath.

Let’s make sure our levels aren’t too high. I don’t really have a convenient towel here. Mmm. That’s me reaching for a little towel. (Gasp) Oh my god that water’s hot. Yes. Testing. Testing. Testing.  Arresting. Testing Testing. Hello. Okay, there we go. That should be good. Whoops. My little towel got wet. Okay. Wow. Where do we start? Oh. Well, if this is a podcast episode, and I believe it might be. It’s, it’s just some audio. Just some audio.

There is a lot going on right now and I just want to take a bath. And you’ve seen me in the bathtub so many times, and I know I look good in the bathtub, and some women never tire of seeing me in the bathtub. I don’t blame them. Perhaps some men as well. Perhaps some genders that have yet to be made. Enjoy seeing me in the bathtub. I get it. And it’s not like I am shy, it’s just a matter or of expediency. How do we get in this bathtub as quickly as possible and offer whatever information we can at this moment.

It’s over, it’s past midnight, it’s getting close to one o’clock, way beyond my bedtime. But I am kind of thinking that maybe I just don’t need any bedtime anymore until this is all done. I mean that is silly to say that, silly really, because I like sleeping. And yet, and yet there is something to be said for pouring myself into this completion. And it’s now Wednesday, it’s very early in the morning on Wednesday, and a I have all Wednesday, all Thursday, and most of Friday, before I have to get the screener to FedEx for really this week. For real.

Last week we were surprised, we found out that the deadline was actually this week. I don’t think, I may be wrong, I could be surprised, the universe could actually punch the date back again. Maybe. But I am just going to go with the idea that it is on Friday, and perhaps I could ah, stay up for three days in a row. Done it before.

There is a kitty meowing outside. I know kitty, you want to come in, but I am in the bathtub. Just chill. Just, just be out there by yourself. All alone. With no company at all. Just one being. No other bugs to play with or eat. Spiders and ants. It’s just not the season yet. It’s just you. All you. We are here all by ourselves on this planet. And yet it is an illusion because we’re all one. We’re all divinity, we’re all pieces of the divine. It’s kind of amazing how this has been engineered. We have the strong sense that we are by ourselves when we’re in duality, but we’re really not. And that is okay. I like both. I like the illusion, and I like the actuality, the veracity, the way things are, are, are, are, are, are.

Okay, well I am opening my first orange quarter of March 13th, I suppose it is today, 2019. Northern Michigan. My very first orange. Taste. So what is ah. What is, ah ah. So the the the. Blah blah blah blah.

So the point of this podcast is to report in about the development that just developed.

Haha, haha, okay so the next thing you will hear is me chewing on an orange slice. Then you might hear a kitty too. Mmm. Oh. Mmm. Life is awesome and perfect. I love being present for these incredible experiences of humanness. I’m so glad, I’m so glad that I’ve learned to be present. And I am practicing presence. Okay, well, there is a little interlude of orange chewing and appreciation, let’s go into the meat of our podcast today. And that is this:

So there is more movie. There is definitely more movie. I just don’t know what it is yet. Tonight I looked at the structure of what I was doing, and I never actually formally sat down and thought about what each chunk of the movie was supposed to achieve for the audience. Ha ha ha. And, I don’t know, is that a thing? You know, structure, following a known structure, or what’s that called? Ah, modeling other people’s success, and looking at the fundamental unity that is story.

The hero’s adventure is a kind of a story where the hero is presented with a challenge and they go off on a challenge and somehow they are, there is this opportunity to go and get something. Loot, or enlightenment, or a babe, or a stud. Whatever, you name it. There is something out there that the character doesn’t have, the persona doesn’t have and they want it. Or they suddenly realize they want it, or something, but anyway, there it is. And then what happens is, there is some kind of a, there is some kind of an obstacle or maybe lots of obstacles to achieving the desired outcome. And that is just, that leads to all kinds of crazy things like, hey, maybe there’s a different outcome that I really wanted, but I would’ve never known had I not set out on this first outcome. Or I now have to transcend my former being to be able to complete this task. Everything I brought with me is pretty good, but not quite enough. I have to have more. I have to find more. I have to invent more. And then finally, the accomplishment of the great, the great adventure, the getting to the gold or the gal, or the guy, or the, ah, ah, merging fusing of the mystery, whatever it is.

