Daughter of Godcast 099

Summer is booming along here in Northern Michigan – long days, swimming, thunderstorms, sunsets, and lots of fresh local produce. Heaven, basically. The Daughter of Godcast was launched two summers and one month ago, August of 2016. Now were a stone’s throw from the number 101, our next palindrome episode. Six months left to get the movie done in the Chinese year of the DOG, and five months before 2019.

I’ve discovered the unifying field theory, the spiritual Rosetta stone, a Twinkee made of pure light. The advent of a distributed utopia. What this podcast has been about all along. Process, right? That’s not news for devotees of the Daughter of Godcast.

This is probably a rehash of Buddha, Abraham Hicks, Alan Watts and ten thousand others,  but there’s also the glint of something new, the Shri Fugi Spilt perspective which perhaps might crack open the vault of your own inner treasures, a tad more. Maybe. If you’re ready. Tap YOUR ruby slippers together three times. Because there’s no place like home, and you’re already home, wherever you are. Which is sort of like what Buckaroo Bonzai brought into our shared gestalt, “Where ever you go, there you are”. Aka screenwriter Mac Rauch talking through actor Peter Weller, perhaps inspired by Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra and Confucius before him.

While we’re digressing, how did Yogi Berra get his nickname? According to ZellPinstripeblog “When he started playing in the American Legion baseball leagues, they had no dugouts or benches for the players. Berra used to sit indian style in the dirt with his arms and legs crossed. One of his teammates, Bobby Hofman, said he looked like a yogi (a hindu holy man), and the nickname stood.” So there’s that.

Podcasting indulges the guilty pleasure of fierce googling.

Still with me? The signpost up ahead, you’re entering… ok. Let’s focus. We’re taking a whirlwind tour of process today because we’re keeping the episodes svelte. And Now This!


English or perhaps American language has this bias, a built in self vs other perspective. I act on the environment, I do things. Me and you. Me and this fork, this camera. For some, me vs my body, like they can be seperate. Let’s start there.

Lately, like for the last year, I’ve been erasing the distinction between me and my body. I’ve been exploring being my feelings, my sensations, my experience. As opposed to having them.

That’s semantics, maybe. But what better game is there than rewriting the code of our conceptions? To tinker with inquiry.

This subtle shift means I have a richer me-ness, attending to sensation means I have less words and less words feels like more autonomy, more freedom. Your mileage may vary.

Fast forward to yesterday or maybe today, I now get that I am a process. I am not a human doing stuff, I am the doing. Doings. Language 1.0 might say it like this, “I drink water.” Version 2.0, I am the drinking of water. What does a drinking of water feel like? That’s the crux, right there. The question worth asking.

Why is this a breakthrough? Because by being a process instead of a bunch of components acting on each other, I get to go deeper. I am a deeper. Which is to say, I am more. Way more. Than ever I was before.

Sex magic, it get’s results. I mean c’mon! What’s the point of living the spiritual life or the introspective life or any life unless there’s some super humanity to be had? I want to be more. Don’t we all? The perspective of consumer culture seems to focus on having more instead of being more. How we imagine the having will make us feel, as if the configuration of physicality is crucial to desired feeling states. That’s what I used to believe, fervently. Now not so much, and less every second.

Now I’m backwards. The imagined is waiting, whispering, full of feeling and ecstatic energy. Constantly calling up on telephone, we can just pick up and say Hello. All our favorite feelings activated from one phone call. But we gotta answer. A collect call from the vortex, will you accept? When we’ve stewed in the feeling, basted, simmered, then there’s a showing up, so even your Joe and Jane sixpack neighbors can see, if you want them too. The Delorean in your driveway, the seal point siamese lounging in your kitchen window, the ripped and rippling pectoral muscles framing your sternum. Reality baby.

Enough guruing for today, let’s touch on feedback for 098, King of the Earth.

Jil via FB

Lovelovelovelove I love it all.

That’s 5 love’s from Jil. I don’t usually post purely lauditory feedback, but… Jil.

