Daughter of Godcast Podcast
Season Three • Summer Vacation

We're celebrating our 100th episode of the Daughter of Godcast by taking a vacation from focusing exclusively on the movie to provide pro tips on the art of existence. Meanwhile, in the deepest sanctuary of the top-secret experienceatorium, Shri Fugi Spilt decisively manifests cinematic virtuosity for the liberation of all beings. Daughter of God is coming!

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Episode 100
Schools Out

(07-25-18) 06:58 minutes, audio+video
Taking a break, not from podcasting but the relentless and unblinking consideration of the movie. Visiting animal friends, blond men, and building my first walipini.

Episode 101

(07-31-18) 09:00 minutes, audio+video
Summer vacation unfolds with b-roll that seems to have nothing to do with the narrative. A mystery project... with kittens!

Episode 102

(08-07-18) 15:18 minutes, audio+video
Because smoothies are indicative of the harvest, fresh fruit and greens in season. Following your bliss simplified.

Episode 103

(08-15-18) 12:26 minutes, audio+video
Sprouted food fixery and a demonstration of the body's intelligence through taste.

Episode 104

(08-22-18) 18:59 minutes, audio+video
Sleeping with crickets and other iniquities.

Episode 105

(08-28-18) 09:19 minutes, audio+video
On summer vacations becoming passé, and the leading-edge forays of the American Transcendentalists.

Episode 106

(09-05-18) 08:15 minutes, audio+video
What can be learned from watermelons, and how to create super cats through inter-species communication.

Episode 107

(09-12-18) 09:26 minutes, audio+video
More sermons and speechifying by an unleashed Shri Fugi Spilt. Did we make the aliens or were they already here? The Buddha never waited.

Episode 108

(09-19-18) 09:30 minutes, audio+video
Daughter of Godcast is taking a break from movie talk for a few more episodes and instead sheet talking America, the United States of. Because Dreams.

Episode 109

(09-26-18) 07:08 minutes, audio+video
Another episode about nothing, the aptly titled Episode 109 Nothing. Enjoying the elony. Use only as directed.

Episode 110
Earth Dog

(10-03-18) 09:51 minutes, audio+video
If you can still hear crickets, summer isn't over. Episode 110 Earth Dog, the preface to choosing what Daughter of God's completion will feel like.

Episode 111

(10-10-18) 09:09 minutes, audio+video
An episode about rapport, mostly meaning-free except for what you insert. The sound of Dan Kelly's aka Shri Fugi Spilt's voice could contend with central air-conditioning for meditative focus.

Episode 112

(10-19-18) 08:12 minutes, audio+video
The twilight of Season Three, Summer Vacation, and a story about when hard work isn't problematic. Being the last friend of a derelict sailboat.

Episode 113
Get Ready

(10-23-18) 09:10 minutes, audio+video
Being an Executive Transvestite pales in comparison to the latest craziness offered in this brief but exemplary episode. Outing myself in a whole new category.

Episode 114

(10-31-18) 12:09 minutes, audio+video
A unique take on legalizing recreational cannabis in Michigan and gloating over the new talent helping DOG get done.

Episode 115

(11-08-18) 12:09 minutes, audio+video
"Welcome to the Kali Yuga" is a play inspired by a visit to the shire by the master bodyworker Milagros. Check out miraclebody.work if you're planning a visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and are eager for optimization.

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