Daughter of Godcast 074

Daughter of Godcast Episode 074 Twelve Mediatronic Ads.

The Daughter of Godcast is about movie making, one movie mostly – Daughter of God, just another post apocalyptic, romantic comedy. The first season of the podcast, the Gentle Release was a rambling account of how this movie came to be, and how the making of made me. In this our second season, Crowd Creation, your opinions and critique reveal what scenes are fantastic and which might not quite be. With your feedback, Daughter of God is becoming a way better movie. We’re also setting a precedent as the first movie test screened over the entire internet. Please share, share, share!

The Daughter of Godcast is about movie making, one movie mostly - Daughter of God, just another post apocalyptic, romantic comedy. Shri Fugi Spilt summarizes feedback on OPen Season and introduces Twelve Mediatronic Ads.

In episode 073, we looked at Open Season. A doe grazing in the forest is surprised by the thunk of an arrow into a nearby tree. She looks around, locates the threat and emits laser beams out of her eyes. There’s a pitiful scream and the sound of a body collapsing into the bushes.

Nuts and Bolts

Crowd Creation is all about feedback, but how do we get feedback? Not only encouraging feedback but feedback that reveals problems or where a scene might be broken. Getting feedback is a learn as we go process, and I want to share these lessons too.

I requested a count of replays. To solicit more critical feedback, I also asked for “anything that stood out” emphasizing that “there are no right or wrong opinions”. We want to know what is working AND what isn’t. This phrasing seems effective, feedback for Open Season was the most diverse and insightful so far.

This was the first time a scene was uploaded to both Vimeo and Facebook, which increased feedback, perhaps because Facebook peeps tend not to follow external links. The Facebook version had an annoying resolution glitch tho, which makes the scene appear to change focus. Future uploads to Facebook will have to be carefully vetted. Also, is there a Facebook setting to loop expanded video?

As of Saturday January 20, 236 people were reached on Facebook with 145 views. FB also reports that the video was played for total of 53 minutes. The video is 11 seconds long, so 53 minutes is 289 plays, which is twice the number of views Facebook reports. Kinda confusing, FB.

Meanwhile on Vimeo, there were 13 plays, 47 impressions and a 28% play rate. Play rate is plays divided by impressions or how many times the video loaded on a page divided by how often the play button on the video was then clicked. James commented Vimeo play count seemed low. Why would Vimeo be undercounting? There’s still plenty to figure out.

Putting the video on Facebook definitely lowered the plays on Vimeo, but likely increased plays overall. I had been relying on organic or spontaneous likes of the Facebook page but last week I started to invite friends to follow http://facebook.com/daughterofgodcast. You can too – hint hint!


There was lots of super helpful feedback. Thanks so much to everyone who offered their two cents.

Pam commented at dog.movie.

Watched it thrice. Bucolic, then startling, suspenseful, surprising, and ultimately satisfying. Loved how the deer’s head, ears, movement, twitch, and overall expression perfectly synched with the offstage shenanigans and sounds!

Susan from Facebook

I watched it twice. Everything was spot on, and the scream was perfection.

Heather from Facebook

Omg, that was unexpected and hilarious

James from dog.movie

Watched it at least 11 times—I lost count. [snip] I felt freaked out by the concept; it was as though a hunter was trying to find dinner, and he shot at a deer that didn’t end up being a deer at all, but rather, an animatronic deer sporting killer laser eyes. Who would design such a machine and why? To further reduce the population of humans? Or as an advanced guard dog-like creature to protect the deer supply kept on someone’s homestead for their own harvesting?

I found the scene to be surprising and original and I really enjoyed the sound design.

Having James’ rationale for the origins of the deer was great. I have a story in my head, but his interpretation sent me in totally new direction. Should I add more hints about my laser eyed deer origin story or let everyone imagine their own? What other stories might folks come up with, I wonder?

Melonie and Joe both opined from Facebook that the look of the arrow is not ideal, which reveals that they are both astute observers, the arrow image is just a sketch. Pretty cool that the arrow was more problematic for Mel and Joe than laser beams coming from the deer’s eyes. This might be important when revising, a hyper realistic arrow might make the laser beams less convincing.

