Season Three – Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

We're celebrating our 100th episode of the Daughter of Godcast by taking a vacation from focusing exclusively on the movie to provide pro tips on the art of existence. Meanwhile, in the deepest sanctuary of top secret experienceatorium, Shri Fugi Spilt decisively manifests cinematic virtousity for the liberation of all beings. Daughter of God is Coming!

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Transcripts, Links and Comments

Episode 103 - Pancakes
(08-15-18) 12:26 minutes, audio+video
Sprouted food fixery and a demonstration of the body's intelligence through taste.

Episode 102 - Smoothie
(08-07-18) 15:18 minutes, audio+video
Because smoothies are indicative of the harvest, fresh fruit and greens in season. Following your bliss simplified.

Episode 101 - Easy
(07-31-18) 09:00 minutes, audio+video
Summer Vacation unfolds with b-roll that seems to have nothing to do with the narrative. A mystery project... with kittens!

Episode 100 - Schools Out
(07-25-18) 06:58 minutes, audio+video
Taking a break, not from podcasting but the relentless and unblinking consideration of the movie. Visiting animal friends, blonde men and building my first Wapini.