Episode 105

Are you out there? Season Three still, Daughter of Godcast Summer Vacation, and this is Episode 105, Arc. My laptop's dictionary has this to say about vacation: "An extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling."
Here I am on the iMac, at home, catching up on bookkeeping. Running the numbers, accounting with QuickBooks. Am I really on vacation?

No, I'm not. Because vacations are finite, an extended period is not the same as forever. For artists, life is creation and re-creation... or recreation. I deliberately re-create (recreate) myself as an incarnation of rapture, adventure, intrigue. Even QuickBooks is fun.

Naming the third season Summer Vacation is an homage to kidhood, when vacations were a thing, a delicious forgetting of all the claptrap and contradictions of convention, clearing away the clutter of religious, civil, and cultural indoctrination. Back when Shri Fugi Spilt's first strong desires were inspired — for freedom, discovery, excellence. For an end to alien aspirations and agendas, for room to bloom. Even chains are fun, because eventually we get to throw them off.

When we throw off our chains, vacations are no longer relevant. Play is our always, Lila, life.

The Signals from a Nearby Now had a few things to say about vacations, possibly from a post-chain-throwing-off perspective.


there were rivers of rushing metal
sometimes still, sometimes flowing
and colored blinky lights
told the metal when to stop or get going

here’s the craziest quirk
boggles the imagination
they were always doing works
so they could get vacations

not sure what works were
she tried to explain
as if in your pants, a bur
that gives a scratchy pain
every step you take
a wincing face you make

I guess vacations were good
a week of doing nothing
except tipsing drinks, festivating foods
and for the grownups, sexy loving

they went to renty huts
that anyone could stay in
with renty vacation beds
that anyone could lay in

not like sleeping
w / 100 unknown others
cause all vacations peeps
were spirit sisters and brothers
sharing magic style
frequent flyer miles


Meanwhile back in the now, Summer Vacations persist, so that must mean kids are still being steered clear of their heart's desire. Coming back to who we are is inevitable, and perhaps a bit of chafing makes the bliss following so much sweeter.

MLK Jr. likely borrowed "the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice" from the American transcendentalist Theodore Parker, who published a slew of sermons before the Civil War. What the heck is American transcendentalism, you might ask. I certainly did.

From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, here's an excerpt on the entry for AT:

American transcendentalism is essentially a kind of practice by which the world of facts and the categories of common sense are temporarily exchanged for the world of ideas and the categories of imagination. The point of this exchange is to make life better by lifting us above the conflicts and struggles that weigh on our souls. As these chains fall away, our souls rise to heightened experiences of freedom and union with the good.



This approach seems to line up with the universe described by infinite intelligence, aka Abraham–Hicks. Current reality is yesterday's news, we don't get any traction by concentrating on what is, but rather on the excitement and joy of what's about to be, riding in on powerful desire. Then optimal creation flows like crazy. I'm speaking from experience: I've been practicing and getting more adept at emphasizing my sparkling imagination over mundane circumstance. The cosmos seems to be responding, too, the arc of my universe is bending toward justice, which is pretty much the same as saying super-worthy outcomes are showing up. This podcast is evidence. Did I mention we're on Episode 105? 105 weeks. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," right? That's you and me. 105 weeks together, and counting. That, by the way, is not the official creed or motto of the USPS, according to Wikipedia, just a Greek riff on the ancient Persian courier service.

So the American transcendentalists were on to something. Those zany dudes Thoreau and Emerson were both labeled ATs, perhaps in protest. I guess probably I am a Neo American Transcendentalist.

Let's check back with me in front of the computer, doing my accounting. Yep, there I am. I look like I am having a lot of fun, don't I?

Another robust, tasty episode of the Daughter of Godcast, not too sugary or cheesy, just the right amount of spice and heat, bursting with quality ingredients and a confident vision of our shared thriving. Whether running QuickBooks, throwing rocks, driving tractors, feeding kittens, building miniatures, swimming with the fishes, flipping pancakes, whirring up smoothies, or taking a luxurious nap, we are all in this together. I'm glad to have you out there, whoever you are. Be ye of Earth or some distant star, next door dimension, time traveler, dead or alive: Welcome. I appreciate the you I imagine, the dream of listeners. The me and the we, whom I write and record for each week. I don't know what I am doing, but I love pretending I do. I love pretending you too.



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