Alright, so looking over Daughter of God tonight, the script overview, latest version, I started to break down the different chunks and what they were doing. And there is a lot there, you can certainly read about it yourself if you wish. I am not saying you should. I am just letting you know that it is available to read if you are a reader. And that is at why.movie and you want to search for what, you want to search for ah, “script synopsis,” fuck, I don’t remember the title “script something, version two". Script V2. Search for that and you should see something that says something like Script Synopsis V2. And in there, I go through all the scenes that I have, and their various clusters, and I kind of talk about what the clusters are attempting to convey, set up, allow, initiate, whatever. And so what I realized is, okay, I’ve got the hero’s journey, first of all I have a nice, I have a nice little strange enigmatic opening which certainly would make me curious “what the fuck is this?” That’s kind of the objective of the prelude, to achieve what the fuckness. Alright. Where as it’s not like what is this, this is stupid. I don’t understand this, this is weird. I love this because it has something I have seen before in it. The idea is to put, put out an invitation to be curious.

To open up, you know, if you are trying to figure out the answer to a very complicated thing, let’s say, one strategy, often times a very effective strategy, is just to open up, open yourself up completely, and just be like, alright, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but here I am, wow, and then, you know something makes sense after that or something shows up when you do that courageous act and hmm, ah, I may have lost my train of thought.

This is the sound of me eating oranges again. Mmm. So good.  Mmm. Ah.

So after going through these chunks of the story, and kind of explaining to myself what they are doing there. I came up with these three things. And the three things are:

There is this intriguing little cognition catcher, that is the prelude, and then after that, there is a meet the characters, all the characters, meet them all. And you get introduced to Christina and Joe, you kind of already met Joe, in the very beginning, in the prelude, but he speaks, he speaketh, well he speaks at the very beginning too but we’re not going to count that, just because, why not. Really the first time we really get a sense of Joe is what he’s up to while he’s speaking, okay? Because even if he’s looking you right in the eyes and talking to you straight up, you could never know for sure what else might be going on for Joe. So when he’s doing a couple things at once, that seems to be more, ah, acceptable. That seems more authentic. Thank you. Authentic. So even though he looks right at us, he breaks the fifth wall or whatever the wall it is and looks right at the camera, and talks to us, that’s not necessary Uncle Joe, that’s a future version of a guy who used to be called Uncle Joe, he’s the wandering monk, he’s Veronique, a devote, a Veronique. The Cather monk. Female Cather monk who survived the purges. Because even back then the Cathers were aware of the need to be fully empowered, maybe that is not the right word. To be fully activated as consciousnesses on the planet. And that means okay, well there’s, there is a benefit of sending people out on the sly so that (if) fucking pope sends a crusading army down on us, the catharsis will persist, if even as a wind blown seed. And someday the Cather tree will root again in more fertile soil and all humanity will rejoice.

So, even though we see Uncle Joe, or the guy who was called Uncle Joe in the very beginning of the film, we actually don’t meet Uncle joe, thank you, there we go, until we see him in the hideout. And he’s doing some nefarious things there, kind of. He’s watching people. He’s peering in on people’s intimate moments. And that’s kind of rude. Right? In some states you can go to jail for that. In some states that is considered illegal. But Uncle Joe is beyond good and evil. He’s not beyond the law, the law just doesn’t have any application to him. At least the laws of civil society. He’s here to do a magnificent project, and by jiminy he’s going to do it. And that requires him to spy on a few people who are kind of important in the scheme of things.

Alright, so what we’ve got is we’ve got a cat’s meowing, which you might be able to hear, maybe not, kitty. Kitty! It may seem counter productive to be lying in a frikin’ super hot bathtub sweating while there is a poor cat who is all alone just a doorway away. You know I am not punishing him, no no, I am just keeping him away from two things that he has been rather, he has violated somewhat, doesn’t even know. Well not two things, one thing he has definitely violated and a couple others things that I think he would be happy to violate if given the chance. So it’s not like, he’s just a cat, he’s doing what cats do, and as such he’s a fantastic teacher. He’s teaching me so much, thank you. And I choose tonight to have my teacher outside of this room to protect some inanimate objects from his hijinx.

Alright. So, I have this cognition catcher, I have this introduction to the various characters, oh you get to meet the people of the people’s poetry slam, and the boat, and of course Jerry and Christina, you get to meet and see, and get a taste of each one of them. I’ll go into details again, this is all posted if you want to read it. What I realized is okay, I’ve done, also there is a theme song, I forgot to mention that.

So I have done a successful job of capturing some cognition, I have introduced some intriguing characters, and I have burst into song, because music should just come into our lives without permission, so I’ve bust into song and it’s kind of like a pastiche of a Netflix series, except it is not a series, it is a movie. And now what, now what?

Well the hero’s journey is done, so we kind of cover some, we kind of cover some peaks, we kind of touch on some, we give a nod to some important things like music and the pervasive, the pervasive theme song experience that we have everyday, even if we can not hear the music. Each of us has our own theme song. And when we wake up in the morning, excited, it is because we hear that theme song playing loud and clear. Some music, I got some music, ah, I got a more detailed revelation about the characters, the players in our little story. And then we’ve got the hero’s journey.