Susan via FB

This is a great scene. I also really like the bedsprings.

Me too, the bed springs are fun. I might have prodded Jil and Susan for a little more detail, maybe next week.

And that brings me to my current stance on feedback. Any feedback is feedback. Even no feedback is feedback. Whatever comes or doesn’t come is just right. Moving right along.

099 Live Feed

Uncle Joe draws back the bow and aims Christina at her heart’s desire. The logistics of a bulls eye are explained in no uncertain terms. Is there room for romance in such a scenario? What’s MOST peculiar about this set-up?

That’s a wrap on the centenial’s eve episode of the Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation. Scenes and feedback for the win. Savoring these final months on the home stretch, the dream of completion shimmering and pulsing just beyond. Signals from a Nearby Now where all the most hilarious happenings are, ready to be felt, bone buzzing, skin shivering feelings, sensation, presence. The inside scoop on existence, you’re an elite subscriber. Do I know what I’m talking about? Can you take this to the bank? Are these coupons redeemable for big savings? Has your ship come in? Your starship? Your Earthship? Row upon row of lounge chairs strewn across the promenade deck, under a panapoly of stars. Stretched out and luxuriating, we bath in the fierce glow of ten thousand million dreams, light speed phone calls. Winking insistently. Ring… ring… ring… Hello?





Daughter of Godcast 098

What are we doing here? We’re watching scenes from a post apocalyptic romantic comedy and giving feedback. At least, that’s the vision, the dream. In 2018, this podcast switched from documenting the inception and production of the movie Daughter of God into a collaborative, participatory cluster fuck through a scene by scene test screening on the world wide web. Season Two Crowd Creation has been a blast, a riot, a step in the right direction… but we’re not quite firing on all cylinders, not quite yet.

A couple of episodes back, we riffed on Philip Marlowe, author Raymond Chandler’s iconic private detective, as an oddball exemplar of personal integrity and ethics.  He is also homophobic and slightly racist. A fictional character is always referred to in the present tense, because they never were, and always are. Who knows whether Chandler shared his character’s occlusions, who cares? Life is nuanced and confusing. As divinity incarnate, we are each a craggy outcrop of contradictions, shot through with veins of both quartz and gold.

Let’s drag out that clunky detective metaphor yet again, with a few lines from “The Adventure of Silver Blaze” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

I’d like to draw your attention to the curious incident of the DOG on the web, Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation that is. There’s not that much Crowd Creation happening and that’s the curious incident.

This experiment of expanding cinematic production to include the audience, still feels like a sparkling epiphany to me. Test screening on the web could be the future for film generally. AND yet, feedback for DOG is tapering off, now that the novelty is gone. Offering feedback just isn’t very compelling, not yet.

We’re not giving up though, no way. The feedback we HAVE received so far is amazing, my movie making is much more fun because of this feedback. Well, then… how much feedback would be ideal?

20-30 comments a week would probably overwhelm my capacity to respond. 10-15 feels about right. 200 people tune into this podcast each week, so if just 5% of our listeners gave an opinion every episode, we’d be there. That’s you, by the way. We want your comments and critique, especially if you’re a feedback virgin. By we I mean myself and all  the other listeners to the Daughter of Godcast.  I’m scintillating out here all by myself no doubt, but the fun jumps up a magnitude or two when you join in.

I know asking for feedback is not enough. Contributing an opinion needs to get way more tasty, thrilling, inspiring, satisfying. I’m trying to discover how to make this as good for you as it is for me. Let’s have feedback on the feedback, how can feedback be improved?

If you yearn for a more just, peaceful and sustainable human presence on planet earth, start here. Adventurous cinema awakens awareness and shifts culture. Doesn’t get more zany and adventurous than asking the interwebs to do a scene by scene deconstruction and critique of my very first feature. We’re improvising a breathtaking finale to 12 years of serendipity and stumbling.  AND the emergence of open source movie production. AND Learning to be fully alive.

