Episode 035

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A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of God, Episode 035, Pizza. The title is not even forwshadowing this time. Encryption? Chaff to confuse you know what.

Welcome my friends, both met and yet, lovers long ago and to to be, my Earth spanning family and even extra terrestrial, last and future, now and when. We are together a weekly rambling, a vital message, a pointless harangue, the most important words ever shared. Once again, you are Daughter of Godcasting with Dan Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt, just another carbon based humanoid love bunny, a freaking miracle on the hoof, the truth and the light, mostly water and a six pack of smiles.

Episode 035, Pizza

A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of God, Episode 035, Pizza. Dan incarnating wilderness in the waning light of an early evening in April.

Yesterday while incarnating wilderness on my back steps, staring into the sun's twin on the languid lake, I felt I could keep my eyes open indefinitely. I stared at the sun a lot as a kid, watching the white wheel unscrewing from the sky, round and round forever. Is staring at the sun bad? Not according to some Tai Chi masters. Anyway, yesterday. I blinked fast into the burning, intense reflection, tripped out a little and discovered beautiful confusion. A sweet shorthand for the being alive ride.

How often do I know what's going on, what I am doing? Beautiful confusion is a liberating and at the same time scary perspective. Allowing myself to let go of the illusion of order, of having a plan, of making sense. Embracing synesthesia. Realizing the structure I impose isn't really all that helpful, that meaning is an overlay. Could I just be more easy with the raw vortex?

A nun walks into a bar and says to the bartender, I’m the bride of Jesus and the bartender says well he was here yesterday but I think he flew to Malibu

In episode 034, the Michigan Movie Makers were a freaking fireworks display of beautiful confusion. I projected as a professional, as if I knew what I was doing, inspiring the community to confidence about shared objectives, yada yada. Bluster and busyness.

If you read the archival M3 posts from 2013, you might be kinda impressed. I was! Trying to prove... something, establish credibility, be appreciated, or maybe just casually trotting out my myriad super powers for fun. Revving the engine while waiting for the light to change.

If you must know, the bluster and brouhaha of M3 was an elaborate diversion, carried out by my holographic AI simulcra, freeing the actual flesh and blood me to foster liberation unfettered by agents of the state.

A ninja walks into a bar and orders a scotch and two doughnuts, a velveteen rabbit and a half dozen raw oysters. The bartender says, we don’t serve ninjas.

2013 in the Daughter of God labs and weird magics where sputtering and flaring up. Around April, the mediatronic relief boxes scattered through the big boat became sustainable civilization restart kits. Content categories and labels were developed.

After applying a creamy purple color correction to a few roto-ed scenes, I wrote on May 22 that the results were "eerie and super fine." I wondered if I should just have Richa and Eshan roto ALL the interior scenes.

In July I was once again making whacky projections about completion, but whacky projections were very old news at this point.

In August, autonomous surveillance spiders were added to the DOG universe, in support of Uncle Joe's apparent omniscience. Also, I was playing with a scramble suit for Joe, borrowing from PKD's a Scanner Darkly.

I pondered an unexplored cinematic language, revisited animation ideas and outlined what an Artist house open studio event might feel like. I wrote several odd little vignettes and short stories, Dada humor or the 'walks into a bar' sprinkled through this episode. Along with "Emmissaries from the Stars" from episode 034, I wrote a story about eating cloned celebrities, "Clooney Burgers", how to author a holy book, a practical guide to powering starships with orgasms, "Registration Card", a short story about registering consumer products smarter than we are, several explorations for the science fiction musical and even a feature porn script!

An invisible Oscar Winning director walks into a bar and pushing his designer sun glasses back on his forehead asks the deaf bartender in sign language, what color are my eyes? The bartender doesn’t reply.

Here's a few selections falling into the Why movie category.

the movie i want to watch

August 23, 2013, Deep Archives

write the book u want to read. make the movie i want to watch?

Tech for transfer

August 24, 2013, Deep Archive


As I was saying on the iphone, story is not king, experience is the thing and that’s what story attempts to transmit. We share experience with stories.

