Daughter of Godcast 098

What are we doing here? We’re watching scenes from a post apocalyptic romantic comedy and giving feedback. At least, that’s the vision, the dream. In 2018, this podcast switched from documenting the inception and production of the movie Daughter of God into a collaborative, participatory cluster fuck through a scene by scene test screening on the world wide web. Season Two Crowd Creation has been a blast, a riot, a step in the right direction… but we’re not quite firing on all cylinders, not quite yet.

A couple of episodes back, we riffed on Philip Marlowe, author Raymond Chandler’s iconic private detective, as an oddball exemplar of personal integrity and ethics.  He is also homophobic and slightly racist. A fictional character is always referred to in the present tense, because they never were, and always are. Who knows whether Chandler shared his character’s occlusions, who cares? Life is nuanced and confusing. As divinity incarnate, we are each a craggy outcrop of contradictions, shot through with veins of both quartz and gold.

Let’s drag out that clunky detective metaphor yet again, with a few lines from “The Adventure of Silver Blaze” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

I’d like to draw your attention to the curious incident of the DOG on the web, Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation that is. There’s not that much Crowd Creation happening and that’s the curious incident.

This experiment of expanding cinematic production to include the audience, still feels like a sparkling epiphany to me. Test screening on the web could be the future for film generally. AND yet, feedback for DOG is tapering off, now that the novelty is gone. Offering feedback just isn’t very compelling, not yet.

We’re not giving up though, no way. The feedback we HAVE received so far is amazing, my movie making is much more fun because of this feedback. Well, then… how much feedback would be ideal?

20-30 comments a week would probably overwhelm my capacity to respond. 10-15 feels about right. 200 people tune into this podcast each week, so if just 5% of our listeners gave an opinion every episode, we’d be there. That’s you, by the way. We want your comments and critique, especially if you’re a feedback virgin. By we I mean myself and all  the other listeners to the Daughter of Godcast.  I’m scintillating out here all by myself no doubt, but the fun jumps up a magnitude or two when you join in.

I know asking for feedback is not enough. Contributing an opinion needs to get way more tasty, thrilling, inspiring, satisfying. I’m trying to discover how to make this as good for you as it is for me. Let’s have feedback on the feedback, how can feedback be improved?

If you yearn for a more just, peaceful and sustainable human presence on planet earth, start here. Adventurous cinema awakens awareness and shifts culture. Doesn’t get more zany and adventurous than asking the interwebs to do a scene by scene deconstruction and critique of my very first feature. We’re improvising a breathtaking finale to 12 years of serendipity and stumbling.  AND the emergence of open source movie production. AND Learning to be fully alive.

Those are the stakes were playing for. Still tho, not enough to ask and not enough to riff utopian. Giving feedback has to be amazing, somehow. How can we do that? I’m asking the cosmos sure AND I’m asking you… and you… and you! 200 of the finest minds on the planet. The kernel of a transcendent gestalt consciousness, coalescent. Did you know that’s what you are? This is the future right here, folks. You’re it.

Feedback 097 Really

Uncle Joe and Christina surveil Gerry and wrap up their reunion. Oddly, they also seem to be under surveillance. Who could possibly be watching THEM?

Anonymouse offered…

“Perhaps god”
“watching her closely, seeing choices made – there are groans/creaks but no words.”

I replied,

“What groans/creaks? Still referring to god watching her?”

Again Anonymouse,

“groans/creaks; the watching presence sometimes expresses itself with a creaking door or a groaning (?) – but no words.”

And lastly me,

You’ve offered a couple of nifty ideas.

First, that God views duality through a distorted wide angle lens, grainy and full of encoding artifacts, as if divine surveillance is sub par, outdated, needing an upgrade. I am reminded that the greek pantheon of gods popped out of each others foreheads, so they must have had a birth date and are thus ensnared by time. They and their associated instrumentality (lightning bolts, golden chariots) eventually became obsolete. Maybe God has trouble getting the latest technology and has to make do with what’s lying around from Genesis. Or maybe God is just frugal, why activate 3D Technicolor Sensurround when security cam quality will do.

Second, that the language of God is unintelligible, perceivable only as creaks and moans. Either God is coping with a low resolution transmitter, (see above) or this is a deliberate choice by the creator, which could imply that noises carry far more information than any amount of words strung together. Which is why crashing waves and bird song is so intriguing and sublime. Or like the crickets in episode 052…

“Every word in the language of crickets means beauty. 10,000 words for beauty, more than inuit words for snow, just beauty, beauty, beauty. Like dour George saying his creed.”

Feedback from .5% of our audience this week. You have the power to move that from .5 to 5. Or let us know why you just can’t be bothered. Everything helps!

098 King of the Earth

Gerry’s grousing stands in high contrast to Christina’s flippant full steam ahead. He’s angst-y and she’s indefatigable. Do any hints of compatibility peek through?

I am here, weekly, supposedly. Making a movie, inviting you in to advise, energize, synthesize. Perhaps excise, as in remove surgically. Whatever feels pleasing, encouraging, insightful. Why do we come together? Because there’s an adventure here, a mystery exactly suited to our unique curiosity. What we are ready for. I speak for myself and for you too, because I am the voice you’ve chosen for this perfect moment, the next clue. We are all guides and gurus for each other, as are rocks, puddles and gum wrappers. Anything can light up and be the next beckoning. Come with me if you want to live.

Episode 098 King of the Earth, Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation. Riding the cosmic rollercoaster, we catch our breath, hold hands and exchange big goofy grins before being whipped around the next hairpin turn or flipped upsidedown. I do the talking and you do the listening apparently, mostly. A podcast about a movie that’s making me and now making you too, because you’re assimilating. You’ve decided this podcast is next dry stone to step to in your gamble across the babbling brook. Whatever I happen to be spilling out, that’s you leveraging, improvising, following your bliss. We both pretend this was recorded by Dan Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt, but I’m a fiction. This isn’t me your hearing and maybe seeing. This is what a voice in your head sounds like, a lucid dream looks like. I’m an elaborate ruse you’ve cooked up to remember what you never forgot. I’m a magic you’re making, a casting forth of quantum breadcrumbs into the future where only you can find them.

Daughter of Godcast 097

Reclining in the summer sun, soaking up the output from our local star and becoming that light, turning the light into me. Like when we eat a stalk of celery, we are all of the sudden celery, or the celery is transformed into us. I introduce myself as Dan Kelly aka Shri Fugi Split, but truly that’s just a placeholder for all the celery and starlight I embody. How much of us are we really? Maybe we are mostly everything else.

Language is a glorious pageant of nonsense. We enjoy the consensual illusion that a well structured sentence conveys meaning, actionable information. What’s a civilization without reportage, debate, legislation, laws. Words, words, words. Words are what podcasts are made of, and that’s what we’re doing here, for the 97th week running. If we accept and even celebrate that words are silly, but write and speak them anyway, what powers do we invoke, what magic is made?

Episode 097 Really. Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation, a crowd in the quantum waveform sense, a potential crowd, a cast of thousands or an army of one.

We’ve got a smidgen of feedback for 096, I Think So and here we go!

Feedback 096 I Think So

Gerry and Christina have achieved synchromesh somehow. Clearly there is now rapport and even chemistry. Tea is in the future, and maybe more. Gerry’s last question and Christina’s response implies that there might be some urgency, why do you imagine that would be so?

James via dog.movie

“Christina is almost done ovulating, and she doesn’t want to loose her chance of conception.”

James is acknowledging that there did seem to be some urgency for Christina and Gerry, and stated the obvious reason. As a father, he’s had practical experience with the mechanics of pregnancy. How a man and woman achieve biological synchromesh, when they  are yearning to have baby.

