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A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of God, Episode 033, Comet.

Welcome to the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 033, Comet. We've been reeling in the years for 32 episodes. On the cusp of 2013 and easing off on the longer podcast format, back to a concise 15 or so minute length for the foreseeable.

A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of God, Episode 033, Comet. Dan's impression of Kirok.

There are spring rites and rituals to perform, ablutions, anointings. The asteroid deflection tower that protects Earth from fragments of rogue comets needs a core balancing and celestial sphere recalibration. That requires rappeling into the subterranean silo with a pack of iron rations and wandering for weeks in megalithic, labyrinthian passages under the influence of homebrew neuro enhancements. Recording podcasts down there is problematic what with intense natural reverb and guttering torchlight. Plus forgetting how to pronounce the word the.

2013 is not going anywhere, 2013 will keep. For this magic episode 033, or 3 x 11, let's have an apocalypse update. As Daughter of God is THE most post apocalyptic movie EVER, we've got to stay absolutely up to date with the latest apocalyptic trends and fashions. Through the gentle release I continue to contemporize DOG, tacking on the latest in catastrophic chic.  Daughter of Godcast Episode 033, comet.

So here's a story and maybe it's not a lie. You've heard that old cliche about the earth being alive and sentient? Maybe even here on the Daughter of Godcast podcast. What if I told you the whole solar system was thus? Alive, a synergy, an entity on a scale we can't fathom, at least we couldn't fathom until I say the next thing. So here's some fathoming.

Every planet is analogous to an organ in our body. There, see? That's not so bad. I'll just talk about a few planets to illustrate the idea, cause we only have about 15 minutes, approximately.

The planet Earth is analogous to a marsupial pouch, where the solar system's spawn matures and undergoes some unimaginable but inevitable transformation. The solar system's energetic core is the sun, digesting a great gulp of hydrogen over billions of years, providing vital heat and light to the spawn. The giant planets Jupiter and Saturn form a sort of gravitational immune/lymph system, snagging up celestial invaders that might collide with the inner planets, disturbing the spawning processes or sterilizing them outright. Invaders like nasty old comets from the nasty old Ort cloud. Not nasty old orc cloud, ORC but, Oort OORT after the Dutch Astronomer Jan Oort. The Oort cloud is supposedly a shell of debris surrounding the solar system, maybe akin to skin. Except a skin that can go rogue, diving sunward to threatening the pouchy planets... you just can't trust a metaphor.

Sun diving rogues are not always assimilated by our gravitational guardians. Comet and comet fragments threaten the inner planets with catastrophic collisions equivalent to multi-megaton and multi-gigaton atomic weapons in energy release. Earth has been hit with comet debris within the last 12,000 and 200 years, to devastating effect. Perhaps Mars was once a spawn planet too, but was sterilized by such a super intense impact.

Ever wonder where the North American mastodons went? If your thinking hungry hunter gatherers, that would have required one heck of a barbecue. Like nonstop 24/7 for decades. Plus hunter gatherers were taking pretty good care of the buffalo before the white folks showed up. Why would their ancestors feel compelled to eat all the mastodons? That's more Archon style.

About 12k years ago, a nasty old comet snuck in and blasted the mastodons, plus north and south america. And the polar ice caps and maybe Atlantis.

Ok, so I'm not going to push the planets as organs metaphor any further, asserting that Venus is the gall bladder and Uranus is well, we all know about Uranus even if though they changed the pronunciation to keep grade school science teachers from blushing. Something to do with emphasizing the antepenult in Greek, which also sounds pretty raunchy, if you ask me. The dirtiest planet name is definitely Earth.

In ancient times, the appearance of a comet in the sky was an ill omen. Perhaps this wasn't ignorant superstition, but based on deep memories of collisions with comet debris and the ensuing devastation.

What if ancient civilization(s) flourished on the earth way before Rome, before Egypt and Sumer? Perhaps as advanced as our Amazon Prime, iCar civilization in many respects, able for sure to decode the celestial clock and read the cosmos. What if this advanced civilization was obliterated by a collision with space debris? Even with extensive knowledge of the stars and earth's place among them they were too busy bickering and fussing over who had the best giant chrome easter eggs and spiderman pez dispensers to deal with space chunks. The survivors learned their lesson tho, traveling to distant lands to teach hunter gather tribes how to reboot civilization, to build and sow and... keep records. "Yo Comets suck, watch the skies." That's your basic holy book distillation right there. I am Kirok!

The knowledge of space debris danger was encoded in megalithic structures, in mythology and religious dogma, preparing for the eventual rise of another advanced civilization, one that could travel beyond the Earth and nudge the dangers away. Preparing that future civilization to prioritize, to remember what really matters. Deflect the shit in space first, giant chrome easter eggs second.

Our nuclear arsenal can be reframed, (see Episode 015), just like the ICBMs designed to carry them were, ancient ancestors of the space shuttle and SpaceX's Falcon and Dragon. Maybe the point of developing our massive nuclear arsenal is not vaporize yanks and ruskies, but to have the capability to protect life on Earth by nudging big debris out of our orbit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Earth's latest advanced civilization, us. We are networked, space faring, in a position to secure Earth, not from terrorists or fascists, but from big rocks in the sky that would ruin everyone's day, upset everyone's board game. We can be unified, with a common purpose. Right here and now. No propaganda needed.