Based on these remarks the scene is nearly ready. However fascinating feedback from Philippa via Facebook and Seamus at DOG.MOVIE raises concerns.

Philippa Funny. Sounds like you fell in a toilet or maybe a pond towards the viewer rather than what I assume wants to be a lake off to the right because the sound of your voice and impact on water is so close.

Daughter of God [snip] I am gathering that the water sounds you are hearing are not working, that they are detracting from your experience?

Philippa Water sounds work fine if it’s a comedy, if they are supposed to sound fake.

I called Philippa to make sure I understood her experience.

Dan “So you were hearing water or a lake?”

Philippa “I understood it as a lake, (the hunter was falling into a lake) then I watched it a second time being more critical. Where the deer looks and where the sound comes from are contradictory.  There are many funny things that are happening in a small moment, the sound makes it more ridiculous.”

So Philippa is experiencing audio coming from different directions and water. She has generously agreed to review variations of Open Season and help me narrow down the variables.

Seamus also had audio critique.

Seamus The arrow sound wasn’t persuasive. It sounded more like someone slapped a piece of paper than an arrow that thudded and vibrated as it embedded itself in the wood.

He’s right, the arrow sound effect was also a sketch, but no one had flagged this, until now. Seamus has especially acute hearing, as we’ll see.

Seamus The man screaming sounded too close.

Which either means the scream is too loud, or there’s not enough echo to suggest the sound is bouncing around the forest and getting delayed. Also, my bad, the hunter’s scream overlaps with the body falling, which doesn’t sense. The impact of the body hitting bushes or the ground should cut off the scream or turn become a grunt. Either the scream has to end before the impact or the impact cuts off the scream. This anomaly could be conveying that the hunter was too close.

Seamus I wasn’t entirely sure why there was the sound of trees falling. Did the laser fell a tree after the man went down? The beam seemed too still for that. Did the man knock some trees over somehow? That doesn’t seem plausible.

That Seamus literally heard trees falling is vexing. Because he’s spot on, I used a snippet of trees falling to approximate a body toppling over. Seamus heard the trees and Philippa heard splashing. Clearly, this sound effect needs finessing.

Twelve Mediatronic Ads

In Episode 072, Date Dance we focused on Christina dancing into and out of various costumes. Behind her are boxes covered with mediatronics, a concept pilfered from Neal Stephanson’s Diamond Age.

Mediatronics are a computerized paint that turns any surface into an animated visual display, maybe for labeling or advertising. Flickering monochrome mediatronics are all over the Daughter of God world, as we’ll see in future episodes. Check out the episode for links mediatronic references from Season One, the Gentle Release (042, 044, 057) and Signals from a Nearby Now.

In Twelve Mediatronic Ads, instead of a single scene we’re looking at elements common to several scenes, mediatronic advertisements. There is no audio.

There are Twelve Mediatronic Advertisements, each preceded by a number for easy identification. These are ads from an alternate future, so they are going to seem somewhat nonsensical. You don’t have to understand them, just choose which ad is your favorite, which ad you find the most disturbing and post those numbers in the comments. Feel free to elaborate on your choices.

The feedback process has been really helpful and if you’ve commented, thank you so much for your time and attention. If you haven’t shared your opinion yet, don’t be shy. We love learning about everyone’s experience. Together, we’re making a better movie, better and better!

You’ve been communing with a distant cousin of this timeline via Twelve Mediatronic Ads, Episode 074 of the Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation.  Thanks be to you movie lovers, story tellers, collaborators, trouble makers, house holders, forest dwellers, lovers, dreamers, beyond category and in-betweeners. Whatever clever guise you sport, you can’t hide your divine shine, the spark inside the meat, the true you is known, felt and so appreciated. Welcome and Farewell. Until we gather again, know you are loved, your are cherished, the universe is standing by to grant our every wish, no kidding. Just gotta be clear and get the heck out of the way. I wish to end this episode, so watch how the universe cooperates with me, ready?









Daughter of Godcast 073

Hello, here we are at another episode of Daughter of Godcast, Crowd Creation, this is Episode 073, Open Season.

What’s this podcast all about? We’re asking the internet to help make a movie, Daughter of God. We want to trade scenes, shots and snippets for your feedback, opinions and critique. Every week we show a new chunk of the movie and report back about the previous week’s chunk.