I replied

[snip] “Full disclosure – that never even occurred to me. 😮 I’m really glad you stated the obvious because if there is ANOTHER reason then we can use ovulation as camouflage.” [snip]

That never occurred to me because there’s another story on my mind, other agendas. This is after all the Daughter of God, so the miraculous element is definitely extant, in play. We might be able to bend biology a bit.

Anonymouse’s feedback in contrast was arcane, mysterious.

[snip] “the slow creaking of the door says it all! tea must be allowed to steep.”

That reads a little like a fortune cookie or a zen koan. Does Anonymouse mean that there’s plenty of time or does she mean everything in it’s proper time?

There is a process set in motion here… Gerry and Christina reach an impasse, Gerry puts on the kettle for tea, Christina has a moment of clarity watching him, there’s a breakthrough, Gerry says “Let’s have some tea and see what happens…” and Christina agrees. NOW the tea has to steep, authentic  time has to pass before they can take any further action. Gerry is going to take a shower while the tea steeps, a ritual preparation for their date with destiny. The tea is like an hour glass, the unskippable interval of waiting, of meditation, of an auspicious doing of nothing, as the stars align.

Again, may I just say that feedback is simply stellar. I am finding deep secrets that I never knew existed, these scenes keep surprising me with their latent power. Thanks James and Anonymouse for these revelations!

Episode 097 Really

Uncle Joe and Christina surveil Gerry and wrap up their reunion. Oddly, they also seem to be under surveillance. Who could possibly be watching THEM?

Perhaps the shortest and sweetest episode yet, 097 Really, Daughter of Godcast Season Two, Crowd Creation. There’s a lot of watching going on in this scene but surveillance isn’t just for super spies and big brother anymore! Almost anyone can have a peek at your private life, access your most intimate thoughts and catalog all your compromised secrets. But not to worry. We’re all too busy outing our own scandals, confessing our own crimes and getting undressed in front of uncurtained windows to notice what your up to. If you watch me maybe I’ll watch you. Yearning for attention, for likes. Carrying intelligent cameras and microphones with us wherever we go. Feels good to have nothing to hide. Maybe that’s the upside, deciding to be who we are no matter who is watching. Outrageously, adamantly ourselves. The liberation of all beings in our lifetime, cool!






Daughter of Godcast 096

Ooo, 096, getting ever so close to 100. Just 4 episodes to go. Are you ready to party?

I’ve been rereading Raymond Chandler, stories and a few essays and turns out, (surprise!) that Philip Marlowe talks a lot like Raymond Chandler writes. As Marlowe describes his world with a decidedly poetic flair, whether chowing a wilted chicken salad sandwich or getting punched in the gut, I think we’re getting Chandler’s own worldview.

Reading about Chandler’s life, I couldn’t help but notice some parallels to Phil Dick – women, substances, depression,  sublime stories, redefining their genres…

Newsweek 2007

Chandler and Dick

I wonder if Phil Dick ever had correspondence with Chandler? They had a bit of overlap, Dick was first published in 1955, Chandler died 4 years later. They both got their start in pulp genres, Chandler the hard boiled detective crime genre and Dick science fiction. Their characters explored dark worlds, truthful, authentic worlds of feeling.

I didn’t do a comprehensive search of correlations between Chandler and Dick, but I have my imagination which is way better.

Phil was born in 1928. Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep was published in 1939 and released as a feature film in 1946. Phil must have been exposed to Raymond Chandler, perhaps he was a fan.

PKD’s The Man Who Japed is a sort of detective yarn. A creative functionary of a shiny police state wakes up one morning with foggy memories of running amuck. Turns out he murdered a statue. He ends up investigating himself, his feelings and discovers he has become an agent of change. Japed was written in 55 and published in 56.

Chandler’s essay on writing detective stories, The Simple Art of Murder is a sort of manifesto for the detective genre. The main thrust seems to be, authenticity. Technical details, sure, but way more critically, emotional honesty. Which is really about the author’s own life.

A lot of PKD novels feel like detective stories in this Chandler sense, characters staring at the mystery of existence, unraveling what the fuck is going on… as we all are. In contrast to PKD’s Tire Regroovers, Artiforg Surgeons and Pothealers, Chandler’s character Marlowe is a professional investigator, with a keen eye for detail, insight into human nature, handy with a gun…  but he isn’t detached. Nor is he there for the money. He’s an exemplar of personal honor, a monk from an esoteric order of which he seems to be the only member. In other words – a weirdo, an oddball.

In the lingo of the times a private detective is also a shamus or private dick… wait, Private Dick, PKD… Phil Dick. And Philip Marlowe and Philip Dick, weird.

Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation also has our very own Seamus, so how about that? Double weird.

Howard Hawk’s The Big Sleep and other film noir presaged Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner, the movie that transformed Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep into Phil’s most famous detective story. Phil had cops or detectives as protagonists in plenty of other stories, like Flow My Tears the Policeman Said and The World Jones Made.

Cops or no, Phil’s wrote lots of detective stories, maybe mostly detective stories. Dark movies.

I find corroborative evidence of this in Phil’s reaction to Bladerunner, as reported by Maer Wilson, Phil’s friend and David Dyer who handled special effects on Bladerunner. Maer Wilson reports that Phil was skeptical of the Bladerunner project, and was upset that major elements of the original story were dropped.

In late 1981 Phil and Maer met Ridley and sat for a screening of Bladerunner’s opening scenes. Afterwards Dick said to Ridley something along the lines of ‘it’s like you could see into my mind.’

I think because Bladerunner is film noir, and film noir flows from authors like Chandler. Phil Dick must have been influenced by Chandler, either directly by reading Chandler or from the cinema that Dick grew up with. Dick was writing science fiction noir almost from the get go. That’s why Bladerunner looked familiar to him, because the future had already happened.

There’s an idea, a universe where Dick and Chandler characters come to save the Earth. Working title, Future Again. Steal away, great artists. I got a million of ’em.

Meanwhile, what’s all this got to do with Daughter of God? Nothing. We’re just low on feedback today so I thought I’d ramble. That’s a lie, no it’s not. Ok, we ARE low on feedback, but certainly DOG might also be film noir, dark comedy.  A detective story, In the Chandler Dick fusion of investigating existence, ourselves sense.

Feedback 095 Can I Come In

Uncle Joe is bathed in red as he asks Christina to invite him in, which she declines to do, keeping a quirky silence. Feels like they are playing a private game. Eventually Joe breaks the stalemate by placing his hat on her head. Why does he pass the hat? What’s the significance of Joe’s hat for you?

Only anonymouse had anything to say.


[snip] it seemed that putting the hat on Cs’ head was reassuring to her that Uncle was in there ‘somewhere’ thus allowing her to let him come inside.

I asked for clarification

[snip] Are you saying that the hat establishes/confirms/validates Joe’s physical presence? Something like an ID – drivers license, passport…

Anonymouse clarified.

the hat; a familiar and personal gesture of warmth and good humor.  [snip]

I reclarified

Very good, so more of an intuitive thing, heart recognition.

and there was consensus from Anonymouse

sure 🙂

For anonymouse, the hat is about positive memories of past connection.


No magic, no Skinneristic reinforcement, no transfer of chakra energy through a talismanic technology, no life long grooming of Christina for an occluded agenda, no passing on of mantles, legacies, or sacred teachings. Just a nice fedora hat.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Episode 096 I Think So

Gerry and Christina have achieved synchromesh somehow. Clearly there is now rapport and even chemistry. Tea is in the future, and maybe more. Gerry’s last question and Christina’s response implies that there might be some urgency, why do you imagine that would be so?

Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation Episode 096, I Think So. Private Dick, Philip Marlowe, Philip Dick. Maybe Chandler met Dick in secret, and handed him the keys to the Tardis. Timelords overlapping. The detective paradigm expanded, all characters on Earth probing the mystery of their own lives, the inevitable corpse and the plotting of self murder, slowly through the ingestion of corn syrup or chronic stress worrying about your kids. Dark investigations into human nature, and comedy is implicit in human nature. Humor nature.  Laughter is the gods applauding the pageant of duality, a trap of our own making, caught fast until we tap out, or squirm free, defy our own ingenuity, foil our own meticulous plans. We battle ourselves for fun. The clues are within us, ubiquitous, smeared thinly across the electric sky. Every when. What a riot.


Before attending the screening of Bladerunner with Maer, Phil wrote an effusive letter after seeing a few scenes from Bladerunner on a TV show.  An interesting letter considering Maer’s account of how disappointed Phil was in the direction of the project. Makes sense that Phil would be supportive publicly while keeping his misgivings private… still tho, a far reaching and visionary statement after only watching a television segment, his screening with Ridley would happen months later.

One last thing. I couldn’t find the Hurray for Hollywood show that Phil watched on TV, but I did find a mediocre segment with Harrison Ford and a clip from Bladerunner on Late Night with David Letterman. Harrison was not sparkling. His interview on Hurray for Hollywood must have been way more compelling to have gotten Phil so excited. If only we could see what he saw.

Daughter of Godcast 089

Sparkling days, blue sky, sun. That’s spring in Northern Michigan, and well here we are in situ, smack dab in the glory. Taking my primitive technology of microphones and laptops into the wilds, the most advanced technology, our bubble biome, Earth. Then there’s me here, a slightly more bordered biome, a walking wilderness. My skin contains an ocean, mayhap I am also a universe. How can you not feel vast on day like this, on any given day, decisively alive and present?

I am reminding myself of magic in this very public way, every week. I don’t know who might be listening, but I can feel you are, and I am talking to MYSELF, myself as I will be, myself as I am becoming. I talk myself into being. OK, I write myself into being and then talk after, which for you feels like right now. We have transcended time you and I, for this recording is from the past, perhaps thousands of years old, yet I am alive for you. My words are brand new, spontaneous, unprecedented. Certainly what you do with them will have never been done before. Your experience right now is brand new across all the timelines of this vast cosmos. The new you, hello!


Now let’s movie. Wading into the…

Feedback for Episode 088, Hello

Christina is deep into coherent thought cultivation when her phonette buzzes with a communication request. Even before the catastrophic collapse of civilization, voice calls had become a rare occurrence. Post apocalypse, there’s usually just a feral AI on the other end of the call, pointlessly promoting extinct products and services. Exasperated, Christina answers…. and is transported.

The feedback question for 088 is, how would you categorize this experience – hallucination, flashback, fantasy, other? What connections are suggested by Christina’s interlude?

Magnificent perspectives from our collaborators took 088 Hello beyond my original concept.

Jil via Vimeo was enthusiastic. “I fucking love this scene! Brilliant!” [snip] “This is by far my favorite scene. I have watched it many times.” Jil opines that Christina “went beyond the veil” [snip] “The place where the souls go after they leave their body via death, ketamine or ayahuaska etc.”

An abrupt shamanic episode where Christina gets a glimpse of the wiring underneath the control panel. The soul’s journey, visionary plants and the prominent petroglyphs, are all associated with shamanism. Christina is blasted out of her body by a phone call and goes elsewhere, a spontaneous explorer of consciousness, of reality.

What I take from Jil’s interpretation is Christina’s ability and even agency. Christina might be a spontaneous traveler, but she is able to make the hero’s journey and return. She has an extraordinary gift and power. Jil also quips that Christina “is so funny”, which implies a trickster deity might be involved.

Seamus via dog.movie gives an contrary but equally intriguing interpretation.

“The way she froze suggests she wasn’t even conscious of the experience. I don’t think she was physically transported. I think her mind was temporarily turned off, transported, updated, returned to her body, and turned back on again.”

Seamus seems to imply that her mind is altered without her consent or even knowledge. She is programmed with new instructions, reminiscent of a Manchurian Candidate or a subject of the CIA’s MKULTRA project. She is biological machine controlled by who or what?

This is a much darker perspective than Jil’s. What was Christina’s mind changed to and why? What can we gather from details of the experience? Spooky.

James via dog.movie had one word only, Apparition. I queried him for more detail but to no avail. This word reminds me of ghosts, dead things showing up, penetrating back into our experience. Another version – Christina doesn’t go anywhere, but her reality is pushed back by a ghost reality, a long gone reality returning. Again, to what end?

Tim via Facebook was more pragmatic, he opined that Christina was imagining what Uncle Joe was saying on the phone. The quality of Joe’s voice changed between the phone and the petroglyphs, which I intended to convey a demarkation, not a continuation. Seems like Tim heard these as one conversation.

My feedback question contained an unintended assumption, Christina answers… and is transported. Each collaborator ran with transported differently. Jil had Christina take the hero’s journey, a vision quest. Seamus had Christina’s mind removed and updated. James had Christina’s experienced subsumed by an apparition from the dead past. Tim had Christina making pictures in her head.

088 Hello is still quite rough. Seamus made the excellent suggestion to have the lighting on Christina change to match that on the petroglyphs. I have several other enhancements planned, and now lighting has been added to the list.

My original vision was somewhere sideways of our collaborators’, but now incorporates their wild interpretations.

089 Check It Out

Christina’s got objections and Uncle Joe’s got solutions. The crux of the quest is revealed and the path is about to light up. The feedback question is, Is Christina putting up token or credible resistance? What does she ultimately want?

This is the big spoiler scene, the premise of the movie has been revealed… or has it?

Episode 089 of the Daughter of Godcast, and my friends, this really IS the movie making process. Preparing a scene each week, getting feedback, writing and podcasting about what I learned from the feedback, then getting another scene ready. In between I take an occasional bath, run in the forest, make food, do some dishes. Flow. The movie is getting made, other key outcomes are coalescing too and what was overwhelming now feels like a hilarious adventure trending towards inevitable triumph. The IDEA of you, my imaginary audience, 89 weeks of pretending you are out there, listening and watching, has made me more. Because, and here’s the twist, I’ve learned both to love you and not need you. I’ve always engaged in ecstatic self talk but together we’ve turned this into a practice. Weird right?




Daughter of Godcast 083

This is the Daughter of Godcast, Season 2 Crowd Creation where you make the movie, Episode 083, Relief.

I’m just back from Detroit and Motor City Madness, my first model car swap and sale. My mission there was to expand the Toy Universe  for Daughter of God. I arrived a couple of hours before the end, I could have easily spent another hour or two looking at the all diecasts and kits. I did score a couple of choice vehicles that will work as miniatures. Curiously, the attendees were mostly white dudes over 35. I’ve broken through to a topsy turvy universe, where teenage boys no longer yearn for their driver’s license, and scale models of cars are mostly built by middle aged men.

Feedback for V2 was lean, prolly because I missed my Wednesday AM posting window last week and V2 was a revision, not brand new. All’s well, this episode will be short and sweet, and we can bring a few other pots to the front burner.


Relations have gone from awkward to incoherent between our the two seemingly mismatched people. Both seem frustrated and slightly on edge, but a drawer of vintage paperbacks points to an epiphany.

What’s new in V2 for you?

For Anonymous via email, the polish was inconsequential “I‘m guessing that some technical stuff that was mentioned has happened but what i was focusing on seems the same.

And what was Anonymous focused on?

(snip) another person in the scene?
god – aka p.k. dick (the god of science fiction)


maybe others are not familiar with pk dick but it seems that to science fiction readers he was the ‘creator of the genre’ and thus ‘god’

There would vigorous debate among the nerd class as to whether PKD was the creator of the genre, and therefor the god of science fiction. Certainly PKD is up there in the pantheon. What I take from anonymous is that PKD is certainly God for the characters in his stories, even if they can’t name him as such. Since PKD’s books are featured in DOG, he is certainly present, I’m tickled to have him as a collaborative divinity. Good on you, Anonymous.

