Episode 111

While breathing, legs folded and upright, I am a receiver of deliciousness; the signal sneaks up and I am smiling inside. To just be. Letting my more happen.

Words want to be more, they aspire to convey feelings, form conduits of direct experience, emulate life itself. But only life can be life. Then there's this word-based podcast that we're making together. Whether or not words can live, I enjoy opening an energetic flow, so when you hear, watch, or even if you're only reading, underneath the language, the cognition, there is also rapport and a remembering of all we are. Feeling ourselves in the making of words, paintings, or pancakes is an act of telepathy, a hello to the us, the we.

And since this is Summer Vacation, there's hardly any meaning in these episodes, anyway. Prolly 90 percent rapport, just chillin' together, enjoying each other. Me rambling on, the music of my voice, up and down, a golden string vibrating in the void.

This is Episode 111, Wonder, Daughter of Godcast Season Three Summer Vacation. Seventy-three degrees in Northern Michigan on October 9, 2018, and yesterday while catfishing I heard a cricket. So summer lingers. A dash of temporality for flavor; you might be listening to this just before the heat death of the universe at the edge of the Oort cloud. We can connect even with all that between us. What does that say about the between, I wonder?

In the last episode, 110 Earth Dog, we riffed on desire and what or where our bliss is. Starting with where it ain't. Desires suck when we assert unattainability. To avoid pain, we attempt to murder bliss and convince others to do the same. That's the elite athlete approach: Jam your magic sea chest full of wantings for a future life, or maybe a last-minute avalanche of abundance. Kudos to those people, but I prefer to have my bliss and eat it too. Right now.

Bliss gets easier the more we maybe. Maybe I could feel good. Maybe life rocks. Maybe MY life is amazing. Indulgence in optimistic maybes inevitably produces tangible evidence, and we begin a gradual transition to definitely. Somewhere between maybe and definitely, our bliss appears.

I'm pretty sure that's the recipe. Show ourselves that the universe is ready to do backflips on our behalf, and everything conspires to help us have, be, and do whatever we want. Yep, whatever. That might feel scary. Are we going to go mad and run amok across the galaxy, like a Marvel meta-antagonist?

Mostly tho, that's a plainly outrageous idea for some people, especially for those who've been deeply indoctrinated into the cult of struggle. Drinking the green soup made of people parts, like the scene from Conan the Barbarian. Orgies and debauchery notwithstanding, we don't have to drink the green soup. Maybe by mentioning Conan and orgies, I'll have diffused the resistance somewhat. WHY would the universe do backflips for insignificant you? How could it, that seems unscientific. We have to balk at this premise if we're going to play the human game, right?

Games have rules, or, better stated, limits that define what is the game and what isn't. The divinity game is kind of an expansion pack for the human game. Not everyone wants that expansion, and that's... fine. Right now we're playing the word game. Words aren't the experience they describe. They are pointers and placeholders, maps of the territory. They are best deployed for goosing the imagination, which doesn't really need much to get going in the first place. The imagination is the cockpit of a user-friendly cosmos; if you've flown one alien spaceship, you've flown them all.

I honestly have no idea whether these words can spark any imagination other than my own, but if yours has been sparked, then hurray! I'm only affirming what I already know, summarizing. The universe and I are already doing a superhot upside-down double-pole dance, our skimpy costumes fluttering to the floor. From this sexy milieu, let's spin into what we might not quite know... yet.

There are about eight episodes of this podcast that ask the question, why movie? In searching dog.movie, I realize that my current WordPress theme TwentySeventeen is wonky at displaying archival content. I'll have to make some repairs before I look back. That's perfect anyway, because I want to skip the past and ask anew, what do I want to feel? What does the finishing and the finish of Daughter of God feel like? The movie that made, is making me, with DOG in the doneing, what's my optimal self experience?

That's Episode 111, Wonder. Another palindrome episode, prime too; the next one is 10 episodes away. This episode is also homogeneous, all ones. We too are all ones. We're all in this together, whether speaking in spiritual cliche or even just living on the one Earth. Everyone you've ever known and loved is out there on that pale blue dot, little Voyager. The wondrous one Earth, the game board of the gods, divine adventurers neck deep in duality, a steaming mineral mud with tonic properties, dirt bathing. Made from clay, primordial soup, lightning and cosmic rays, from imagination and easy presence. Made by movies, by books and podcasts, paintings and forgetfulness. If we knew who we were, then we'd stop discovering who we were. That's the purpose of Earth, stated simply. God's gotta grow.

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