Story Theory

November 29, 2013, Deep Archives

That might have been ok in the 80s and even 90s before there was a world of excellence to sample and VERY little time to sample it, but not now. Every choice in the 21st century media profusion forms the select trickle that one wants to manage expertly, to get the best chunks for solving the puzzle of existence, win the computer augmented strategy game of 21st century life. We have so many choices and are confronted with real dilemmas – how to follow our bliss, how to pay the bills without contributing to a suicidal and or oppressive civilization, how to negotiate our emotional health, how to be ready for the apocalypse around the corner, what technologies to adopt and which to shun, how to not be poisoned, who to trust, on and on and on. We want movies to teach and guide, to point the way, to turbo charge our choice making. So the construction of an efficacious myth intake – be it movies or books – becomes essential, becomes THE key decision in modern times.

Campbell said that we are living without myth, implying that new “appropriate” myths would heal and integrate us, would make society humane and utopian. But nowadays it’s truly “every man his own priest”, with the end of superstition and central dogma, the rise of the story of science… each us have been given the awesome responsibility of making our own myths, of grabbing the steering wheel of the super organism. Story is what gave humans domination over the planet, so the chunks of story that we choose to intake is far from trivial. We use these chunks to build our own worldview, effective or not. Toxic media clutters our paradigm for crucial days (if not months or years) afterword, that’s why bad movies or Fox News feels like poison.

Ok summary. To thrive in an unprecedented world, we must first feed our own internal paradigm with virtuosic stories. The stories we adopt/adapt reveal the most relevant data to attend to, help us identify reliable allies, enable rapid recovery from mistakes, on and on. Our entertainment choices are not trivial, they are the basis for whether or not we thrive in a post science fiction, globally catastrophic future. There’s no time to watch crap, it’s not a matter of I liked it or I didn’t, it’s a question of did that cognitively jump me up or set me back.

Stories mediate cognition.

A Cub Scout walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he wants to buy some light bulbs. The bartender buys two lightbulbs.

blog update

October 17, 2013, Deep Archive


As you unsee this indescribably complex and arresting thing, seemingly infinite and unfathomable even though your only 9 and the cheap plastic egg is still rolling into your palm after u put in your quarter and turned the silver knob thing. Inside the cheap plastic egg is something impossible, you know this is very wrong. Not wrong in a spooky monster sort of way, but wrong in that how could an entire universe be inside that plastic egg and dare you twist the egg open, what then? No way should you show this to mom (or anyone), even if she is the best, coolest mom ever who actually listens to you and want’s you to be what you truly are, the unicorn mom. Even the unicorn mom would freak at this, because the egg inside is power, destiny and a Kali rave to charbroil even the brightest little hero. Wealth as poison, golden sword thrust through the heart and both lungs. She would worry and well she should – you’re worried! Best not to share this crazy grown up twilight zone magic pocket cosmos problem with anyone, you’ll be the only one eaten then, the only casualty. Bye mom and uncle Billy, sis and with one decisive twist – zip!

That’s what my boring little ho hum is like. Just like that. Every breathe has significance, pointing to what you’ve always known and were just waiting your whole long life to confirm, conclusively, “see I told you so”, totally validated, vindicated, varitas. You did see a flying saucer that one night kissing in the back seat of your parent’s 79 Ford Nova with what’s his name, the theater kid. “So it goes” as Kurt used to say before the first/last trip to Tralfamadore.


This next post discusses the character Gerry from DOG who has set about to upload himself into the Extra, which could be conceived as a feral internet of things running on the atomic level. After the internet escaped,  most physical stuff, including rubble, derelict cars, vegetation, insects and even the air now supports an overlay of uncharted virtuality.

Gerry upload

October 21, 2013, Deep Archives


*Almost in that Gerry would settle for a translation, perhaps even a subset of his experience as a human. He is reaching for the mirror, but he may only achieve a snapshot with his uploaded self. How does a uploaded entity have sex, where is it’s (his) penis? If the checksum doesn’t touch 87% of his current cognition, then it self terminates. What would be the point of an autonomous agent that was insane? He knows there’s a risk of uploading this melancholic self, tipping towards depression, but he’s developed scubbers and clarifying routines, highly experimental and theoretical of course, but tested in smaller scenarios. This woman [Christina] arrives at an auspicious time, perhaps he can enter virtuality whole… or is she a ruse? Could he perhaps have an unknown ally, sending this woman to him at the last minute to facilitate a high fidelity recording? What then would the ally’s agenda be? Two agendas – to bring the daughter of god to earth and match her with a protecting angel, her translated father. Wow, that’s awesome – uncle joe makes God, it’s the jesus myth totally in reverse.

A chocolate chip cookie rolls into a bar and before he can say anything, is dashed to crumbs by a cowboy boot.

