Episode 066

Daughter of Godcast, Episode 066, Impossible. More fun than a flu should be, thanks to belated Wim Hof restart. The USA's 2016 democracy simulation inspires a silly video, another precursor to this podcast.

Daughter of Godcast Episode 066, Impossible from Dan Kelly on Vimeo.

Hi and welcome to Daughter of Godcast, Episode 066, as in that romantic American Highway, Route 66 and two thirds of the mark of the beast.

Last week in episode 065 we took a 48 hour hiatus from DOG and attempted the ridiculous,  slamming together a music video for Dede and Josh's new song, Strange Lullaby.  Even with production help from James Weston Schaberg and a couple hours of child care by Sharon Jones, this was a far fetched objective, pretty much impossible.

To maintain peak spiritual fitness, I recommend attempting the impossible at least 3 times a week. Arthur C Clarke even wrote a law about this, "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."

Discovering limits is not like discovering a rogue asteroid or discovering how to substitute bananas for eggs when baking vegan cornbread. Limits are transient, fickle. Next time we venture into the impossible, they might not even be there. Even if they are, eventually, like tongues licking lollypops, desire dissolves limits. Limits are as candy to desire.

Once we know what we want, we're gonna find a way to be, have or do that, even if generations come and go in the process. The point of venturing into the impossible is to figure out which delicious limits we want to lick.

We're back in 2016 in this episode, that year so full of fun, not just for me but for the whole of the United States! Smack dab into the impossible, America plunged headlong. Donald Trump became president. Gak!

Yet here we are, a year later and pretty much business as usual. What did we learn? Replace a crafty, suave and charming black guy with smarmy, befuddled, white, whiner - the poles apart - and America is still pretty much the same. Endless war, Christmas shopping, binging on Netflix. Smack dab in the impossible... notice anything?

The president doesn't matter. Who Americans elect has zero effect on the overall trajectory of their nation because the United States isn't a democracy at the moment. Maybe hasn't been for the better part of a century. A democracy consists of citizens... not consumers.

Not only has there NOT been a nuclear war but the economy is humming along. Which is all about consumption, so there you go.

That's what's excellent about Trumpy as president! This last year proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that American democracy doesn't exist. If having a incompetent, groping, dope in the nation's highest office was really a problem, the world would be way worse off. We're pretty much where we were with Mr Fabulous, Obama, the drone wizard. So thank you Trump for plucking the mote from our eyes.

We could revisit the other unspeakable horrors of 2016 including Hillary Clinton and the DNC, when Bernie stopped the role call. He looked so tasty in his giant carrot costume, dangled before us during the democratic primaries. "Look at me! I'm smart, I'm a socialist!" 2016 was brilliant theater.

After the primaries I made a little video from the bathtub to try and get America to vote 3rd party. Because, America.

Because, America

Silly really,  pointless... but you know what's cool? Along with my science fiction narrations from Episode 064, Because, America planted the podcasting seed. There, see? What's this podcast about again? About making movies, specifically the Daughter of God and 500 words into this episode, we're finally talking about what matters! Creative leverage, finding our own power.

If elections in the USA are a sham, if politicians are collie dogs herding us in for another sheering or maybe even slaughter, if America is only a nightmare theater, then what's to be done?

Let's play a new game. Let's create, invent, innovate. Identify potent desire,  start licking those yummy limits. Answer your own yearning, what is your heart's desire?

I started my game about 12 years ago. Making an independent featurette film. I freely admit I had no idea what I was getting into. I only knew finally, at long last I was going to pay attention to what I really wanted. Daughter of God had repeatedly brought me right to the edge of my experience and then in 2016, beyond. Now ahead of the edge, surfing into the impossible.
I'm not quite done talking with you about 2016, there's still acknowledging my improbable gender, more clues about owning magic, all the beings that left flesh,  the annoying vampires who faded out, the wondrous new friends who stepped up... For sure we're coming to the end of this history, in the next 4 weeks we'll be wrapping up the past with a festive bow just in time for Christmas. Then fasten your seatbelts, we're gonna finish a feature film!

We've been licking limits with Episode 066 of the Daughter of Godcast, Impossible.

Accepting that American Democracy is fake is hardly half as crazy as believing 911 was an inside job or Tesla technology took down flying saucers at Area 51. Why should we continue buying into such a ghastly dominant paradigm? Because peril is exciting, things have got to be pretty dire to hold our interest, godlings that we are. What was unthinkable just over a year ago is now the new normal UNLESS you're ready to grab the tiller of this mystery ship, play a new game, embrace your kooky, embarassing DESIRES and become the answer to all your questions. Allies are everywhere, teachers, groupies whatever. We are already in heaven.

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