What’s more sexy than a secret? Hello, this is your Uncle Joe. As an intelligence professional and cosmic commando I’d like to share one of my favorite ways to keep a secret – the Daughter of God public PGP key – which helps you can send secure email messages to me, <> (9BAC7B77). You’ll need to install OpenPGP software on your computer so you can encrypt, which basically turns your email into jibberish that can only be decrypted by me. Below you’ll find a list of OpenPGP solutions for your computer and/or smart phone.

Operating Systems


Please import the public key into your local OpenPGP Key-Manager.

Secrets are sexy, so take a tip from your Uncle Joe. Strong encryption is not just for spooks or terrorists anymore. Why do bedroom windows have curtains or blinds? How come your bathroom has a door? What’s the reason for sending love letters in a sealed envelope?

Unencrypted email can be intercepted and read by anyone. By default, email is public. If you’d like to share ideas and feelings securely, encryption is your friend. As am I!

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