So we kind of have these major story elements in place and handled them already, they’re done. I mean there’s no point really in going back into the hero’s journey trying to stuff that full of fat so that it lasts longer. It’s just not that, first of all it’s not possible, even if I wanted to do it, well not possible, it’s just not elegant, there we go, it’s not elegant. I don’t feel like it’s worth spending the time to try and find a time to make that elegant. It sounds like a lot of work. Alright, so, what’s left? It’s the story that hasn’t been told. It’s the real story.

If I let you in you can’t scratch those things or I’m gonna, what will I do? I can’t do anything to you, I can’t yell at you now. Let’s just leave you out there.

Alright. I don’t necessarily know what the answer is actually. And I want to remind everybody that it is three days, less than three days actually, that the screener has to be dropped off at the Traverse City Federal Express office. And I am thinking here that there should be more story. And I am thinking about, geez, is there a structure, should I look at the structure of the story? Well, I don’t know, when is that supposed to happen. Like the first day you start writing a script? The day after you write the script? The day before you go on location? Ten weeks before you go on location? I don’t know. Well, the best I can do for you guys is better late than never. Okay?

But, the point is that, me, I have said this many times before, I don’t know what I am doing. And, I kind of feel like I am going to flip that over completely because I think that if you haven’t figured it out by now, you might as well just hear it straight up, and here it is. I kind of think that not knowing what you’re doing is kind of a super power. I mean I know some things, certainly, I know a lot of things, but do I really know what I am doing with this movie, how to finish it? No, I have no idea. I am totally letting it finish itself. I am there at the computer. I am here on the podcast. I’m thinking about it. I’m laughing about it. I’m staying in a place of receptivity. And I really really don’t know what I am doing. And I think, I think part of my reason for saying that is because I want, as divinity does, sending us here to the planet blind, groping for expansion. I am taking a new approach in my life, or maybe the final approach. And I am saying alright, I am going to be as relaxed and chill and joyful as possible in this current incarnation. And let’s see what shows up. You know, the results have been pretty encouraging so far, I mean shit is showing up. And showing up. And showing up. Almost, well not too much for me to keep track of, it’s like just the right amount actually to be totally honest. Um, and now, I’ve found out, there’s not, there’s still some more story. Story, story that I can see. It’s like all the jigsaw puzzle pieces are spread out before me, and there’s kind of a little bit of a pattern as to where they might go, but it is far from finished.

Mmm, I should say that again. But as of this moment, I do not yet fully grok the wrap. It’s funny because, several times over the last couple days I’ve felt like I groked the wrap, like “oh, that’s how it’s, oh okay, got it.” And then, more showed up. And more showed up. And I said “oh, okay, I’m not done yet.”  And then I said, “alright, well in good faith, I am just going to keep this rolling. Alright, here’s some more. Got it.”

And, I am definitely going to send something on Friday. It’ll be 72 minutes long as promised. There may be some place holder chunks in there, and that is fine. That is totally fine. Because all they really need to see, is that there is something happening here that is slightly extraordinary. If they’re going to see that. They don’t need to see the whole entire movie, they’d probably like to, but they don’t need to to decide to give me an invitation to come to Cannes in May. And I know this, this sounds crazy, right? Cannes, it’s like super competitive. Who am I to think that I am going to get my first unfinished feature into Cannes? And all I can say is I don’t know, I don’t care. That’s not even a relevant question. Why do I think, I think so because I am fucking god. I think so because I am surrounded by amazing allies. I think so because I am uniquely gifted with all kinds of creative powers and an incredible mind. Oh I could go on and on. I, there are so many reasons why. And you know, just telling you the facts folks. I mean, I might say that I’m sexy and attractive, and that might make a difference in some cosmic quantum effect. Ahhh. Feeling sexy for sure. Feeling sexy and yummy is helpful for sure. Cause you just radiate that goodness and oh man that’s like some real magnetic stuff.

So it’s an open question. I am leaving it an open question. Is there going to be more story, now that we’ve covered all the basic story bases, now what. Is there another kind of story. Besides the hero’s story? Of course, there are lots of different kinds of stories. They’re not all the hero’s journey. And I think I am going to just ponder this. And it seems like a rather anticlimactic ending to this episode, to not answer the question. But that’s the point of having a podcast, isn’t it? I am just talking about what is going on and you guys are hearing it straight, you gals and guys are hearing it straight from my mouth, and a yeah, a little bit risky here, I mean really? Not really risky, what is the big deal? I send a fucking blu ray to some French people and they’re like “oh the Americans are crazy” and they just reject it. No worries. Or they don’t accept it which is a better way of saying it. They accept other stuff that they like that’s more resonate with their energy. Ha ha ha. Okay. However, there is no reason, there is no reason, there is not a reason in the world accept my own, my own misgivings, or self consciousness, or whatever, that I shouldn’t actually get invited to bring Daughter of God to Cannes. That’s it. Really. I don’t know, I don’t want to second guess the jurors, and say “oh they’re probably going to do blah blah blah. I have no idea. I am assuming the jurors are super cool. And that they have, they have been around the block, and they’ve seen the usual stuff. They’re like, “okay, there is the usual stuff. It’s done very well. Done with great aplumb, beautiful mimicry of what has already been done, maybe even a beautiful redoing of what has already been done. Oh but it’s already been done. What about this thing? This unfinished piece of fucking crazy shit? And that’s really, that’s really it. That’s really it.