Those are the stakes were playing for. Still tho, not enough to ask and not enough to riff utopian. Giving feedback has to be amazing, somehow. How can we do that? I’m asking the cosmos sure AND I’m asking you… and you… and you! 200 of the finest minds on the planet. The kernel of a transcendent gestalt consciousness, coalescent. Did you know that’s what you are? This is the future right here, folks. You’re it.

Feedback 097 Really

Uncle Joe and Christina surveil Gerry and wrap up their reunion. Oddly, they also seem to be under surveillance. Who could possibly be watching THEM?

Anonymouse offered…

“Perhaps god”
“watching her closely, seeing choices made – there are groans/creaks but no words.”

I replied,

“What groans/creaks? Still referring to god watching her?”

Again Anonymouse,

“groans/creaks; the watching presence sometimes expresses itself with a creaking door or a groaning (?) – but no words.”

And lastly me,

You’ve offered a couple of nifty ideas.

First, that God views duality through a distorted wide angle lens, grainy and full of encoding artifacts, as if divine surveillance is sub par, outdated, needing an upgrade. I am reminded that the greek pantheon of gods popped out of each others foreheads, so they must have had a birth date and are thus ensnared by time. They and their associated instrumentality (lightning bolts, golden chariots) eventually became obsolete. Maybe God has trouble getting the latest technology and has to make do with what’s lying around from Genesis. Or maybe God is just frugal, why activate 3D Technicolor Sensurround when security cam quality will do.

Second, that the language of God is unintelligible, perceivable only as creaks and moans. Either God is coping with a low resolution transmitter, (see above) or this is a deliberate choice by the creator, which could imply that noises carry far more information than any amount of words strung together. Which is why crashing waves and bird song is so intriguing and sublime. Or like the crickets in episode 052…

“Every word in the language of crickets means beauty. 10,000 words for beauty, more than inuit words for snow, just beauty, beauty, beauty. Like dour George saying his creed.”

Feedback from .5% of our audience this week. You have the power to move that from .5 to 5. Or let us know why you just can’t be bothered. Everything helps!

098 King of the Earth

Gerry’s grousing stands in high contrast to Christina’s flippant full steam ahead. He’s angst-y and she’s indefatigable. Do any hints of compatibility peek through?

I am here, weekly, supposedly. Making a movie, inviting you in to advise, energize, synthesize. Perhaps excise, as in remove surgically. Whatever feels pleasing, encouraging, insightful. Why do we come together? Because there’s an adventure here, a mystery exactly suited to our unique curiosity. What we are ready for. I speak for myself and for you too, because I am the voice you’ve chosen for this perfect moment, the next clue. We are all guides and gurus for each other, as are rocks, puddles and gum wrappers. Anything can light up and be the next beckoning. Come with me if you want to live.

Episode 098 King of the Earth, Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation. Riding the cosmic rollercoaster, we catch our breath, hold hands and exchange big goofy grins before being whipped around the next hairpin turn or flipped upsidedown. I do the talking and you do the listening apparently, mostly. A podcast about a movie that’s making me and now making you too, because you’re assimilating. You’ve decided this podcast is next dry stone to step to in your gamble across the babbling brook. Whatever I happen to be spilling out, that’s you leveraging, improvising, following your bliss. We both pretend this was recorded by Dan Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt, but I’m a fiction. This isn’t me your hearing and maybe seeing. This is what a voice in your head sounds like, a lucid dream looks like. I’m an elaborate ruse you’ve cooked up to remember what you never forgot. I’m a magic you’re making, a casting forth of quantum breadcrumbs into the future where only you can find them.

Daughter of Godcast 073

Hello, here we are at another episode of Daughter of Godcast, Crowd Creation, this is Episode 073, Open Season.

What’s this podcast all about? We’re asking the internet to help make a movie, Daughter of God. We want to trade scenes, shots and snippets for your feedback, opinions and critique. Every week we show a new chunk of the movie and report back about the previous week’s chunk.