In hindsight, I don’t think my feedback question was clear. I was mostly interested in whether the polish enhanced or changed the emotional experience of the scene. Seamus gave an inventory of the changes he noticed.

Seamus via dog.movie

(snip) Most interesting, you changed the background behind his head at 0:22. Where before was a wall of hangars, there now is some device which I can’t identify. I’m intrigued to know why this change was made.

My reply,

The device behind his head is present in Rabbit and Dog and might be more clearly seen there. So… continuity. The reason the device appears at all could be backstory or maybe context, I’d be curious to know what you think the device might be or do. (snip) There are lots of details like the device that are not yet present in these live action scenes because 1) I’m still building them and 2) I don’t want to clutter up the feedback.

Seamus then continues with “technical details” that is to say, mistakes.

(snip) “Also, both characters seem oddly brightly, warmly lit in the otherwise dim room. Finally, the drawer doesn’t appear to be fully open in the clip at the very end, which might be a continuity error.”

The drawer is definitely a mistake, a significant continuity error that everyone else missed the first time around, including me. Yay Seamus! The color correction is deliberate, and might have to be dialed in.

From Seamus’s feedback, I can declare the polish effort for V2 a limited success. Cleaning up the scene brought new elements onto Seamus’s radar. Seamus has been consistent with his feedback. He’s so danged blessed.

Relief boxes

Daughter of God is a post apocalyptic movie, the story takes place after a series of global catastrophes and disasters. Some survivors were lucky enough to find boxes of essential supplies, possibly air dropped by some benevolent government or organization.  The boxes contents vary, from personal hygiene to solar water distillers.

This episode, we present not a scene, but a video version of an RPG or role playing game.

Time to play SIM DOG

You, your immediate family and a handful of besties are the mostly unscathed survivors of several horrific events including but not limited to undead resurrection, saurians cyborgs, earthquakes, meteor strike, robot uprising, plague, tsunami, tactical nuclear engagements, civil war, alien invasion, sun burn, poor cell reception… There’s no telling what’s coming, likely more harrowing intensity is just ahead. Having found a safe improvised shelter for your peeps,  you wander away and discover, scattered over an open field, hundreds of relief boxes. You can only carry three boxes back, which three do YOU grab and why?

Wow! Hardly even 10 minutes to be part of the sweetest little cinematic collaboration this side of REM sleep.

Daughter of Godcast, Crowd Creation Episode 083, Relief! Short and sweet and now lickety split back to your hovel with your three boxes. Meanwhile just after this podcast, Real Life. What three desires would you most like to fulfill right now? Financial abundance, robust health, thriving children, world peace, a benevolent government, a just, sustainable and compassionate human presence on earth, fair trade dark chocolate, a decent cup of coffee, companionship, great sex, freedom, a feeling of being fully alive? We stand surrounded by choice, the kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth and humans do not see, especially when they are shopping. Are the boxes invisible or are we staring up at the stars? You can have the stars and the boxes both, as many as you can carry. Stay tuned for my 10 step tutorial!






Daughter of Godcast 082

The Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation is on the air! We would rather be in the cables, fiber optic and copper because constant cell and wireless exposure could be hazardous to your health. If you don’t have the option of a hardwired connection, try downloading these episodes and listening and or watching offline. This has been a public service announcement.

But being human is all about risks, right? Plus wireless connection feels like the future – we just call out for what we want and Google answers, or the pizza guy delivers or our girlfriend sends a sext. Wireless internet is the cosmos in miniature, modelling our meta, the possibility of being connected to all things.

This is episode 082, V2 or Version 2.0. This episode is historic, rather than introduce a new scene, we are going repost Drawer from 081 with changes driven by your feedback and see how Drawer V2 changes your experience.


Last week, I ran out of time getting Drawer ready for posting. I didn’t do the usual polish, fixing glitches and trimming rough edges. I was a little embarrassed posting Drawer actually, and at the same time intrigued by what might happen.

Scott T and Kirk C expressed an interest in getting under the hood of Crowd Creation, to see how feedback was effecting my choices. There’s lots of feedback on Drawer and since I wasn’t particularly comfortable with Version 1.0, I decided to act on that feedback and revise immediately.

Your feedback is not only making the movie but changing the way we are making the movie. This Crowd Creation concept was just another one of my zany ideas, I’ve never seen movie feedback implemented on the internet. The last 10 weeks have proven to me that this process not only works, but is in fact the bomb. The movie is getting better, blooming. Starting with 082 and in the episodes to come, I’d like to reveal HOW your feedback is making the movie.

Feedback Drawer

Relations have gone from awkward to incoherent between our the two seemingly mismatched people. Both seem frustrated and slightly on edge, but a drawer of vintage paperbacks points to an epiphany.

Feedback question – Besides the man and woman, what other characters are active in this scene?

There are now 4 principles of Crowd Creation, check them out at dog.movie. Principle 3 states that when you describe your experience with a scene, your feedback is always valid, correct and appropriate. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you are coming from.

Some of our commenters are all about the big picture, the grand pageant of characters and their inter-connections. Others are highly tuned to subtle details, nuance and celebrate an auspicious aesthetic meshing. If I post a scene with ragged edges, they’ll chafe, raise a red flag. Let’s start with them.

Joe via FB

“They look a bit super imposed as none of the light on their bodies reflects the purple, it’s distracting, kind of removes you from the experience.”

The scene Rabbit and Dog has the same color correction as Drawer, except with more polish. Joe didn’t comment on Rabbit and Dog, so I am not sure whether the lack of polish or the overall color correction doesn’t work for him.

Kirk via dog.movie was more specific about the color correction critique.

(snip) “key framing could use a little touch up if possible.” (snip) “There were (snip) glitchy elements/fragments (in) the woman’s hair during (snip) .33 to .34 (snip)
Just out of curiosity though, why did you choose to green screen them into the scene instead of just shooting them in the room? Or is it a mixture of both?

Kirk wasn’t clear on the VFX techniques involved, but he could see problems and provided clear examples.

Kirk was both diplomatic and encouraging regarding the sound mix.

“The audio could use some adjustments. Some sounds seemed exaggerated and also a bit rough at times. And other times (the drawer opening at the end) needed more sound.”

Both Seamus and Susan assumed I knew the sound mix was not optimal…

Seamus via dog.movie was very matter of fact

“The audio needs editing, but I think you’re probably aware of that.”

Whereas Susan via FB packed a little more punch.

“What’s up with the sound?”

So far the feedback is the result of a lack of technical polish, the rest of the feedback is concerned with character and story.

Tim via FB

I’m not sure what they need to do, but if they need to “get it on” maybe she was going for his porn stash and didn’t want to touch the drawer with her hand (but if he had a foot fetish it could be a turn on). I’m not sure if she was disappointed with what she saw or maybe just had to sit down and take it in. The god reference at the end has me a little bewildered.”

Tim starts off by saying he doesn’t know “what they need to do”, but runs with the premise that it’s about sex. Tim is also not sure about the drawer,  opining that the woman is either “disappointed” or “had to sit down to take it in.” Opening the drawer triggered a significant emotional shift for her, but Tim’s unclear what that was. “God” had no resonance.

Lori via FB

“She wants to, he doesn’t. She is thinking out loud as she says God…as in god, he’d rather be reading. Apprehension all around.”

Lori is clear that this scene is about sex, and that the man’s not interested. The woman says “God” because she realizes the man would rather be reading than have sex with her. That’s a fascinating intuitive leap by Lori, the appearance of the books wiping out the woman’s agenda.

Here’s Lori again.

“It’s almost like they’re both thinking out loud and inside each other’s brain just a little bit. She has more courage than him though.”

