Scenes 2018

Through 2018, we're posting working versions of scenes from Daughter of God and asking for your opinions. Answer the feedback questions and/or just give your gut impressions.

These scenes are incomplete, ragged edged, works in progress. You'll hear and see all manner of technical imperfections and glitches. You're welcome to comment on the really glaring problems, or talk about how the story, action and dialogue moves you.

You don't have to know anything about the plot, premise or who the characters are. Each scene is intended as a stand alone mini-movie. Sharing your experience helps us to know whether a scene is on the right track and ready for polish.

Your feedback is making this movie!

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Description and Questions

Uncle Joe aims Christina at her heart's desire and the logistics of a bulls eye are explained in no uncertain terms. What's MOST peculiar about this set-up?

Please post comments on Episode 099

Gerry’s grousing stands in high contrast to Christina’s flippant full steam ahead. He’s angst-y and she’s indefatigable. Do any hints of compatibility peek through?

Please post comments on Episode 098

Uncle Joe and Christina surveil Gerry and wrap up their reunion. Oddly, they also seem to be under surveillance. Who could possibly be watching THEM?

Please post comments on Episode 097

G and C have achieved synchromesh.  Tea is in the future, and maybe more. Gerry's last question and Christina's response implies there might be some urgency, why do you imagine that would be so?

Please post comments on Episode 096

Uncle Joe is bathed in red as he asks Christina to invite him in, which she declines to do, keeping a quirky silence. Why does he pass the hat? What's the significance of Joe's hat for you?

Please post comments on Episode 095

A younger Uncle Joe and Christina are aboard a small cabin cruiser. What would your guess be about why they are on a boat and where that boat might be?

Please post comments on Episode 094

Behind the scenes again. Charcoal sketches on newsprint paper reveal how much VFX is too much. A longish analysis of shots from Welcome Aboard.

Please post comments on Episode 093

The scene Welcome Aboard after VFX. Tentacles of living backstory slither into every crevice and corner. What do you now know about the characters based on their (new) environment?

Please post comments on Episode 092

Between the Before and After - a visit to the shack for a production time-lapse. Would you enjoy seeing more of the movie making process, more behind the scenes scenes?

Please post comments on Episode 091

An introduction to the main characters of DOG, Christina, Gerry and the Big Boat. The theme song Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise gives a bit of exposition about the DOG universe. What stands out for you? What relationships are hinted at?

Please post comments on Episode 090

Christina's got objections and Uncle Joe's got solutions. The crux of the quest is revealed. Is Christina putting up token or credible resistance? What does she ultimately want?

Please post comments on Episode 089

Christina is cultivating coherent thought when her phonette unexpectedly beckons. How would you categorize her experience - hallucination, flashback, fantasy, other? What connections are suggested?

Please post comments on Episode 088

Gerry offers Christina tea. Teas have all sorts of properties. If YOU were Gerry, what properties would you choose to infuse the moment with, especially after Christina's final quip?

Please post comments on Episode 087

Redemption is about what Blessings can get you. Which redemption do you crave most OR what's your dream redemption, what you'd love to see offered?

Please post comments on Episode 086

Jittery Uncle Joe has a vitally important message for Christi (Christina). What jumps out about this moment between the two of them?

Please post comments on Episode 085

Humanity is another mini RPG. You've returned to the field of boxes to carry back three more to your friends and fam. This time, the boxes you pick could determine the future of all humans on planet Earth.

Please post comments on Episode 084

Relief is a mini role playing game adventure in the DOG universe. After a series of  global catastrophes, you discover a field of relief boxes. Which 3 boxes would you carry back to your friends and family, and why?

Please post comments on Episode 083

V2 is a repost of Drawer with more polish, most of the distracting and disconcerting gaffs have been knocked back. Does the scene flow differently now? What's new in V2 for you?

Please post comments on Episode 082

Relations have gone from awkward to incoherent for two people. They seem frustrated and slightly on edge, but a drawer of paperbacks points to an epiphany. Besides these two, what other characters are active in this scene?

Please post comments on Episode 081

A woman peers out from a door ajar. She slowly opens the door, revealing an enigmatic figure, half smiling. She seems to recognize him, calling him by name. What emotions does the woman experience as she opens the door?

Please post comments on Episode 080

Give your impressions and/or answer the feedback questions for Rabbit and Dog. How quickly can these two go from this awkward moment to blissfully jumping into bed - minutes, hours, days, weeks? What challenges lie ahead?
Please post comments on Episode 079

Hands clasp across a stainless steel surgical table, an unconventional farewell speech. The rasping voice asserts that his death is a trick. Is the rasping voice worthy of trust? What other impressions do you get?

Please post comments on Episode 078

A gentle river current, the chanting of devotees and high above, a rust pitted and ancient remembrance of the long ago. What does this scene have to do with Elon's 2/18 space car? Feel free to offer whatever you're inspired to.

Please post comments on Episode 077

A handheld device displaying a live feed of lovers, taking a break. Why would anyone want to peak at this particular moment? General impressions and random observations are as always, very much encouraged.

Please post comments on Episode 076

Smart Money has backstory on the companion podcast episode (Daughter of Godcast, 075). If you HAVE NOT heard Episode 075 - What is this scene about? If you HAVE heard Episode 075 - Which characters in this scene do you feel the most empathy for? There's no wrong answers and we love when you elaborate.

Please post comments on Episode 075.

Twelve Mediatronic Advertisements, numbered for easy identification. These ads are from an alternate future, and may seem nonsensical. You don't have to understand them, just choose which ad is your favorite, which ad you find the most disturbing and post those numbers in the comments. Feel free to elaborate on your choices.

Please post comments on Episode 074.

A doe is startled by an arrow thunking into a nearby tree. She neutralizes the threat by shooting laser beams from her eyes. How many times did you replay this movie? What stands out for you?

Please post comments on Episode 073.

Christina is getting ready for a date by dancing into and out different costumes. Based on her choice of clothing and style of movement, what six adjectives best describe Christina?

Please post comments on Episode 072.

A brick beach and a submerged street sign reading Wall Street. What emotions come up as you watch Wall Street Under Water?

Please post comments on Episode 071.