Blessings / Swag

We don’t need instrumentality to thrive, heal and bloom, but instrumentality is fun! AND Daughter of God’s swag is sacred. From the about to be,  she offers lenses to focus your best energy. Wherever joy, awakening and rapport is wanted, DOG swag.


First of all, know that you are blessed without having to do a single thing. You are amazing and supported by the universe with every breath.

Getting Blessed

On top of your inherent worthiness just by being human on planet Earth, helping Daughter of God manifest means your blessings can actually be counted. Sure blessings tune your alignment, burn karma and cleanse sins, but who’d of thought that Getting Blessed could be such a rip roaring good time?


Beginning in April of 2018, blessings can be redeemed for fabulous boons, unprecedented in the history of independent movie swag. DOG’s Redemption catalog is already stocked with wild products and experiences, and new ones are being dreamed up constantly. You won’t find this sweet stuff on Amazon®, Ebay®, or anywhere else in the Known Universe.

Best Beloveds

Check the Season 2 Crowd Creation Best Beloveds roster to see just how much you’ve helped bring the Daughter of God into the experience of all beings.