Whoa, “thinking out loud and inside each other’s brain.” That’s opens up more story for me, more information about both characters and maybe their environment, circumstances. Why would they both be thinking out loud? That’s like taking to themselves and when does that happen?

Lori lauds the woman as having “more courage than him.” Then this zinger…

“Like Dorothy she is surrounded by purple she’s no coward.”

Wow, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, obviously. In contrast to Joe, Lori embraces the color correction, the purple either empowers the woman or is a signature of the woman’s power. Super cool.

Pam via FB observed the woman’s detachment, Like she’s going through the motions (although what motions I cannot guess). (snip) “she is moving in a dreamlike state sometimes” and pulling the drawer open with her toe “underscores her detachment.”

Pam also opined her speech and demeanor emphasize how slowly she is absorbing everything around her.” (snip) “I am glad to see her finally react with some emphasis when she discovers his hidden cache of science fiction novels in the drawer.It awakens some awe in her that of course I want to know more about, God or no God.”

From that final quip, I’m getting that the God reference has no relevance for Pam either.

Kirk pasted lots of elements together to come up with a theory of God.

“This addition furthers my curiosity from the rabbit and dog segment. If I put ‘you remind me of someone…’ and ‘it’s God’ together, mixed with “’look, we just have to…’ and your feedback question for the previous scene, it really leads me to think that they’re offspring would be the Daughter of God or she is referring to him reminding her of her father (God)…”

Bravo Kirk for an intriguing assemblage of diverse clues.  I’m not sure I follow the logic on how all these connect, but I love your tenacious fitting together.

Both Seamus and Scott opined that the pink shirt didn’t belong to the man.

Scott via Vimeo

I love the way she is deftly merged into the door of the wardrobe as the scene opens… (snip) The guy is so carefully unengaged, while she wraps herself in the lingering vestiges of someone in the shirt she is caressing… it surely cannot be the parka wearing, eye rolling fella….


What about the owner of the pink shirt? Is it his? Is it hers? Is it someone else’s? (snip) I’m not sure this guy’s into pink.

Scott and Pam also like the foot pulling the drawer open, and Scott seemed to suggest the foot move could be a sort of ritualistic invocation.

She seems to be trying to convince him of the rightness of whatever it is they are contemplating, without trying too hard… The appearance to her of GOD, not needing an arduous trek up to the mountain top, does require a balancing act, replete with a tricky (snip) maneuver of opening the drawer with her tootsies.

Both Seamus and James addressed the feedback question – Besides the man and woman, what other characters are active in this scene?

James via dog.movie ” ‘you remind me of someone’, there is someone unknown here.”

and Seamus

Well, the obvious answer would be Mr. Old Man Hand from (Best Scenario Yet). The P.K.D. novels are a giveaway. I’m starting to gather that he was Uncle Joe, and the little girl was Christina. Then, of course, there’s God, whatever that means, who Christina mentions explicitly. (snip) “She says he reminds her of someone. She may be referring to Uncle Joe, which, in context, might make the scene even more awkward, but then again, she might not. Who is the mysterious person he reminds her of? Some former lover, like the man thinks? Someone else entirely?”

Someone else entirely? Maybe. James also offered this intriguing tidbit.

And the characters on the books.

I replied,

“The characters on the books”… Who do those books belong to? Probably not the woman, as she seems to discover them. If the man, and assuming he’s read them, do you think these fictional characters might be influencing his actions and perspective?

Can characters from books invade a movie if their books are featured prominently in a scene? Who knows really what goes on in fictional universes? I like this idea.

Ok, here’s Drawer V2. Talk about whatever you feel. Or answer this very simple feedback question. What’s new in V2 for you?

Wham, another episode 082 V2 Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation. I wonder if feedback will change for V2. Whether tuned to technical subtlety or not, everyone’s experience is compromised by rough edges. Scenes are nothing but a synergy of myriad technical details. Editorial, color correction, sound mix and VFX all come together to change recorded performances by actors into the experiences of actual people unfolding in the moment. When these elements are jangled, the story looses momentum, actions and consequences get muddled, character motivations become more confusing, the entire scene looses power and umph.

Here’s some feedback that won’t change.

“Lol. I have watched this so many times now. I love it when the guy makes the exasperated sound.”

That’s from the characteristically enthusiastic Jil. Join Jil and all the rest of our real life characters and give us some feedback love. Ciao!




Daughter of Godcast 081

Won’t you be my neighbor? My collaborator, creative consultant? When you donate your brain to art, you get to have it back afterwards – better, stronger, faster. Test drive the hive mind with Crowd Creation, Daughter of Godcast Season Two. This is episode 081, Drawer and I am one version of Dan Kelly, Shri Fugi Spilt, skidding into the super conscious from Northern Michigan, where we’re still enjoying a gorgeous, cold winter. On the road ahead, a dense drift of fresh snow, whisping white in the wind. Let’s hit the gas and slam on through, blinding ourselves with beauty.

Feedback Creaky

A woman peers out from a door ajar. A prolonged creak as she slowly opens the door, revealing an enigmatic figure, half smiling. She seems to recognize him, calling him by name.

The feedback question – What emotions does the woman experience as she opens the door?

Funtastic feedback from our core and a recent arrival.
Pam weighed in with a vintage reference from the 80’s, referring to the dude in the hallway, Uncle Joe as Freddy Krueger, the dream serial killer from Nightmare on Elm Street. I was 21 back in 1984 and too busy raising my own sweet hell myself to bother with Freddy or the Nightmare franchise. Until checking Wikipedia today, had only a vague notion of what the story was about. Here’s a movie poster, note in the upper right there’s a fedora silhouette.
The cover for the score is strikingly similar to how Uncle Joe appears through the doorway in “Creaky” Oops.
Creaky’s strong association and even homage to Nightmare on Elm Street is totally unintentional. We’ll have to consider whether this helps or hinders our movie.
For Pam, the woman’s emotional journey starts off rough. “At first she seems a bit nonplussed, taken aback, as she scans her visitor from toe to top.” (snip) Recognition and realization cross her face as she slowly accepts him and her smile turns into one of welcome.
Then Pam offers a fascinating perspective.
“To me it looks like she has made up her mind to greet him warmly, but I am not convinced.”
I encouraged Pam to explain.
” ‘I am not convinced’, meaning that she is not authentically feeling warm towards him? What is she really feeling about him, do you think?”
Pam responded.
“I think she is feigning her welcome, (snip). I don’t know why she’s not so happy to see him, maybe just surprised or taken aback, but then she decides there’s no reason not to acknowledge him. For me, if he’s been brought back from the dead or dying, I might have some hesitancy about my feelings. It seems creepy, somehow.
I love how Pam steps into the shoes of the woman, wearing her. Pam IS the woman in the doorway, an ideal perspective for offering robust feedback.
Timothy threw his fedora into the ring with a bit of sarcasm that I didn’t immediately catch, but after a bit of prodding, all was revealed.

Timothy via Facebook, Best door opening sound effects ever!”

Me I agree totally… but how does it make you feel?!”
It was sort of like pulling off a band aid. Maybe she was afraid of what she was going to see, but just whip it open, (she’s) only making it worse.” (snip) I do think the door sound was a little over the top though, in the back of my mind I was picturing you farting into a microphone.”

I resisted the temptation to look up the world record for longest fart in the Guiness Book.  Door creak as fart was also corroborated by Seamus, which may say more about Timothy and Seamus than about this sound effect. And perceiving the door creak as a super long fart might be a happy accident, Seamus called it a “comedic moment”.

Tim likened her door opening to “pulling a band aid off”, he wanted her to  just yank the door open and get it over with.  Which implies the woman has a wound, the guy in the hall is somehow involved with her wound, and now she’s gotta do self care. Tim’s experience is packed with inferences, which demonstrates a connection to the woman, she’s not doing what Tim would do and so he’s feeling annoyed. Tearing off bandages is probably not standard first aid practice, so Tim’s really talking about how he would open the door, which is wonderful.