To conclude episode 035, I offer either encrypted intelligence for the clandestine network of utopian conspirators, or possibly just a collection of cognitive rags stitched together. I'll be speaking with my usual compelling voice to make this sound cool, regardless. We all have an influence, whether we write a bestseller, raise kids or roll burritos. Some accomplishments are associated with our earth aliases. Pyramids, bestsellers and kids often carry our names forward even beyond our death. Just a whiff of immortality, at least until personas can be fully reconstituted from the midden heap of our skin flakes, grocery receipts, love letters, selfies and tax returns. Another riff on Ray K.

Ghandi walks into a bar looking for his milk goat. 10,000 chorus girls ask him for his autograph. Ghandi doesn’t marry any of them.

My intuition tells me that striving to leave a legacy is a cart before the horse deal, if our contribution is significant, then perhaps our name will persist. If we raise thriving, secure kids then our name might be esteemed. If we raise a serial killer we're remembered as the shitty parents responsible for a serial killer.

The starship enterprise warps into a bar and tips a pint of rather tasty stout with the local lads. The rest of the season is canceled.

Setting out to make a popular, festival winning movie would be a weird goal. Setting out to make a movie that was exciting and compelling to me, that's doable. Likewise with this podcast. I started podcasting to expand the audience for the Daughter of God. A fantastic and helpful mistake to make right off the bat. Inherently limiting, the wrong question. How do I make a popular podcast? Copy other podcast formats, imitate other hosts, do what's been done before? Boring!

While I was sailing in 2009-2010, I tinkered with how to translate my wilderness experience to the camera. That's a little more than pointing at sun dappled forests or pinkish quartz dunes during magic hour. Who I am in wilderness. Writing, rambling monologs while eating oatmeal in the dinosaur grass, or steering Hello World with my feet.

You and your mom go into a bar and argue over your choice of clothing. Eventually she ends up scarfing popcorn and staring sullenly at tennis on the tv. The bartender gives u a conspiratorial wink.

That's still my desire as we finish our visit today. To be wilderness incarnate.

This could be a prayer, try it with me. Now I recognize myself in this sun and water. I remember that I am the wilderness, I am the beauty I seek to surround myself with, the exotic places I long to travel to. And when I speak, you might as well be hearing loons or the lapping rollers falling apart over the pebbles and sand.

My words mean nothing, just listen, listen and share the sun on my skin, be the sky with me, the tree budding. Remember you too are the wilderness. Take a vacation from thought.

I suggested to Joe Cissel the other day that TV shows and podcasts are about people first and information or plot second.

Reading a story by a crackling fire, I hear words in my head, soft spoken by some version of me, the voice of the author whispers. Shows and podcasts come complete with their own voices and faces, we think we are engaged by the stories or the information, but we are really bonding to the carriers of the information, the people.

This was confirmed by feedback from Amanda, a social media maven about THIS podcast.

"... but yes I do think there could be misinterpretation in them. I think you can reduce the chances of that by excluding transcriptions. At least then you're not repeating controversial/explicit content. Reading it leaves an entirely different resonance than listening to it via your tone, which you are able to get away with much more."

Exactly the same information, written first then spoken second, both translations dislocated in time. Yet the spoken information achieves rapport whereas the written threatens censure. We are the message.

Do we need an echo to know that we're alive? Is this writing, this podcasting helping me to have a deeper life experience? Seems so. When the Bluehost servers in Utah are recycled into Tricorders and Xwings, this podcast may be long lost, until then I am as substantial as the Pyramids at Giza. I am solid and real, I am the megalith of the moment.


You've become one with Episode 035 of the Daughter of Godcast, another 20ish minutes of the very same nothing that gave birth to all the cosmos. Words alone made a virgin pregnant. What can they do for you?

Gurudeva, an incarnation of Shiva, established a Hindu temple on Kaua'i. He advised his devotees to write 10 pages for every year of thier life, a crucial step towards liberation. I've always wanted to do this and started many times - with the story of remembering JFK's assassination when I was only 6 months old.

Now with 35 episodes of podcasting, I've made some significant progress towards completing my 530 pages. Maybe 53 hours of podcasting would count. Liberation as motive? I might already be enlightened, and like all awesome bodhisattvas, staying behind to help you. Or maybe just because I have yet to find the ultimate vegetarian pizza.

Two things I forgot to talk about in this episode. The first hint of Daughter of Godcast and Dan Novak's sing-a-long from my birthday party. Plus I'd like to add imagery for the cool DOG developments discussed above.

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