Season Four – Choice


Daughter of God is coming! Allowing all miracles to manifest in this the (theoretically) final season of the Daughter of Godcast. Chinese DOG year ends on February 4th, 2018. Please fasten your seat belts.

Episode 120 - Momentum
(12-11-18) 12:48 minutes, audio+video
Why movie yet again and esoterica about the behind the scenes flurry of activity by contractors, accountants, tech support and your host, Shri Fugi Spilt.

Episode 119 - Red Carpet
(12-04-18) 09:40 minutes, audio+video
Dan Kelly reiterates the omniscience access protocols for the umpteenth time and implies that everyone is about to level up. Season 4 Choice is trending exponential.

Episode 118 - Ketones
(11-29-18) 18:01 minutes, audio+video
Season 4 surges forward with an update on neuronal performance enhancement using Earth's most ubiquitous molecule and other weird science.

Episode 117 - Smartphone
(11-20-18) 38:34 minutes, audio+video
Summer toys are taken off the lake to the soundtrack of a cell conversation with pig whisperer Jil Johnson, in which she drops some crucial insider dope about fame.

Episode 116 - Telling
(11-14-18) 11:03 minutes, audio+video
An abrupt end to summer with an introduction to Season Four, Choice and Episode 116, Telling. Are we going to get dramatic? Is there always a happy ending? After this episode, there's no knowing or telling what might happen.