Can I tomorrow, let’s say, Wednesday, can I just say okay, I just gonna slip in text, cards, with timings on them, for the stuff that is missing, and when it is all done, when it is all said, and I will color correct properly, and clean up the scenes that exist and remove the dog.movie tagline, until it seamlessly comes together, as much as it can of what exists currently, and then have that ready and say this is it. Maybe even just burn a bluray of that and say this is it. This is it. Wednesday night I stop, I say okay, this is what is doable as a happy human, and let it go. And I can also Thursday wake up and be like alright, is there something else I can do, to give this a little more of a boost, that would be so fun.

Alright. Well, thanks for listening. I think that is long enough. I think this might have been maybe as long as an hour? I don’t know, I can look and see. I still have two quarters of orange left and that little bit of rumbling you hear, if you can, I don’t think you can, but there is a tiny bit of rumbling, that is the cat, trying to amuse himself with a golf ball, for the ziptillienth time, because he is all by himself. He is all alone out there, kitty! All by himself, wishing he had his friend Dan to hang out with.

I love you all. Even if I don’t know you, I love you. Somehow, I don’t care if that is rational, I don’t care if it sounds rational, or irrational, it just is, it’s just the way it is. Doesn’t matter about how it sounds.  Umm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Heaven the kingdom of god is spread upon the earth and man does not see it. And you know what? Oranges. That’s the proof. Get yourself a fucking nice orange, and you cut it in quarters, and you eat it, I mean what more proof do you need? Just really be present for that orange. Assimilation and that’s it. You got it. You got the essence of existence right there. Right here. Mmm. This just keeps going, and going, and going, and I think now it is time for it to be done. This is Daughter of Godcast, More Movie, Episode 134? I think so, I think so, I think this is Episode 134, I’ll be able to say this just in case it is Episode 133, Episode 133, not really, Episode 134, no, fuck it, try again, Episode one three three, no I am kidding it is Episode one three four, Daughter of Godcast More Movie is the title of this episode. Brought to you from the bathtub with no sync sound. I mean it is sound but it is not synced with video, you can’t see me, unless you close your eyes and imagine me. And probably if you do that, you’re going to get a much higher fidelity image of me anyway than you would, higher fidelity impression experience—there we go—of me, than you would watching me on a little flat screen. A little flat piece of plastic or glass, mmm, my little chin wagging up and down. Mmm. That’s it. Sometimes you just, you’re just here for whatever it is. And it is not fancy, It isn’t necessarily well written, it’s not written at all.  Just made up.

Oh one last thing to tell ya, and then we’ll end this. So Uncle Joe, the new story probably has something to do with Uncle Joe teaching the people about the people’s poetry slam. He’s providing the, the library of epic poems that people will carry with them forward to help them always remember what the before times were like and to inoculate them against the Clique militarizing humanity. God I love how that sounds. And if you understand it, hooray! And if you don’t, that’s okay. I am not sure if I completely understand it myself. Just words flying out of my mouth, okay?  But it may actually mean something. I don’t want to take that away from anyone. I believe it actually means something. Ha ha. Okay well, so Uncle Joe is teaching the people of the future how to do oral history, he is kind of planting these seeds, these epic poems. And as he is riding along on his bicycle traveling the world, he is making up these poems because, that is the next thing he had to do, he had to subvert the grand plan of the Clique and not let them know that he is doing it, and then he’s got this whole Daughter of God thing going on, and lots of chaff, so that the Clique, anyone who’s left in the Clique will have a hard time figuring out what the fuck is going on or who to kill. And not that they have to kill anybody. It’s not one of those movies. Um, to neutralize. Which doesn’t necessarily include killing. Okay? It doesn't have to be killing.

Alright, so, oral history, I have, I do have sort of a scaffolding in place, I’m not yet, it is not yet the facade, or the grade of the cathedral is still in uncarved blocks. And the scaffolding is empty as of right now.

Thank you again for listening, this is the Daughter of Godcast Episode 33, 34, More Movie, this has been Dan Kelly, Dan Kelly, Shri Fuji Spilt, from the bathtub, but unseen, unseen in the bathtub, just use your super powerful imagination and join me in the bathtub.

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