This feedback process is so amazing. I think I’ve just learned something new about the woman from Tim.  I wrote her lines, I directed the actor. There shouldn’t be anything I don’t know about this woman. Yet, Tim’s band aid metaphor is rich with insight. Wounds and self care, wow. Thanks Tim and welcome to the Crowd Creation!

Seamus via dog.movie offered a wide spectrum of emotional experience…

“She looks like she experiences hesitation, then mildly alarmed puzzlement, then bemused acceptance.”

…and then dropped a wild card.

“It looks like she was expecting him to show up, but didn’t know when.”

That’s feels resonant for me, here again, new insight into the woman’s character.  How long she had been waiting – minutes, weeks, years? Perhaps she’s been in a kind of suspended animation, as if aboard a sleep ship sent to colonize a distant star system, the crew revived just before planet fall. Returned to the busy-ness of waking life. Has she been activated after a long dormancy? Coming on-line? Nice one, Seamus!

Joe via Facebook offered this poetic impression about the woman’s experience.

“Serenity then arousal (slightly sexual) and then genuine joy. The door creak made me think of the way when we’re entranced or focused we can utterly disregard something otherwise awkward or annoying. Also made me think of how reality moves so slowly compared to memory or thoughts or dreams.”

and this from James via dog.movie

“She looks calm, mellow, quietly awed, friendly, tender, curious, and spellbound.”

Like Pam, Tim and Seamus, Scott via Vimeo identifies  a harsh initial emotional state for the woman “her face begins in a cautious, barely recognizing gaping stare, then blossoms and grows luminous” (snip).

Both Scott and Pam remarked favorably on the Dead Birds Carry Contagion poster behind Uncle Joe. With all Scott’s erudite commentary, his key contribution this episode was a more meta inquiry.

“you discuss the many ways that comments have helped shape the movie…. might you soon be able to give an example of an instance that feedback (snip) has resulted in you editing a scene differently, adding/subtracting something from a scene [?] (snip) how’s it REALLY effecting change in your process. [?] “

I responded thus…

“You bring up a great point that I’ve been pondering. As you already know, we are inventing this Crowd Creation on the fly, we meaning me and everyone who’s offering feedback. I want feedback that’s pure, uncontaminated by my preconceptions about what the scene is about or even any context of surrounding story. The less I can say about the scene in the way of setup, the better.

Feedback can be emotional responses, associations, triggered memories, guesses about what might be going on and interpretations of what the characters could be experiencing. I especially dig when folks riff on the themes, spin off variations and totally new scenarios, like Allison and Seamus have done for past scenes.

From my perspective, feedback hints at whether the effect of the scene…

a) matches my expectations
b) exceeds my expectations
c) is problematically dissonant from my intentions
d) is catastrophically dissonant from my intentions
e) deliciously subverts my intentions, introducing exciting new possibilities

I haven’t disclosed what I’ve learned from the feedback so far because I haven’t wanted to contaminate feedback from folks that might join us in the future. However, (snip) I’ve got to share the evolution, somehow.

So along with new scenes, I want to start reposting scenes with feedback inspired revisions and request impressions again. Somehow this would include a discussion of changes and the rationale for same.”

The Crowd Creation is shifting. I’ve felt a yearning for more and Scott tuned into this cosmic vibe. More soon.


Relations have gone from awkward to incoherent between our the two seemingly mismatched people. Both seem frustrated and slightly on edge, but a drawer of vintage paperbacks points to an epiphany.

Feedback question – Besides the man and woman, what other characters are active in this scene?

That’s our episode, 081 Drawer. Thanks for listening and we look forward to your observations, insights and grousing.

The Daughter of Godcast Crowd Creation is such a  cinematic innovation, we might as well be speaking Francais. Auguste and Louis Lumière, Georges Méliès, and Jean-Luc Godard have nothing on you all! Even though I’ll be in the credits for Daughter of God as writer, director and special effects supervisor, YOU are making this movie. Your feedback yanks my strings, helping me to lollop and cavort like an ecstatic puppet, almost a real boy. Your feedback is my soma, my rocket fuel, my blueprint for awakening the hearts and minds of the sustainable civilization. Just as Harleys are more brand than bike, Daughter of God is way more movement than movie. Art is the answer, ecstatic dance our revolution, to paraphrase that sexy bitch, Emma Goldman. Or Michigan’s own Voltairine de Cleyre, a total babe.



Daughter of Godcast 080

Wow, 080, Eighty. Eighty episodes of movie making splendor. Did I ever suspect I’d be here with you now. I never, ever did. Does this feel like a delightful sort of surprise to be standing at the cusp of our 80th episode? Heck yeah.

This is the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 080 Creaky. Our ongoing Crowd Creation, where you make the movie. Ok, we make the movie, because I’m the dude slaving over the hot laptop, Fordham tool and spray booth, or sweating in front of the camera and bright lights as I record this very podcast, or imagine myself recording because right now I’m just writing the podcast.

Truly tho, with all my hustle and bustle, this is rapidly becoming your movie. All the esoteric production gear that I brandish with varying degrees of competence would be gathering dust, without you. You’re perceptions bring every scene into sharp focus, you tell me which icons to click, which rust pigments to smear, which Roli keys to stroke. Everything is becoming clear because of you.

After 80 episodes, our mission is crystal. To make the best dang Daughter of God possible, and are we ever.

Enough bluster, to the great work!

Nuts and Bolts

Alright, I have to admit. Looks like our Facebook boost didn’t hurt. We’ve had about 50% more listens to the podcast over the last week and post reach on Facebook has doubled. Someone even loved Rabbit and Dog on Ello. What did hurt was my over 24 hours of lateness last week in getting the new scene and podcast posted. I really enjoy putting the podcast on time. That’s looking more like Wednesday after 10 am, EST.


Rabbit and Dog

An awkward moment between two quirky people, having their first private conversation. We’ve seen these two before in Do It Again, so we know they’ll eventually come together. There doesn’t seem much rapport in this initial exchange, however.

Questions – In DOG time, how quickly can they go from this moment to jumping into bed – minutes, hours, days, weeks? What conflicts have to be overcome?

All the feedback for Rabbit and Dog is compiled on the comments for episode 079.

Anonymous via email  “I would think that they might go their separate ways – the dead animal and lack of mutual intensity suggest that to me.” Having seen Do It Again, however, Anon knows where this is going, and thought the two quirky people would hop into bed within minutes. After an email volley, Anon’s rationale was revealed – because at the end of “Do It Again”, she (dog) isn’t sure what his (rabbit) name is. Brilliant deduction by Anon. I’m not saying Anon is right, (wink, wink) but kudos for keen observation, and extra blessings.

Pam on Facebook pulled her signature pool shark move and ran the table, plunking cognitive balls into all the right pockets. Her impressions of the scene couldn’t have been more encouraging.

Kirk via dog.movie opined that getting the two quirky people into bed might take awhile.
“The dialogue was intriguing, and made me want to know more of what that whole exchange was all about. This addition to the content stream makes me ever more curious about the plot and how it all is tied together.”

He wanted to know if Rabbit and Dog has anything to do with the origin of the Daughter of God, “Or perhaps i have misinterpreted the whole thing?”

Then Kirk offered this…

“I would of liked to participate in the project sooner, but I wanted to try and get up to speed with some of what’s going on in these scenes but I’m having trouble finding general information. I’ve been too busy to keep up with the podcasts and was hoping to read into on here. Can i get a link if there is one? Also, is there a trailer, or story summary, or character descriptions some where on the interwebs or available upon request? I’d like to give more feedback but i find it difficult to elaborate on things without more of context of what’s happening overall…”

In all the flurry of releasing scenes and podcasts the last 10 weeks, I neglected to create an easily accessible guide that explains the Crowd Creation. Let’s handle that right now.

