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Daughter of Godcast is a podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, hosted by Writer / Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). The episodes span eleven years of movie making, (including some pauses and snafus), the entire arc of production from inception in 2005 to the current gentle release, which continues through 2017.

For maximum enjoyment start with Episode 001.

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Episode 034 – Question
(04-19-17) 22:29 minutes, audio+video
Question, Windmills, Emissaries


Episode 033 Comet
(04-12-17) 15:29 minutes, audio+video
Comet, Atlantis, Large Chrome Easter Egg

Episode 032 – Waves
(04-08-17) 45:00 minutes, audio+video
Waves, Wisdom, Dinosaurs

Episode 031 – Volunteers
(03-31-17) 30:48 minutes, audio+video
Volunteers, Joy Acting, Getting from Giving

Episode 030 – Doughnut
(03-25-17) 30:48 minutes, audio+video
Doughnut, Foreshadow, Roto

Episode 029 – Emotion
(03-15-17) 27:02 minutes, audio+video
Emotion, 40 TB, Marshmallows

Episode 028 – Resurrection
(03-10-17) 39:04 minutes, audio+video
Resurrection, Michigan Movie Makers, 3:30

Episode 027 – New Tires
(03-01-17) 36:25 minutes, audio+video
New Tires, Freedom Talking Fairy Tales, Last Cats

Episode 026 – Two
(02-22-17) 25:24 minutes, audio+video
Two, Songs, Abrupt Ending

Episode 025 – Circles
(02-15-17) 67:07 minutes, audio+video
Circles. Dick and the Incas. Ritch and Adhoc. Blown Home.

Episode 024 – Crazy
(02-08-17) 61:09 minutes, audio+video
Crazy, Adjustments, Recipe

Episode 023 – Wilds
(02-01-17) 57:49 minutes, audio+video
Wilds, Hello World, Bliss, Ecstatic

Episode 022 – Water
(01-18-17) 32:54 minutes, audio+video
Water, Giving Up, Earth calls

Episode 021 – Mission
(01-18-17) 32:54 minutes, audio+video
Mission, Self Worth, Cookies for Orphans

Episode 020 – Generosity
(01-11-17) 29:27 minutes, audio+video
Generosity, Gardens, Unraveling, Ultimate Reality

Episode 019 – Calm Before
(01-04-17) 29:06 minutes, audio+video
Calm Before, Conditions for Happiness, Terrorist Training Films

Episode 018 – Apocalypse, Excelsior!
(12-28-16) 26:50 minutes, audio+video
Beyond Loss or Gain, Jams, Steadicams and Flim Flam

Episode 017 – Christmas 2006
(12-21-16) 27:43 minutes, audio+video
Glasses of Grandfather are Talismanic, Lies

Episode 016 – Deeper
(12-16-16) 29:45 minutes, audio+video
2016, Rough Cut, NYC, Why Movie?

Episode 015 – First Wave Festivals
(12-07-16) 19:48 minutes, audio+video
Editorial, Weapons Repurposed.

Episode 014 – Why Make Movies?
(11-30-16) 22:42 minutes, audio+video
The podcast gets a groove, allegory of forgotten feet and the proximity sense.

Episode 013 – Epilogue
(11-23-16) 19:54 minutes, audio+video
Bye bye Big Boat, now the story starts.

Episode 012 – Two Rooms
(11-17-16) 27:38 minutes, audio+video
Digressions that normal film makers might actually understand.

Episode 011 – Time Travel Efficacy
(11-11-16) 19:28 minutes, audio+video
Success! Adding another dimension and the magic crystal sphere.

Episode 010 – Who said anything about the Illuminati?
(11-03-16) 19:29 minutes, audio
Practical time travel, Cthulhu and Reptilians explained.

Episode 090 – The Lost Episode
Giving away free t-shirts and trips to Vegas for most creative iTunes reviews

Episode 008 – Peg the Fun Meter
(10-26-16) 22:31 minutes, audio
Line Producer Ann Loeding visits, Werner Heisenberg and mysterious leakage.

Episode 007 – Treasure
(10-19-16) 23:29 minutes, audio
Prostitution and theft, innovative film funding techniques.

Episode 006 – Technology and…
(10-12-16) 21:17 minutes, audio
Denouement then way back to the outdated and obscure analog TV epoch

Episode 005 – Never Bring Cocaine to a Border Crossing
(10-05-16) 21:30 minutes, audio
International incident puts the production into Purgatory.

Episode 004.1 – Daughter of Dumpling House
(09-28-16) 14:32 minutes, audio
Flashback in Chinatown with Mark, inviting Keanu to live in the Airstream

Episode 004 – Five to Ten in Canadian Slammer
(09-21-16) 11:31 minutes, audio
Secret FBI record facilitates flirting in the face of danger.

Episode 003 – A Big Boat
(09-14-16) 10:10 minutes, audio
Big Boat. Swirling vortex of chaos coalesces along the path of least resistance.

Episode 002 – Swiss German Triple Threat
(09-07-16) 11:41 minutes, audio
Happy War! A pariah lands in Brooklyn and solves a casting conundrum.

Episode 001 – That’s No Moon
(08-31-16) 10:59 minutes, audio
The decision to direct and the start of a perilous adventure.


Daughter of Godcast Episodes are scheduled for weekly release, usually on a Wednesday evening Eastern Standard Time, or GMT-5.

Comments are enabled on each of the episodes. The Daughter of Godcast Central Control professionals are tickled by your questions, encouragement and (even) critique. Laud or lambaste the Daughter of Godcast via your favorite flavor of social media or email Uncle Joe [AT] dog [DOT] movie.