Crowd Creation continues for the post apocalyptic, romantic comedy Daughter of God. When you share your experience, comments and critique, you make this movie. Episode 073 Open Season

If you just want to listen, no worries.  The Daughter of Godcast strives to be a stand alone audio experience, you don’t have to look at anything. However, you are always welcome to join us in the next dimensions, the visual dimension, the interactive dimension. After 70 episodes of history and preaching by me me me, I’m itching for you you and more you.

So there’s the premise, super easy. Let’s have a conversation. We could have so much fun, we could make such an amazing movie together. A way better movie than I can make on my own. Hear me, podcast listeners and mayhap watchers. Come with me on this adventure. Be a movie maker. Play with me.

Last week in Episode 072 we showed Christina’s Date Dance.

In preparation for her date with Gerry, Christina dances into and out of various costumes to the pulse of random shortwave radio broadcasts. The question was, based on her clothing choices and style of movement, what 5 adjectives best describe Christina?

Date Dance had 22 plays, 56 impressions and a play rate of 39%, down from the 33 plays, 78 impressions and 42% play rate for Episode 071 Wall Street Under Water. This drop in interest was surprising – the thumbnail image for Date Dance featured an attractive human female in an alluring gown while Wall Street’s thumbnail is just a beach of bricks. Perhaps the deep shadows of the shot made Christina look like she’s frowning.

I introduced the chunk and asked for feedback at the end, but this wasn’t effective. Date Dance inspired less feedback than Wall Street Under Water, which had no introduction or feedback request. Date Dance was probably too long at 3:25.

Scott and James both commented at dog.movie. Scott gave the following 5 adjectives.


At first, I wondered if Scott was describing the overall vibe of the shot rather than Christina herself, but then I looked up the definitions. For Scott, Christina is fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way (frenetic). More than just a quality of motion, she is motion incarnate, (kinetic) and at the same time frozen in a flash of light, stroboscopic.  She expresses emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way, lyric and is a document of her own life, autobiographic, an open book. Scott’s adjectives are interesting in that they describe Christina without implying right or wrong, worthy or unworthy. I feel a deepening of insight about Christina because of Scott’s description, her backstory grows.

James had these 5 adjectives to describe Christina.


James describes Christina as having  the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people seem appealing or special, (glamorous), with an even consistency, (smooth), attractively lively and animated (vivacious), having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition (soft) and deliberately enigmatic, (mysterious).

I replied to James, “Your adjectives feel affirming, I’m guessing you’re experiencing her as a protagonist, a character you’d root for.” James feedback is very close to what I intended to convey about Christina, but like Scott, his description also expands her for me. He hints at a goddess-like aspect, both attractive and unknowable, desirable and intentionally occluded. Subtle and lively, animated. She is a collection of fortunate contrasts.

What I learned from Scott and James is that Christina is alive. Carmen Althaus Koenig and I breathed life into her, now she is autonomous, a free agent. Becoming more than I ever imagined.

This week’s chunk is Open Season.

073 Feedback – Open Season from Daughter of Godcast – dog.movie on Vimeo.

A she deer foraging in a peaceful forest glade is startled by an arrow thunking into a nearby tree. She looks up, locates the threat, and fires ruby red laser beams from her eyes. There’s a pitiful scream and the sound of a body toppling into the bushes.

Here’s this week’s question. About how many times did you replay this shot? Also, feel free to comment on anything else that stands out.

Remember, you gotta watch and give your opinion if you want to make this movie. Play with us, please. Just takes 5 minutes to join the fun!

You’ve been hunting for fun with episode 073, Open Season, the Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation. Who is this crazy Crowd? You are my dears, each and every one of you is our crowd, a volunteer militia of free citizens, misfits and freaks, shining stars with clear preferences, opinions and insight. I invite you, nay I need you. Because now YOU are this movie. You can just listen, you can just watch no problem. That’s so sweetly 20th century, what most folks used to do. As for today, the world has mored, bloomed. Our flower nature is calling, what we are about to be is ready. I promise you’ll get into lots of excellent trouble, the dreams you’ve stashed in the dark earth are sprouting, months from spring and they’ve started to sing. I’m talking about a space ark, people. Parked in your driveway! Go look!