As you might expect, that's not quite how it went down in the Daughter of God universe. Nope. They had both a minor nuclear engagement AND a comet strike. And scaly reptilians too, who are avatars of the information encoded in our so called junk DNA, maybe.

I've just discovered Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. Can you tell?

I woke up this morning with plausible alternate memories. Started out as garden variety dreaming... I had dropped a writable optical media CD/DVD from a cliff or tree, full of photos and this kid scrambled down to retrieve, but he had struggled with some other kids and the disc had gotten sandy. I assumed the sand had scratched the surface and the media was no longer readable, the photos I had stored were gone. Then I noticed it was parallel technology, a writable optical disk integrated in a clear shell, kind of like a floppy disks of old. This made sense as tech because CD/DVDs are so easily scratched.

Anyway, I realized that the media itself was probably fine, i just needed to carefully clean off the case to remove all the grit. I was doing this and the father of the kid was saying he really wanted the disk clean before he tried it in his computer. As I got the disc ready, I struck up a conversation with my friend Milagros's son Joseph, who was studying. I recognized the name of the author of his book, a woman and then the book. He was reading the manual for getting an airplane pilot's license. My comment was, yeah, she's great, I had that book too when I got my license.

And then in my dream I felt a little confused, did I get my pilot's license? I drifted in and out of waking state, wondering did I or did I not get my pilot's license for real, and could I have forgotten such a significant experience?

In the dream, I recounted to Joseph or whoever, the triumphant story of how I not only got my pilot's license, but eventually added seaplane certification, and then bought a very compact seaplane to keep on Crystal Lake, which I have now. Or do I?

I remembered getting my pilots license. For single engine planes. I can remember writing extensively about the experience, buying the course materials, squeaking by on the requirements, soloing, taking off and landing. I had the impression of starting the course with my nephew Jonathan, but he dropped out and I finished on my own.

The strangeness of this is that I didn't dream I got my license, I dreamed that I remembered getting it and the memories of getting were extensive and vivid. I dreamed of memories. As I lay in bed, i went deeper into the memory and began to be convinced that indeed, I had gotten my pilot's license and just forgot, I thought about where I might have stashed the books, about searching my journals and finding all the entries. How I had created a derivative journal and rearranged, improved my journal structure. Years ago, maybe just a few years? Had to be after James and I went to pick up Anastasia from Episode 027, because I remember being fascinated with his mysterious procedures and radio communication. I wasn't familiar with a pilot's responsibility then so I must have gotten my license after.

The quality of this dream feels like evidence of alternative time lines. I wasn't asking for his dream, I wasn't wanting proof of parallel Dan Kellys. The superimposition of having a pilot's license was out of nowhere, and powerful enough to keep me lying in bed, exploring the details of this memory, wondering how to truth this remembering.

Out of nowhere except for my recent apocalyptic research and assimilating a version of global history that makes sense, the geologic record, the great megalithic cultures, their message to us about the dire threats from space debris, so many riddles and coded transmissions in mythology and religion. That's not alternative history, that's just much clearer actual history. That's the thread we're holding in or hands. Bounce bounce goes the golf ball behind the station wagon.

Who is this Dan Kelly who flies single engine prop planes? I am him too.

Getting back to advanced civilizations, why is there all this emphasis on anthropocentric climate change? Why has NASA played down the vulnerability of Earth to collision with comet debris? How come archeologists are so glued to a judeo christian timeline?

Humans have been around for 100k years. Earth has deployed humans to safeguard her from biggish shit that intersects our orbit. Survivors of an ancient advanced civilization, call it Atlantis, evangelized hunter gathers all over the earth, jump starting cultures to build stone monuments that could pass this secret along, until such time as we could pop out of the gravity well and defend the planet. That by analogy, our current civilization is a modern Atlantis, we have the capability to clear earth's path of hazards but instead we're too busy figuring out new ways to control and kill each other or extrude plastic easter flowers in such garish colors that real flowers seem whispy and ghostlike in comparison.

Wandered into michigan's mega store, Meijers last night, I was assaulted by their spring restock. The crowning achievement of my advanced civilization, a conglomeration of petroleum derived flash and flicker, sugar coating and glitter, an avalanche of eye dazzling landfill in the making, and I had to laugh. This is exactly what an advanced planet protecting civilization looks like! We could be creamed by an asteroid at any moment. On these shelves of Chinese schlock, the encrypted message of Easter is still recognizable, when we choose to at last see. Meanwhile, the multi-megaton marauders lurk in the deep darks. We could be locating each and every one, nudging them out of the way. We could and we can. If you're listening to this podcast, then there's still time.

You've been listening to the daughter of Godcast, episode 033, Comets. I'm here in Meijers parking lot, Traverse City, Michigan without a release, filming and recording this episode for you. In the rain. Or wait, no. I'm in undisclosed wilderness of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and it's partly cloudy. That's lake Michigan over there. This is our home. Earth.

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