Crowd Creation

Welcome to Crowd Creation, where you make the movie.

Daughter of God is a post apocalyptic romantic comedy currently test screening across the world wide web. Every week, a short scene is released and you are invited to give feedback specifically, what emotions come up while you watch? You can choose to answer specific questions posed by the director or just free wheel, posting your comments and opinions on your favorite social media platform or directly at www.dog.movie.

What you don’t need

You don’t need any special knowledge or expertise to participate, just a love for movies. You don’t have to know anyone in the cast or crew of Daughter of God, or be dating the nephew of Francis Ford Copolla. We love fresh insights from total strangers, curious and perceptive. You definitely don’t need to be a filmmaker, actor, writer or even any sort of artist to give the right answer. Every answer is right, because you are sharing your unique human experience. Or your unique sentient experience, if you’re not human.


Each scene is offered as a stand alone moment. The context within the entire movie doesn’t matter, just what’s happening on screen. Not knowing how the pieces fit together may seem odd at first, but just relax and have fun.

The feelings that a scene brings up for you, what you are reminded of and/or what connections you make reveals whether that scene is working as intended or whether tweaking is needed. Sharing your experience can change everything, that’s how you make the movie!

Not only does feedback make DOG’s scenes more compelling, your feedback brings blessings. Learn more at dog.movie/bless.

Episodes of the Daughter of Godcast podcast document the feedback process creating a reference archive for enhancing the scenes. If your week gets busy, skip the podcast entirely and just opine on the current scene. 5-10 minutes a week is all you need to join this unprecedented cinematic adventure! Friend us on your favorite social media platform OR sign up for the DOG email list.


A woman peers out from a door ajar. A prolonged creak as she slowly opens the door, revealing an enigmatic figure, half smiling. She seems to recognize him, calling him by name.

The feedback question – What emotions does the woman experience as she opens the door?

Late tho this last week’s episode was, we still had phenomenal feedback, from a couple of blessed veterans and the esteemed not so newbie, Kirk. Huge appreciation for everyone who’s making this movie. If you are intrigued by Crowd Creation and have been thinking about offering feedback, come on out of the closet and let your freak flag fly. She is coming!  There’s no such thing as coincidence, you’re here by special arrangement of the cosmos, wielding the power of pretending.

That’s a wrap. Episode 080 of the Daughter of Godcast is done, so many sweet numbers yet to come. You’re in the loop, whether your encrypted or in the clear, a great swirl of consciousness are we, here to make a movie, for fun, for awakening, for art. Why not have, be and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of, why not become the most epic YOU ever? Somehow, that’s happening, I could claim this movie is the ticket, a golden ticket to your very own bliss and maybe I wouldn’t be lying. We think we need someone else’s permission to be happy, to feel good. Well, I’m going to give you that permission right now, for no other reason than you’re watching my lips move, you’re hearing my voice, or reading this transcription. By the power invested in me as doula for the Daughter of God, you get to feel happy and experience your unique bliss from now on. Let no one convince you otherwise. You’re the one making this movie.




Daughter of Godcast 079

Daughter of Godcast, Crowd Creation Episode 079 Rabbit and Dog. 2018 is the Chinese year of the DOG, has been for about 2 weeks now, and this episode’s scene is a little homage to the Chinese New Year and also the year of our DOG, Daughter of God, hurray! We’re changing things up this episode, a new wild ride, high winds, glare ice, hang on!

Nuts and Bolts


Last week I experimented with Facebook live. I ran in the forest and launched the Sprinter ice boat for the first and likely the last time this winter season. Two days of adventure, first to my feed of 700 friends and then to Daughter of God’s feed of 80 or so followers.

The Facebook live videos got more likes and comments than everything I’ve done on social media to date. I’m sure the novelty of ice boating was compelling, all that speed and danger. Also, according to Jil, my improv performances were also a delight, way better than my reading of scripted podcasts.

I like improvisation and would love to shift the Crowd Creation from a scripted to spontaneous format. The process of scripting is valuable tho,  writing helps me to reflect on the feedback for the scenes and sketch a plan for what happens next. Also, writing helps me control the length of the episodes which keeps the editorial manageable.

Perhaps after my usual writing stint, I could outline the main ideas and then instead of reading the transcript, just riff away on the outline. I’d could even set a timer for 10 minutes and let the orgone energy flow, hitting as many ideas as possible within that time and then calling that good, no editing. I’d get the benefit of writing and you’d have a more zesty podcast experience.


For the first time ever, I boosted a Facebook post. I paid 10 bucks to put Best Scenario Yet in front of 1000s of strangers. The results are pretty confusing, but certainly some folks saw the scene that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Boosting was kind of fun, but I’m pretty much groping in the dark at this point. I’d prefer to invite my audience organically, if that’s the path of least resistance and maximum joy. Whatever works. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and we can start walking on a moonless night, as long as we’re feeling good.

Most Plays


29 Do It Again
23 Canyon Princess
21 Smart Money


216 Open Season
209 Best Scenario Yet (even after a couple days of boost)
149 Canyon Princess


Jesus saves souls, and redeems them for valuable prizes!

Before we get to feedback, an announcement.

Really excited to have such a solid contingent of dedicated contributors offering feedback. They have not only my appreciation, but blessings from the Daughter of God. As my friend Lauren di Scipio used to say, that and $8 will get you over the GWB. She would have been spot on last month, but starting in March, DOG blessings can be redeemed for fabulous products and experiences, unprecedented in the history of independent movie swag.  If you’ve been giving feedback on scenes and sharing posts, check out blessings at dog.movie and your get yourself some redemption!


Two mismatched hands clasp across a stainless steel surgical table, one young and smallish, the other large, dry and discolored by ill health. Over the sounds of a busy hospital ambience, an unconventional farewell speech. The rasping voice asserts that his death is an illusion, a trick he is playing on everyone else, except her.

The feedback question – Is the person with the rasping voice worthy of trust? What other impressions do you get?

All the feedback is available in the comments of Episode 078, Best Scenario Yet.

James opined that Raspy Voice sounded like a gangster,  but since Small Hand seemed to be in his inner circle, there was likely trust between them.

Seamus didn’t think Raspy Voice worthy of our trust, because he’s either lying to the child or planning some mischief. “Whether that’s for noble or nefarious purposes remains to be seen.”

Pam offered some exciting depth to the trust question.

 “This near-dead person, whether I find him trustworthy or not, is trusted by the person who comes in to hold his hand. They are close; grandfather-grandchild? They share that kind of generation-skipping secret, anyway.”


“Anyway, that kind of trust seems present here. And I want to know how this relationship will advance the plot, what their secret is, what the younger (I imagine) member of the duo will be called upon to witness/declare/accomplish/attempt/conceal after the older one has dropped his body….Tantalizing!”

Pam backs up James and Seamus’s view, while implying that whatever Raspy is up to, small hands is a co-conspirator. And that she will likely go through some transformation in the process. Awesome.

I may be reading into Scott’s musings, but his feedback revealed for me a key dynamic – we are invested in the implied trust between Raspy and Small Hand, because we don’t want Small Hand to be betrayed. How fascinating that something as simple as hand size can instantiate a narrative and a conflict, perhaps I’m the only one getting this, but that’s ok, because now that I am, the scene can be tilted a little more in that direction.

The trust question was action packed! I was also delighted and suprised by the references to temperature. Pam guessed the location was perhaps a hospital or cryo-facility – cryo (cold) for slowing or stopping metabolism for suspended animation. Constance was waiting to hear Raspy Voice “counting down how many ice cream sandwiches are left in the body freezer.” I’m not sure what she means by this, but she’s clearly experiencing a chilly vibe, Raspy Voice is going to be frozen.