Crowd Creation continues for the post apocalyptic, romantic comedy Daughter of God. When you share your experience, comments and critique, you make this movie. Episode 073 Open Season

If you just want to listen, no worries.  The Daughter of Godcast strives to be a stand alone audio experience, you don’t have to look at anything. However, you are always welcome to join us in the next dimensions, the visual dimension, the interactive dimension. After 70 episodes of history and preaching by me me me, I’m itching for you you and more you.

So there’s the premise, super easy. Let’s have a conversation. We could have so much fun, we could make such an amazing movie together. A way better movie than I can make on my own. Hear me, podcast listeners and mayhap watchers. Come with me on this adventure. Be a movie maker. Play with me.

Last week in Episode 072 we showed Christina’s Date Dance.

In preparation for her date with Gerry, Christina dances into and out of various costumes to the pulse of random shortwave radio broadcasts. The question was, based on her clothing choices and style of movement, what 5 adjectives best describe Christina?

Date Dance had 22 plays, 56 impressions and a play rate of 39%, down from the 33 plays, 78 impressions and 42% play rate for Episode 071 Wall Street Under Water. This drop in interest was surprising – the thumbnail image for Date Dance featured an attractive human female in an alluring gown while Wall Street’s thumbnail is just a beach of bricks. Perhaps the deep shadows of the shot made Christina look like she’s frowning.

I introduced the chunk and asked for feedback at the end, but this wasn’t effective. Date Dance inspired less feedback than Wall Street Under Water, which had no introduction or feedback request. Date Dance was probably too long at 3:25.

Scott and James both commented at dog.movie. Scott gave the following 5 adjectives.


At first, I wondered if Scott was describing the overall vibe of the shot rather than Christina herself, but then I looked up the definitions. For Scott, Christina is fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way (frenetic). More than just a quality of motion, she is motion incarnate, (kinetic) and at the same time frozen in a flash of light, stroboscopic.  She expresses emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way, lyric and is a document of her own life, autobiographic, an open book. Scott’s adjectives are interesting in that they describe Christina without implying right or wrong, worthy or unworthy. I feel a deepening of insight about Christina because of Scott’s description, her backstory grows.

James had these 5 adjectives to describe Christina.


James describes Christina as having  the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people seem appealing or special, (glamorous), with an even consistency, (smooth), attractively lively and animated (vivacious), having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition (soft) and deliberately enigmatic, (mysterious).

I replied to James, “Your adjectives feel affirming, I’m guessing you’re experiencing her as a protagonist, a character you’d root for.” James feedback is very close to what I intended to convey about Christina, but like Scott, his description also expands her for me. He hints at a goddess-like aspect, both attractive and unknowable, desirable and intentionally occluded. Subtle and lively, animated. She is a collection of fortunate contrasts.

What I learned from Scott and James is that Christina is alive. Carmen Althaus Koenig and I breathed life into her, now she is autonomous, a free agent. Becoming more than I ever imagined.

This week’s chunk is Open Season.

073 Feedback – Open Season from Daughter of Godcast – dog.movie on Vimeo.

A she deer foraging in a peaceful forest glade is startled by an arrow thunking into a nearby tree. She looks up, locates the threat, and fires ruby red laser beams from her eyes. There’s a pitiful scream and the sound of a body toppling into the bushes.

Here’s this week’s question. About how many times did you replay this shot? Also, feel free to comment on anything else that stands out.

Remember, you gotta watch and give your opinion if you want to make this movie. Play with us, please. Just takes 5 minutes to join the fun!

You’ve been hunting for fun with episode 073, Open Season, the Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation. Who is this crazy Crowd? You are my dears, each and every one of you is our crowd, a volunteer militia of free citizens, misfits and freaks, shining stars with clear preferences, opinions and insight. I invite you, nay I need you. Because now YOU are this movie. You can just listen, you can just watch no problem. That’s so sweetly 20th century, what most folks used to do. As for today, the world has mored, bloomed. Our flower nature is calling, what we are about to be is ready. I promise you’ll get into lots of excellent trouble, the dreams you’ve stashed in the dark earth are sprouting, months from spring and they’ve started to sing. I’m talking about a space ark, people. Parked in your driveway! Go look!