Episode 088

Greetings Planet Earth, far and wide, in whatever nook and cranny we've snuggled into, carrying on with existence against all odds and with very few answers to our burning questions. You only have to spool out random YouTube videos to know that there's a whole lot of mystery out there and bless us, we love a mystery. Even with jobs and school we never stop wondering about this life, eating a delicious bass, lost in a kiss or perched on the loo, tucked into the background processing is the question, what the fuck? What IS this all about?

Here on the Daughter of Godcast we don't shrink from these questions, but rather face them boldly, with a big grin, even if we are only wearing a threadbare cotton thong with worn out elastic, metaphorically speaking.

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Feedback for 087, Tea

In 087, Tea, our two oddball unlikelys continue to miss the mark, stumbling down the path to what we know is inevitable. Things just keep getting worse. Gerry offers Christina tea. The feedback question was, if you were Gerry which properties would you want to infuse the moment with, especially after Christina’s final statement?

Anonymouse via email

"I recommend fenugreek tea – Fenugreek: nature’s aphrodisiac - NaturalNews.com"

Tim via FB was also in the Aphrodisiac camp, advocating (yet again) his favorite, alcohol. "They need to get drunk."

Jil opined that a calming effect is needed, as "Gerry does not seem comfortable with Christina's intimate way of speaking to him."

Allison was even more specific in her prescription.

"They need a tea which promotes clarity and connectedness. Her statement at the end feels precarious, as if she's not sure. He seems to not know what to make of that."


"I also had this feeling that love might be an unknown experience, so the reason she seemed noncommittal about it was that she wasn't sure what that felt like? or maybe she hadn't thought she could love him, but she was warming up to him?"

That's a lovely insight by Allison, hinting at a deeper history for Christina than I had previously considered. Certainly Christina might be stumbling on a new feeling, and she had not expected she could love Gerry. Despite all their stumblings, she was warming up to him. Perhaps because of the stumblings?

A surge of feedback for 087 Tea, terrific. I say again, to every listener and watcher of this podcast, YOU can give feedback, even if you've never given feedback before, even if you've just randomly found this podcast. All you need is an opinion about any scene or an answer to the feedback question. Get yourself on the Best Beloveds, start coveting the fabulous redemptions. Most of all, help make this movie better. Contribute to a weird and wonderful cinematic innovation.

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Scene 088, Hello

Christina is deep into coherent thought cultivation when her phonette buzzes with a communication request. Even before the catastrophic collapse of civilization, voice calls had become a rare occurrence. Post apocalypse, there's usually just a feral AI on the other end of the call, pointlessly promoting extinct products and services. Exasperated, Christina answers.... and is transported.

The feedback question for 088 is, how would you categorize this experience - hallucination, flashback, fantasy, other? What connections are suggested by Christina's interlude?

That's 088, Hello, Daughter of Godcast. Even with the return of collaborators we've managed to keep this episode managable, bite sized even. Meanwhile, back at the studio, the big gears are spinning. Feeling the momentum of the movie, the universe guides each keystroke, dead people tune my pelvic thrust in sun salutations, recording this podcast, you can feel the wind and waves in my voice, see April's pink moon still beaming out from my skin. Going sacred is as easy as eating an orange, opening a car door, taking our next thousand breaths. Just noticing my moment, getting into the business of being, and letting awe in seems to be shifting everything. We are all on the best adventure, whether we know it or not. I think suffering is as simple as not knowing we're here on purpose, deliberately. We bought the ticket, we wanted this ride. When I was in my late teens, I visited my brother in Santa Cruz California and took a ride on the local roller coaster. A random gorgeous blonde girl sat next to me and smiled. I was kind of dumbfounded, awestruck. She was clearly an emissary from the stars, I realize that now. In 1980 rode a rollercoaster with the Daughter of God in Santa Cruz, California. Everything since then has just gotten better.

Here's a bonus video of the upcoming TEAM DOG fundraiser!



  1. Dan from dog.movie on May 2, 2018 at 8:10 pm

  2. Dan from dog.movie on May 2, 2018 at 10:18 pm

  3. James on May 3, 2018 at 12:54 pm


    • Dan from dog.movie on May 3, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Apparition as in ghost? That Christina herself is a ghost or was visited by one?

  4. Seamus Callaghan on May 6, 2018 at 10:42 am

    “Laser pointer works pretty good too.” That was hilarious.

    The way she froze suggests she wasn’t even conscious of the experience. I don’t think she was physically transported. I think her mind was temporarily turned off, transported, updated, returned to her body, and turned back on again.

    Is it possible to change the lighting on Christina when she’s transported? She looks the same even though she went from a dark room to a bright open place.

    • Dan from dog.movie on May 6, 2018 at 11:20 am

      Laser pointer – you catch the good stuff.

      turned off/transported/updated/returned – wow, that’s fascinating. Your interpretation is pretty great, I wasn’t sure myself whether she was fully conscious during the experience, but you’ve taken this to a place I’m intrigued by, that slots into the existing scenario. I want her to be a little aware tho and to whit…

      I might restore her animation a little, but perhaps speed ramped like in the scene Date Dance. Her body could have a little more life, because (to me) she looks slightly like a cardboard cut out being shuffled through the moment. I’d like her to feel slightly more integrated with what’s happening, and suggest a bit more presence. I want to retain a sense of what you’ve described too, so this will be an interesting tweak.

      Yes, changing the lighting is a fantastic suggestion! An interesting VFX challenge too. I am also thinking about tracking her into the shot, so when the scene shakes she does too. Right now the quality of her panning in and out are cartoony.

      Your answer has confused me in a way that will yield crystal clarity, so way to go!

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