This is reminds me of Philip K Dick’s novel Ubik, in which most of the characters are dead but continue to have mental function after their bodies are placed in cold storage. Since a Pam and Constance went there spontaneously, I am tempted to run with that.

Speaking of PKD, Scott demonstrated his dedication to the cause by googling the PKD title on screen, Lies, Inc. and promptly fell into a rabbit hole. Bravo Scott!

Judith had a unique perspective about Raspy’s death, to whit…

of course ‘he’ isn’t going to die! aliens are immortal or at least very long living. clues: type O blood. and the palm is obviously of an alien – weird pattern

She is an astute observer, points for being the only one to mention of Raspy’s ID bracelet, listing O type blood. So maybe she’s right, maybe he’s an alien.  I’m not so sure myself now.

All of that was a blast to read and think about, the possibilities for this scene have expanded significantly. Have I mentioned I am really loving the feedback process? Well I am. Huge kudos to my stalwart contributors! If you’re watching these scenes and lurking in the shadows, come on out and have your say. You’re hand will be lovingly held as we gently tug you into the limelight.

Rabbit and Dog

An awkward moment between two quirky people, having their first private conversation. We’ve seen these two before in Do It Again, so we know they’ll eventually come together. There doesn’t seem much rapport in this initial exchange however.

Questions – In DOG time, how quickly can they go from this moment to jumping into bed – minutes, hours, days, weeks? What conflicts have to be overcome?

Ready to play our feedback game again? Later this week I’ll be emailing a tally of blessings to everyone via email. If you’re not already on the DOG email list, please go to dog.movie and subscribe, then make sure we’re not getting tossed into spam.

As a trusted co-conspirator within Daughter of Godcast’s notorious inner circle, prepare to have your blessings counted. This has been and continues to be for a few fleeting seconds Crowd Creation episode 079 Rabbit and Dog, released in the Chinese year of the DOG, 2018 and not coincidentally, the year of our DOG, Daughter of God. She is coming, and you are blessed by her, for no other reason than you exist, you are alive on Planet Earth most likely, unless you’re an alien with weird palm line patterns. Don’t ask me to elaborate, I’m just your not so humble host, proudly palm illiterate. Alien or not the Daughter of God blesses all, and those who are helping her to manifest, to come into our mortal mileau, by dint of the sanctified practices outlined on dog.movie/bless, they shall be well swagged. That means you!



Daughter of Godcast 072

Welcome and welcome back to the Daughter of Godcast, a podcast about the making of the longest little movie ever, Daughter of God. This is Episode 072 Date Dance, the second episode of the second season, Crowd Creation, where each week the internet offers feedback and I listen. I’ve even tweaked the title of the second season from Crowd Completion to Crowd Creation, because of the feedback from last week, episode 071, Wall Street Under Water.

I had planned to have new infrastructure ready for the start of season two – refreshing dog.movie, a presence on at least 5 new social media platforms, all movies from Season One Gentle Release moved to Vimeo… but on the last day of 2017, my dad decided to return to the non-physical, and as my family showed up for the funeral, one by one they we’re taken out by a funky flu, myself included. Episode 071 arrived late, social media deployment was incomplete  and the email list neglected. In spite of these challenges, excellent feedback was had and so without further eloquence, here’s the summary.

In the short shot Wall Street Under Water, gentle waves ripple over a submerged green street sign that reads, Wall Street. The sign is attached to a broken steel post, resting on a bed of red bricks. The question was, what emotions came up while watching?

There was feedback from James at dog.movie and Susan and Allison via Facebook.

James wrote,

Wow! My first thought was, “that looks like Wall St has been over taken by the ocean, totally believable.” It reminds me a little of the book New York 2140. I felt both amused and alarmed when I saw it—kind of like, this is scary stuff. Why aren’t more people concerned about what is happening to our planet? It is amazing how far a little clip can go and what it brings up.


Since “amused and alarmed” was roughly what I was reaching for, James’ feedback was very satisfying. “Scary stuff” was also good. He had a complex emotional experience, which is a confirmation that this shot is well balanced between humor and horror, between subtle and shocking.

From Facebook, Susan commented,

A crumbling facade of “wealth” and “power,” being replaced by a new paradigm.

Now that’s not precisely a description of emotion, but knowing Susan as I do, she’s talking about a good feeling, uplift.

This was new territory. I didn’t expect that Wall Street Under Water might be inspiring.

Allison comment expanded on my surprise!

I immediately felt relief. As in, wouldn’t it be nice if the “Wall Street” concept was gone. It could be a relic under the water, rendering “Wall Street” a myth, the likes of Atlantis. RIP, but forever in our view, so that we can know how much less stressful life is without the “Wall Street” ethos in our society.

For Allison too, the feeling was positive.

The entire shoreline is a jumble of bricks and broken stonework, implying destruction. Not just of buildings tho, but destruction of an oppressive, exploiting force, an abstraction – Wall Street, unbridled American capitalism. So the destruction isn’t mournful or horrifying, but relief bringing, hopeful.

I hadn’t intended that connection.

This is why feedback is so helpful. Confirming a shot works as expected, as in James experience is satisfying. Finding out a shot works in ways I didn’t imagine, as in Susan and Allison’s feedback is mind expanding.

Allison had a dream inspired by Wall Street Under Water that she’s been writing about and expanding on which could evolve into a novel, Wading the Waters. 2300 words so far and counting! You can read the first wave of words as a comment on http://dog.movie/Daughter-of-Godcast-071.

Allison’s story is a huge bonus. If the test screening of Daughter of God inspired lots of new projects – that would be a dream come true. Open source incarnate. So we’re switching the title of season two from Completion to Creation. Since we’re all doing this together, then test screening isn’t just about one movie coming to an end, but potentially a constellation of new projects starting up.

In summary, last week’s feedback shows Wall Street Under Water to be properly balanced, and unexpectedly, a flip of the standard apocalyptic paradigm, at least for folks with a vision for a more just and compassionate world.

The feedback system needs work though. Facebook stats show that hundreds of friends saw the Facebook post, but Vimeo stats record only 23 plays. Why didn’t the other 20 people offer feedback? There was no negative feedback either, so asking for critique is important. I’m going to add instructions to this week’s chunk to see if we can increase feedback. Which is what’s up next, Date Dance.


In a post-apocalyptic world the refugee Christina has been convinced by her dead Uncle Joe that she’s going to give birth to the Daughter of God, after she seduces Gerry, the awkward recluse. Christina is getting ready for her date with Gerry by dancing into and out of a variety of costumes.

The question is, based only on her clothing choices and style of movement, What 3-5 adjectives best describes Christina for you? Leave your feedback as a  comment wherever you’re watching this video or send an email directly to the@dog.movie. Remember every opinion is helpful, there’s no right or wrong answers. I’m looking forward to your feedback!

And that’s this weeks episode, folks. Now be sure to watch Date Dance yourself and post comments. The Daughter of Godcast is steadily getting more fun, join us with your ideas.

This adventure of mutual movie making is brought to you in just under 10 minutes courtesy of myself Dan Kelly, aka Shri Fugi Spilt and the entire DOG family including both the living and the dead, the biologically thriving and immuno challenged, the dreamers and the woke, the liars and the evidence based, insiders and outliers, less me and way more you. We’re off to a stumbling but thrilling start and I am so lucky to be right here, echoing my little word song off the pillars of the duality, just another sheet metal duck in the cosmic shooting gallery, where, according to that big bearded super generalist Randall Carlson, we could be slapped back into the stone age by a wandering mega condrite, at any moment. He’s right I think. We’re a planet of high stakes gamblers, dice tossers and card sharks. You thought Wall Street was nuts? Look to the skies!