Season Two – Crowd Creation

Crowd Creation

Season Two of the Daughter of Godcast is about how your opinions and impressions make the movie better, that's Crowd Creation. Each episode we summarize your feedback from the last scene or element and then introduce a new scene. Check out all the scenes posted so far, 17 minutes of movie and several behind the scenes snippets.

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Transcripts, Links and Comments (Feedback on Scenes)

Episode 099 - Live Feed
(07-18-18) 09:40 minutes, audio+video
Uncle Joe aims Christina at her heart's desire and the logistics of a bulls eye are explained in no uncertain terms. What's MOST peculiar about this set-up?

Episode 098 - King of the Earth
(07-11-18) 12:51 minutes, audio+video
Gerry's grousing stands in high contrast to Christina's flippant full steam ahead. Do any hints of compatibility peek through?

Episode 097 - Really
(07-03-18) 07:36 minutes, audio+video
Uncle Joe and Christina surveil Gerry and wrap up their reunion. Oddly, they also seem to be under surveillance. Who could possibly be watching THEM?

Episode 096 - I Think So?
(06-27-18) 13:10 minutes, audio+video
Tea is in the future, and maybe more. Gerry's last question and Christina's response implies that there might be some urgency, why do you imagine that would be so?

Episode 095 - Can I Come In?
(06-20-18) 13:10 minutes, audio+video
Uncle Joe is bathed in red as he asks Christina to invite him in, which she declines to do, keeping a quirky silence. Why does he give her the hat, what's the significance of the hat for YOU?

Episode 094 - Grown Up Ghost
(06-13-18) 9:02 minutes, audio+video
Younger Uncle Joe and Christina on a cabin cruiser. What would your guess be about why they are on a boat and where that boat might be?

Episode 093 - Low Level
(06-06-18) 9:49 minutes, audio+video
Which VFX ideas are your favs, what elements would you add to amplify the post apocalyptic theme?


Episode 092 - After At Last
(05-30-18) 8:06 minutes, audio+video
VFX in process. What do you now know about the characters based on their (new) environment?

Episode 091 - Almost, After
(05-22-18) 6:28 minutes, audio+video
A production time lapse at the shack. Would you enjoy seeing more of the movie making process, more behind the scenes scenes?

Episode 090 - Welcome Aboard
(05-09-18) 8:52 minutes, audio+video
An introduction to the main characters, Christina, Gerry and the Big Boat. What comes up for you, what relationships are hinted at?

Episode 089 - Check It Out
(05-09-18) 8:52 minutes, audio+video
Christina's got objections and Uncle Joe's got solutions. Is Christina putting up token or credible resistance? What does she ultimately want?

Episode 088 - Hello
(05-02-18) 08:02 minutes, audio+video
How would you categorize Christina's experience - hallucination, flashback, fantasy, other? What connections are suggested?

Episode 087 - Tea
(04-25-18) 08:49 minutes, audio+video
Gerry offers Christina tea. Teas have all sorts of properties. If YOU were Gerry, what properties would you choose to infuse the moment with, especially after Christina's final quip?

Episode 086 - Redemption
(04-18-18) 10:27 minutes, audio+video
Which redemption do you crave most OR what's your dream redemption, what you'd love to see offered?

Episode 085 - Angel or What
(04-11-18) 12:06 minutes, audio+video
What jumps out about this moment between the two of them?

Episode 084 - Humanity
(04-04-18) 09:50 minutes, audio+video.
You're back to fetch 3 more boxes. Can your choices foster a benign human presence on Earth?

Episode 083 - Relief
(03-27-18) 09:50 minutes, audio+video
After a series of catastrophes, which 3 boxes would you carry back to your friends and family, and why?

Episode 082 - V2
(03-21-18) 15:00 minutes, audio+video
Does the scene flow better? What's new in V2 for you?

Episode 081 - Drawer
(03-14-18) 15:20 minutes, audio+video
Besides the man and woman, what other characters are active in this scene?

Episode 080 - Creaky
(03-07-18) 14:56 minutes, audio+video
What emotions does the woman experience as she opens the door?

Episode 079 - Rabbit and Dog
(03-01-18) 40:35 minutes, audio+video
How quickly can these two go from this awkward moment to blissfully jumping into bed - minutes, hours, days, weeks? What challenges lie ahead?

Episode 078 - Best Scenario Yet
(02-21-18) 10:51 minutes, audio+video
Is the person with the raspy voice worthy of trust? What other impressions do you get?

Episode 077 - Canyon Princess
(02-14-18) 11:21 minutes, audio+video
What does this scene have to do with Elon Musk's space car launch in February of 2018?

Episode 076 - Do It Again
(02-07-18) 10:21 minutes, audio+video
Why would anyone want to peak at this particular moment?

Episode 075 - Smart Money
(01-31-18) 10:20 minutes, audio+video
What's this scene about? (or) Which characters do you most empathize with?

Episode 074 - Twelve Mediatronic Ads
(01-24-18) 12:56 minutes, audio+video
Which ad is your favorite and most disturbing? Feel free to elaborate.

Episode 073 - Open Season
(01-17-18) 08:19 minutes, audio+video
How many plays of Open Season? What stands out?

Episode 072 - Date Dance
(01-11-18) 08:30 minutes, audio+video
Adjectives for Christina based on her Date Dance

Episode 071 - Wall Street Under Water
(01-04-18) 05:44 minutes, audio+video
Your feelings about Wall Street Under Water