Episode 118

Hey. Dan Kelly here with the Daughter of Godcast, Season 4, Choice, and this is Episode 118... Does it matter what the title is? Titles are supposed to encapsulate the episode, but often I don't know what the title is until after I write. So let's just call this Daughter of Godcast, Season 4, Choice, Episode 118 (mumbles). You didn't hear the title because I am not speaking clearly, or the audio cut out — unless you're reading, and then you already saw the world "mumbles" in parentheses, like a stage direction.

Dan Kelly about to have an epiphany about the accuracy of his remote viewing sketch.

Season 4, Choice, is the finale, the denouement. Everything from now on is about the full manifestation of Daughter of God, the feature-length post apocalyptic romantic comedy, which as you'll likely recall is the movie I've been, we've been, stewarding, cultivating, shepherding, doula-ing for the past decade plus. You may have only joined the adventure in the past year or two, or maybe the past week, but you're as important to her coming forth as I have been now.

Why? Because you're here, watching, listening, reading. This podcast is the vanguard. Daughter of God hasn't sprung forth all at once like Athena from Zeus' forehead. Nope. She's oozing in like fog, she's fading in like dawn. In this season, she's not only coming, she comes.

Will her coming be the end of the story or just another beginning? I'm leaning toward Season Four being the last season of the Daughter of Godcast, FYI.

The last few days have been exciting! I teamed up with Emily, who is soon to join the gang as official copy editor and literata for dog.movie, to do three days of water fasting. I've done all manner of cleanses and fasts before, but my experiences with water fasting have been very limited and... fuzzy. I don't remember much about them. I got fired up when Milagros sent me a Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick who told Joe that during fasting our organs shrink and then reconstitute with new cells. That sounded cool. Then getting ready for the fast, I watched Dr. Joe Mercola talking to Dr. Jason Fung about his book The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting, and he said that there are stories from prisoner-of-war camps about dudes reciting books from memory and learning new languages in a few days. That's what I'm talking about — I'm sure the Daughter of God would dig a boost in my processors.

This fast coincided with phase one of a key outcome — uncomplicating DOG's financial records. This would be an ideal opportunity to test-drive a ketone-fueled brain. And lo, success. For 13 hours, I blissfully banged away on the keyboard, simplifying hundreds of bookkeeping entries. Probably by the time you watch, hear, or read this, phase one will be in the bag.

For me, the key to a happy water fast is plenty of high quality water, four quarts or more a day. I dip mine right out of Crystal Lake, filtered through a big Berkey. I think that's better than well water and certainly way better than chlorinated water or bottled water. But I digress.

Now my plan is to charge up with the best foods and then, on the new moon, December 7, start another water fast and zip through some more complicated DOG mind benders. Along with wrapping postproduction, there's business and outreach logistics that have to be handled before DOG goes to festivals. More detail on all this in future episodes.

You can water fast on the new moon too — solidarity!

In Episode 117, Smartphone, Jil advised me to expand my presence on Instagram and throw caution to the wind. I have since been ramping up, and guess what. Strangers are liking me. Jil was right! I'm going to pull out all the stops on wildswizard (that's me on Instagram). What to do about the dog.movie Instagram account, @dog.movie? I complained to Jil about already feeling played-out social media–wise. There are plugins to auto post from the dog.movie website to dog.movie account on Instagram, so we can keep that account alive without too much trouble, but I'll concentrate my magic on wildswizard and keep tagging @dog.movie whenever I'm into something movieish.

So there's the latest DOG news. Now let's talk about remote viewing. The character of Uncle Joe was influenced by the book The Men Who Stare at Goats by Ron Johnson or Jon Rohnson — I just looked it up, it's Jon Ronson — all about the U.S. military's experimentation with creating psychic soldiers, real-life Jedi knights. For instance, being able see secret things with your mind, or remote viewing, which according to Russell Targ is a real thing. Russell is a physicist and laser pioneer who helped develop this weirdness for the USA. For some reason remote viewing popped onto my radar again, so I rewatched Russell's talk and then a brief remote viewing tutorial he gave where he taught the interviewer, Alan Steinfeld, to remote view an unusual object in Russell's pocket.

I decided for this episode to attempt some remote viewing myself. Emily the water faster, copy editor (and oh so much more) scored super high on Russell's ESP trainer app that I coaxed her into installing on her iPhone, so she was the perfect partner for this experiment. I asked her to find three objects, label them 1, 2, and 3, take pictures of them and send the pictures to me the next day. I sat down and sketched what I thought she might pick and then after she texted that she had picked them, I remote viewed them again. I got her pix yesterday but I haven't looked at them or compared them to my drawings yet… I'm going to reveal the results to you unscripted right now.

[Transcription not yet available]

That's the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 118,  Ketones. Yep, we've got a name for this episode now... Sounds kind of like a band name, Wilber Waterfast and the Ketones. The links to all this wild science are on the site dog.movie, but if you're reading this, you already know that 🙂

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